Teaser Trailer for Nolan's 'Interstellar' Starring Matthew McConaughey

December 14, 2013
Source: YouTube

Interstellar Trailer

"Our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us." After debuting in front of The Desolation of Smaug this weekend, Paramount has unveiled the first teaser trailer online for Chris Nolan's new sci-fi movie Interstellar, starring Matthew McConaughey. He is singled out because this teaser trailer is a true Nolan teaser, with only a bit of footage mostly featuring an exceptional voiceover from Matthew McConaughey talking about our need for continued exploration, which lies above us. It ends in a beautiful shot of a spaceship launching. Simple, but exhilarating. Just perfect. The cast also features Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, Michael Caine and many others yet to be seen. View now!

Watch the very first teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, in high def from YouTube:

A group of explorers make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage. Interstellar is directed by British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, of the films Doodlebug, Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception and The Dark Knight Rises. The screenplay is by Christopher Nolan & Jonathan Nolan, based on scientific theories by Caltech astrophysicist Kip Thorne. Nolan just began filming earlier this year. Paramount will release Interstellar in theaters everywhere November 7th, 2014 next fall.

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

For more on the movie, visit the official website, Twitter and Facebook page for Interstellar. Your thoughts?

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IamSlave on Dec 14, 2013


So the movie really is about corn? Ugh.

Glorious_Cause on Dec 14, 2013



Cosmo Kramer on Dec 14, 2013


Coat hanger fail

Guest on Dec 14, 2013


The perfect teaser. Anyone disappointed by it obviously doesnt know how Nolan works.

msmalone90 on Dec 14, 2013


agreed. there's only a few moments of footage from the actual film, which i am sure will disappoint some, but the central theme is played out with stock imagery that everyone already knows. you're left in no doubt whatsoever what this film is about. even the nice vertical film title reinforces it. simple, efficient, job done.

son_et_lumiere on Dec 14, 2013


Totally agree. In Nolan we trust.

Jorrell Mcdaniel on Dec 14, 2013


Or, you know, isn't all that interested in it...

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


I would not be bored of Mcconaughey's voice, even if it was used to narrate the process of paint drying.

Tey on Dec 14, 2013


$10 that Andrew Geczy downvoted you

PinkTaco on Dec 14, 2013


GOOSEBUMPS!!! Best director of the last decade presents his next masterpiece!

PinkTaco on Dec 14, 2013


"One" of the best directors of the last decade.

Tey on Dec 14, 2013


I agree he's THE one better then ($10 it will be something super hipsterish like Wes Anderson)

Dingo on Dec 14, 2013


He's not interesting from a directing point of view... Okay, off the top of my head... Wes Anderson (heh), Tarantino, PTA, George Clooney, Xavier Dolan, David CRONENBERG Y'ALL, Harmony Korine, Nicolas Winding Refn (my fav), David Fincher, Denis Villenueve, the Coens.... Just to name a few.

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


David Fincher is a Music video director, has more bad films than good ones. George Clooney...because of Good Night, and Good Luck? Harmony Korine because he made one cult film, spring breakers rofl. Nicolas Winding Refn another 'of the moment' directors because of Drive.

jasonca on Dec 14, 2013


David Fincher has more bad films than good ones? News to me... The only one I dislike is Alien 3... George Clooney has done five films, if I'm counting right.. He has a bad one (Leatherheads) but I don't care. He's more enjoyable and unique than Chrisykins. Harmony Korine is almost always pretty great. I love me Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy, and, yes, Spring Breakers. Trash Humpers doesn't do much for me, but... look at its name. Nicolas Winding Refn is consistently good. I haven't seen Bleeder yet, but I've at the very least liked everything he's done. Watch the Pusher trilogy, yo. Oh, and I forgot Soderbergh.

