Superman Flies with Lois Lane in Great New 'Man of Steel' TV Spot

May 6, 2013
Source: Warner Bros.

Man of Steel

We're just over a month from seeing the return of Superman to the big screen in Man of Steel from director Zack Snyder. Everything we've seen from the anticipated film so far has been spectacular, and the trend continues with this new TV spot. But this time, we finally get a glimpse of Supes (Henry Cavill) in action, and he even has Lois Lane (Amy Adams) in his arms this time, flying away from some unseen danger. Plus, there's some cool new shots of General Zod (Michael Shannon) and Jor-El (Russell Crowe). As a bonus, we've also got a new banner featuring a very heroic shot of Superman. Look below!

Here's the new TV spot for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel from Warner Bros. Pictures:

And here's the new banner from the film's Facebook page:

Man of Steel

A child sent to Earth from a dying planet is adopted by a couple in rural Kansas. Posing as a journalist, Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) uses his extraordinary powers to protect his new home from an insidious evil.

Man of Steel, the new DC Comics Superman reboot, is being directed by Zack Snyder, of Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen & Sucker Punch previously. Christopher Nolan is producing, and co-wrote the story with David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, The Unborn, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), who wrote the script. Warner Bros is bringing Man of Steel to theaters everywhere June 14th this summer. Will you be there?

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I don't see how people can think this doesn't look good...I like the Marvel based movies...but I absolutely LOVE the grittiness an dark look of the Nolan Batman trilogy and Man of Steel. Hoping this film lives up to the expectations so we can get a Justice League movie

Elyk1887 on May 6, 2013


I want it to be good but a person naME ZACH SYNDER is directing it. And we all know what happen when we thought watchmen was going to be amazing...

Baba Brouk Jagati Peters on May 6, 2013


Watchmen wasn't that bad IMO. The thing I didn't like about it is that it was a bit too long. Sucker punch was a let down though, although visually it was very good

Elyk1887 on May 6, 2013


True, but he's got Christopher Nolan as his copilot/navigator. I've got some high hopes. I think you're going to get your mind changed. Test screenings have received A LOT of praise.

Nick Sears on May 6, 2013


However, while Snyder was working on MoS, Nolan was finishing TDKR...but, let's say that TDKR was so crappy because Nolan spent too much time on MoS lol

dawko on May 6, 2013


Yes, and crappy it was. I will never understand the props Nolan gets. Yes, Memento and the prestige were awesome but really, Inception was lame and rises was just shitty. IMO.

Sascha Dikiciyan on May 6, 2013


I was going to question your reasoning why you didn't enjoy those movies, but since you bottled your opinion into one word responses (ie, lame, shitty), you made perfect sense. You shouldn't write IMO when your opinion can't go past using two or three words. Makes me not give a shit about your point, which really there isn't any. Inception was a new, fresh and dynamic idea to produce for a film. Did you not get it? Did you struggle with the suspension of disbelief? Make a point bro! Otherwise, keep just replying with one-word responses.

Nick Sears on May 6, 2013


You are in your right to have your opinion about those movies, but your opinion is lame and shitty. IMO.

Manny on May 6, 2013


Inception was pretty good, I have to say.

mistermysteryguest on May 7, 2013


true? what is true? true that you and pakistani asshole are common in a freak idea about Man of steel?

Bob on May 7, 2013


What freak idea would that be, Bob? Film websites like these are for usually used for two things: Talking about movies or being a trolling dickhead. Which one are you? I was saying 'True' to his degree of disappointment with watchmen, as I've heard a handful of people did. Quit bothering me with pointless rants and learn how to arrange complete sentences.

Nick Sears on May 8, 2013


Dark knight series Failures was because of lame style of nolan in action genre.no one likes to watch his movies for twice but Zack Snyder's movies are in top of screens in dvd and tv after showing in theaters.

Bob on May 7, 2013


I think you're giving Snyder too much credit. Man of Steel has one of the most respected directors producing, with a proven writer taking on the screenplay. And the cast? We could all go on for hours about the cast. This film will be successful and certainly enjoyed, question is: how good, or great, is it? Like, greatest DC film ever? Or, greatest comic book film ever?