Greg dinskisk on Dec 15, 2013


with the exception of Nicolas Winding Refn and're out of your mind. Even Soderberg and Refn have some serious clunkers. Never mind Refn, some people want to call Nolan pretentious. Refn with his self indulgence of ultra violence and over-the-top artiness. Only God Forgives for starters. David Fincher doesn't have more bad films, let me correct myself, he has more mediocre films than good films. The Curious Case of Forrest Gump, Panic Room, the game, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo that somehow managed to not be nearly as good as the Swedish original, which was at least a good film. George Clooney more interesting...that's hilarious. a Very American centric director Harmony Korine...speaking of over-rated lets talk Spring Breakers, people want to call The Dark Knight or Inception overrated- atleast the vast majority like those films. Spring Breakers has come as one of the most bizarre cult hit films ever. A cult film for the Dudebro crowd, some of the people I imagine Harmony Korine wanted to lampoon.

jasonca on Dec 16, 2013


Soderbergh has clunkers, that's certain, but he's definitely better, more diverse, and more interesting than Nolan. Give me Bubble over anything Nolan's done. I keep forgetting that people seem to hate Only God Forgives so much... I don't really get why. Half the time there's violence in the film, the camera pulls back or cuts to a longer shot.... David Fincher... Oh you make me sad... I haven't seen Panic Room yet (I will eventually), but The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is crazily underrated... I like it a lot more than the Swedish one... It's cold, calculated, and wonderful. Mara is a treat in it. Clooney... Yeah, he kinda is. I can get one not enjoying his work (specifically The Ides of March) if you aren't American. His stuff might not connect exactly. Spring Breakers is nowhere near overrated... If it was overrated it might come up as someone's favorite movie right away from loads of people... Nolan isn't indulgent in any way. He's plain. He does very little stylistically that's interesting. By the way, I do get that other people have different opinions. The beauty of film! I just like seeing people defend themselves and back up films they like/don't.

Greg dinskisk on Dec 17, 2013


I'd consider Nolan more minimalist than plain, but that's me. His set pieces certainly aren't plain.

jasonca on Dec 17, 2013


His set pieces are kinda cool, but that's not his... That's his art director/set designer... Fair enough, I guess. That bit, minimal/plain is purely subjective.

Greg dinskisk on Dec 17, 2013


How bout Alfonso Cuaron and David Fincher? I'd even throw Peter Jackson's name into the fray.

Tey on Dec 15, 2013


I wouldn't. Then again, I wasn't a fan of "How to Save a Life."

Greg dinskisk on Dec 15, 2013


Damn! Would love to know what other directors you hold in high-regard? Giving Nolan "best director" proclaimation -- makes me curious.

Keithist on Dec 14, 2013


In Nolan I trust though I'm not a fan of Matthew McConaughey. I understand he's been doing good work lately but he does nothing for me.

doasis23 on Dec 14, 2013


This might turn out to be a good movie but this teaser is LAME!!!

Sempai on Dec 14, 2013


It's a teaser and a solid one at that

PinkTaco on Dec 14, 2013


Far from it. And trust me I know what a teaser is!

Sempai on Dec 14, 2013


And we should trust you on this...because...?

Nash on Dec 14, 2013


Because that's what I do for a living. Edit movie trailers and teasers.

Sempai on Dec 14, 2013


And since you're an expert on this, you are going to explain to us why this is not a good teaser...?

Nash on Dec 14, 2013


I can sit here and talk about what makes a good teaser/trailer but it might take a while. Lets just say that this teaser did nothing but put Christopher Nolan's name out there for you (the fan) to get excited for this movie. As a teaser it did nothing for the story, assuming you as the viewer know nothing about Interstellar. Now the trailer (once they've shot the movie) might be awesome but for now this teaser is not very good. They might as well put out a teaser that had two graphic treatments, one that had Christopher Nolan's name and the other is Interstellar. You can say what you want, but that is my professional opinion. Take it or leave it. Sempai --- OUT!

Sempai on Dec 14, 2013



Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


By the way Greg, I am the calmest person you know. This is just something I'm very passionate about. There's nothing wrong in arguing your point is there? Cheers 🙂

Sempai on Dec 15, 2013



Greg dinskisk on Dec 15, 2013


"Lets just say that this teaser did nothing but put Christopher Nolan's name out". Is that your 'professional opinion'? The teaser is 1 minute and 53 seconds. Nolans name is only in it for 2 seconds, in a rather small font. So if there is anything this trailer did not do, then it's putting Nolans name out. The remaining 1 minute and 51 seconds showed us images of defining moments in the history of the USA. These events (overcoming the sound barrier, putting a man on the moon) look connected, except for what appeared to be the great depression. Just random images in your professional opinion? Then there was the returning theme of the corn fields and McConaughey, who appears to be driving away from these corn fields. Why does he leave and where is he going? Again just random footage with no significance to the underlying story? Then there is the bookshelf. One of the most prominent books on the shelf appears to be Out of the Blue about a woman called Faith. Also a random collection of books just to fill the screen? Let us wait until the next trailer and see if these indeed were random images, or maybe they contain clues that fit in the story-line.

Nash on Dec 14, 2013


Just when I thought of leaving this alone, u pulling me right back in. Couple of things:- where did I mention the word "random" in any of my replies??? Please refer to what I said exactly and not to what you think I said. Those shots were great and American history indeed, but they're not very effective as a teaser I'm sorry. I could have watched the history channel for that. Even in your reply u weren't digging the teaser so don't give me hard time. Let me ask you something and I will leave it alone this time, if it did not say Christopher Nolan's name (for two seconds and in a small font), and you didn't know anything about this movie, will you still be interested in seeing it???

Sempai on Dec 14, 2013


"Please refer to what I said exactly and not to what you think I said." You are now doing exactly the same as what you are accusing me off. Never did I said you mentioned the word 'random'. Whenever I am referring to what you say, I use quotation marks. Since you said that the only thing this trailer does is putting out the name of Nolan, I asked you if the elements I mention (such as the historic events) is just random screen filler. As it appears you think it's more than that. So do I. But to answer your question; if this teaser would not contain Nolans name, of course I would be less interested. His name is one of the elements that teases. Not much wrong with that.

Nash on Dec 14, 2013


"Just random images in your professional opinion?" - Just one of many examples that has the word random in it. Anyway, lets just end this by saying that this is clearly my (professional) opinion on this teaser and that is yours. Maybe if you were doing this for a living your opinion would have been different but hey if they succeeded by teasing you, all the power to them. Afterall that's what this teaser meant to do. Lets hope that the trailer will be a lot better.

Sempai on Dec 15, 2013


Yes, I used the word 'random' three times. In all 3 cases it was a question and not a quotation of your words. And yes, this teaser worked for me. At least the first few times I saw it. But now I have seen it 10 times, it starts to look a bit hollow to me. Indeed, let's wait for some more action...

Nash on Dec 15, 2013


Clearly you don't

Dingo on Dec 14, 2013


I believe you've been teased many a time.

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


Thumbs up because I enjoy the word 'LAME!!!' but this was kind of a dickish way to say it. Mattthew 'Alright Alright Alright' McConaughey's narration was pretty coo!

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


no mission impossible 2 teaser trailer but everything of Nolan is exceptional...

Avi on Dec 14, 2013


"No Mission Impossible 2 teaser trailer..." I have no idea what that means.

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


the teaser trailer from John woo where Tom Cruise is hanging on a rock! It's the best teaser ever...

Avi on Dec 14, 2013


Anyone can hang on a rock. Not many can look at corn seriously.

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


This has piqued my interest! I'm going to try and stave off watching future teasers/trailers of this film (keyword is "try").

Neuromancer on Dec 14, 2013


Definitely this is a Christopher movie I can't wait! Excellent footage!

Joshua on Dec 14, 2013


I find Nolan kinda overrated, but this looks... interSTELLAR.

Nielsen700 on Dec 14, 2013


I'm sure somewhere out there there's someone who thinks sex is overrated..

Dingo on Dec 14, 2013


I love me puns.

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


Matthew + Christopher = yay!!

Joel nilsson on Dec 14, 2013


Matthew + Anyone = Orgazmo

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


WARNING I watched the trailer and I'm feel sorry for that because IT IS FREAKING AWESOME! Don't make my mistake. Trust me , I'm on your side DEAR MOVIEGOER.

Ehsan Davodi on Dec 14, 2013


It's a Christoper Nolan teaser. nothing is spoiled.

conradthegreat on Dec 14, 2013


This teaser didn't do much for me. Maybe because we've seen this sort of teaser already Transformers: Dark of the Moon (using similar archive footage) and Man of Steel (tonally).