Quanah on May 6, 2013


Goyer's a hack like Zack. He just rips off Frank Miller especially his Daredevil.

Hal on May 7, 2013


For a "hack", he certainly gets a lot of mainstream, big budget films. You can dislike Goyer, but I wouldn't discount the fact he seems to get his work based off of commercial success in the past. Do you think Nolan's a "hack"? He hired Goyer. If you trust Nolan, you must trust everything he does, not just his presence, but his decision making abilities.

Quanah on May 7, 2013


Except that Watchmen are awesome 🙂 But general audience ain't gonna watch something like that, they are not Avengers...

dawko on May 6, 2013


Exactly, David!

xavier ramos on May 6, 2013


Watchmen was amazing! You sound like an uneducated fan of DC and of the watchmen comic book. Zack did it justice and could not have done a better job. Now away with you!

xavier ramos on May 6, 2013


I wouldn't jump the gun and say he did it justice when the original creator of Watchmen didn't want his own name placed during the credits. Now that says a lot and the creator already said the story is too complex to be converted to the big screen. I think what Snyder did was make it as comprehensive and action packed as much as he could with a lot of things that were untold which isn't anything new when it comes to books being adapted to film and a fine example of that is Lord of The Rings trilogy. If the creator of the books isn't happy then neither am I but I have hopes Zack Snyder will prevail with the superman film as long as Christopher Nolan is under his watchful eye.

BinaryChaos on May 6, 2013


Alan Moore has disowned every movie that's ever been made of his work. Watchmen is not unique in that respect. Personally, as much as I like Moore's comics, I think he's a little full of himself thinking adaptations of his work are "impossible"...

Ali Miller on May 6, 2013


Nolan is over rated. Please. His Batman films have such huge plot holes

YoMama on May 7, 2013


i hope a Man of steel without Nolan

Bob on May 7, 2013


You know nothing, Jon Snow. Alan Moore has had his name removed from every film made of his comics. he's just a very pissy person in general. Don't take any stock in it.

Tim Marshall on May 8, 2013


Although Watchmen was filled with great visuals. Watchmen had terrible character development. The delivery of the dialogue was so Star Wars Prequel-ish it made me not give two craps about the characters' fates in the end. It could have been done better by a director that is more character focused. His other movies have had the same issues. MOS looks great so far, but we have only seen bits of dialogue. It will be interesting to see it holds up when you get to the slow dialogue scenes.

dbucks on May 6, 2013


You dumbass! how you can judge about "Zack Snyder",one of the great directors of recent years in action and sci-fi genre? you better watch your dishum-dishum of pakistani dirty movies instead of commenting about big directors.you idiot!

Bob on May 7, 2013


Watchmen WAS amazing. Snyder filmed and unfilmable comic book. And it rocked.

Tim Marshall on May 8, 2013


Well... so far, so good:)

Szkari on May 6, 2013


Honestly gonna be the longest month for me. Can't wait for this

Danimal on May 6, 2013


IMAX tickets already bought

Guest on May 6, 2013


It blows my mind that most people hated WATCHMEN. It's fantastic! Probably the best graphic novel adaptation ever made.

SkyNet300 on May 6, 2013


what people? people are not a right reason to judge about movies and directors.they love American pie movies,not WATCHMEN!

Bob on May 7, 2013


Superman character is someone who is handsome tall u know. Superman returns was an excellent movie. They should take that person .

sulaiman on May 6, 2013



guest@gmail.com on May 6, 2013


Did they decide to remove yellow grom the S emblem?

Uwotm8 on May 6, 2013


Shit that's good. Oh, and none of these have given the whole movie away.

Quanah on May 6, 2013


Yes Snyder is directing but it has been said by WB officials that MoS is basically a Nolan Story with Snyder visuals. I like the sound of that

Sonnyo Fox on May 6, 2013


He looks constipated. Wasn't there a similar frame from Green Lantern?

JLA on May 7, 2013


That first picture, for sure 🙂 Maybe superheroes need more fiber in their diets.

mistermysteryguest on May 7, 2013


PG-13 is the go-to rating for movies now, isn't it? Sad but true.

mistermysteryguest on May 7, 2013

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