DavideCoppola on Dec 14, 2013


you just compared this to Transformers.....HAHAHAHAHAH You are literally too stupid to insult

Guest on Dec 14, 2013


He wrote - the TYPE of trailer. Meaning the way it's cut, the tone, the pace and how it uses archive footage. Part of the reason it didn't captivate him like it may have you, was because he's seen a couple of trailers that are similar to it already, so it's lost it's uniqueness. It didn't wow me either.

Nathan D on Dec 14, 2013


And you are a twat.

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


Meh, whatever. Look at how drawn you people are to Nolan. It's like anything or any piece will get you excited to his films. Even this boring narrative teaser trailer. It's funny. All this trailer is just a usual instrumental riff, real life footage, footage of a random cornfield. Are you people serious? Nolan could make a 10 second trailer with the logo only bouncing around the screen and some fancy instrumental music and you people would still be jumping for joy.

Charlie Hard on Dec 14, 2013


I like Nolans work. But that was lame. If that teaser were only thing I knew about this movie I wouldn't be very teased.

ProjectionistHP on Dec 14, 2013


Already 7 nolanites in complete denial united to downvote my comment! NOLAN IS GOD! DO NOT QUESTION THE WISHES OF OUR MIGHTY FILM GOD NOLAN! *Sees campfire with people wearing Nolan face mask dancing around it* HAIL CHRISTOPHER NOLAN! Lmao. It's funny to say he always follows on originality. Insomnia being a remake of a foreign film, his Batman films being comic book films, Inception a plot and concept that has been done to death in science fiction, wait how many original films has he made does that leave out? Keep on blowing all over his mighty glory everyone.

Charlie Hard on Dec 14, 2013


Get a hold of yourself man.

Al Apone on Dec 14, 2013


Get some fresh air and then return to your keyboard. I have read much better and less offensive comments from you.

Nash on Dec 14, 2013


Did your mom smoke crack or meth while pregnant with you?'re probably the dumbest troll on here. Name one movie like can't....his take on Batman was like nothing we'd ever seen before on film and he not only breathed life back into a franchise that had been trainwrecked he completely changed the genre and created at least 2 bonafied classics. You high? Mentally challenged? A butthurt Michael Bay fan who doesn't get why other people don't share his obsession with cinematic Happy Meals?

Guest on Dec 14, 2013


WHY IS EVERYONE'S GO TO "STUPID PERSON" DIRECTOR MICHAEL BAY??? Try someone else for once! God. Inception is dry exposition after dry exposition. Very little was interesting from a directorial standpoint, aside from the fact that when they were in the dream there were no exposition shots. It's complex plotwise but pretty limited intellectually. Batman Begins was solid, but the other two... eeeeh. The Dark Knight had good dialogue for The Joker, and good acting from da Ledger, but nothing much else... The Dark Knight Rises had a cool title card. Who named you "Guest"? YOUR MOM??? HAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


Calm your tits.

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 16, 2013


Aside from the opening remark which is pretty serious (I get sick of people constantly mocking the same person; it gets ridiculously dull), when was I uncalm?

Greg dinskisk on Dec 16, 2013


Well there's Memento, but I get your point! 😉

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


Charlie, there's nothing wrong with people loving and believing in a certain director no matter the subject, content, or quality of the production he or she crafts for us viewers.

Quanah on Dec 14, 2013


You came all the way here to go on some unholy troll tirade about "Nolanites".......and we are obssesed?

Dustin_Fuston on Dec 14, 2013


You sir are a moron

Guest on Dec 14, 2013


You jelly? There is a fine line between being critical, and being a hater. Watch the South Park episode 'The Hobbit'

Chris Groves on Dec 15, 2013


you should go to Jelly school! Nolan is a AAA+ directorerrrrrrr....

shane willett on Dec 16, 2013


Can anyone identify some of the books briefly shown at 1:15? It's Nolan so maybe they are related somehow. Winters Tale by Mark Helprin Out of the Blue by Isabel Wolff One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez ?? By Ted Morgan Atomic?? Tale by ??

IlluminationTheory on Dec 14, 2013


Mmm, the most prominent book on the shelf appears to be Out of the blue. It's a book about a woman called "Faith". The template of the book appears to be Shakespears Othello...

Nash on Dec 14, 2013


Well this was... something. The ending looks powerfull but we saw this already a few days ago so nothing new. I am not sure how I feel about using the old footage, but I get the message. And what is most important it reveals almost nothing, which is a rarity these days.

Armitall on Dec 14, 2013


Somehow I don't digg McConaugheys voice. And somehow this teaser is a bit of a bore. But it does tease! It raises questions and reveals almost nothing. At least, we think it does. But knowing the work of Nolan we might discover a clue or two for the time coming...

Nash on Dec 14, 2013


Such heroic nonsense on Dec 16, 2013


How about: you are bald and wearing a wig...?

Nash on Dec 16, 2013


LMAO at the haters...I would love to know the movies you clowns like

Guest on Dec 14, 2013


It seems like a lot of people are calling other people 'clowns' lately. I don't know where that comes from lol.

Nathan D on Dec 14, 2013


Probably the carnival. Or IT.

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


Sprang Break, y'all.

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


Bikinis and booties yall! That's what life's about!

Chris Groves on Dec 15, 2013


Look at my sheeit! Look at my sheeit! That's what the American dream is all about, y'all!

Greg dinskisk on Dec 16, 2013


Terrible teaser, doesn't even give an idea of what to expect from the film. I like good movie, period, from the Godfather to Dredd, what difference does it make, it has nothing to do with a vague artsy teaser.

Richard Abella on Dec 16, 2013


Don't trash my son.

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


Well this film just looks... corny.

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


not as corny as the joke.

jasonca on Dec 14, 2013


Fair enough!

Greg dinskisk on Dec 15, 2013


Man, the thing about guys like Matthew McConaughey... as we grow older, they stay the saaaaame aaaaage....

Greg dinskisk on Dec 14, 2013


Eh, more Nolan masturbation. No thanks.

Trey Wilson on Dec 14, 2013


I realize there are haters and fanboys on either side, but me I just see this as a very intriguing trailer. Well done and has me anticipating whatever trip it takes me on.

cuckoozey on Dec 14, 2013


Agreed. I'm almost just as befuddled by some of the over-the-top praise by some overenthusiastic fans as I am by those who derive his films. His movies are undeniably worthy of appreciation at least for being highly original and earnest at it. Nolan's no "Kubrick of this generation" or whatever, but he doesn't have to be, because he's making interesting and exciting movies, and coupled with the synopsis, this teaser has me very intrigued.

Terry Craig on Dec 15, 2013


Wonderful. Masterclass in masterpiece film making.

DAVIDPD on Dec 14, 2013


That is certainly a teaser with a capital T. I was hoping for more original footage. Just really peaked my interest though...

Quanah on Dec 14, 2013


Indeed. Showed the underlying reason for things (at least one of them - we've just 'stopped' reaching for the stars, at least w/ people going to them), but no "oooh awesome SFX" shots nor even the other A-list cast. In short, showed nothing OF the movie, yet let you know it's a-coming. When I saw it thurs nite/fri am attached to midnight Smaug, this was one of the trailers that got a LOT of murmuring from the audience - and most was "hmm... wth is it about?"

VAharleywitch on Dec 16, 2013


He doing friggin great right now, he's on a roll of a lifetime, MUD then Dallas Buyers Club, Wolf of Wall Street, Now this!!

Sky on Dec 14, 2013


Well, that was a trailer and a half.

Ry on Dec 14, 2013


To dear charlie and everyone who think dark knight is cheap : I don't understand. You telling me if Spielberg would be made this , Movie became better than this? Definitely NOT. I think Nolan did great risk with Batman Projects either and he knew that exactly. He knew many critique & moviegoers blame him. Could be he didnt know? BUT HE CAME FORWARD BECAUSE HE HAD PLAN. HE WAS TIRED OF CHILDISH CARDBOARD SUPERHERO FOR HAPPINESS OF SOME KID MIND PEOPLE. Superhero movies is first for making money and then for love of cinema. But really cant you see what Nolan did to the franchise? Sometimes i think some moviegoers deserve michel bay , Joss Whedon or joel Schumacher products only because they are blind. I think your problem is you think Dark Knight is bad movie. But dude when you compare this movie to other superhero movies you will be find reason of the whole fan's acclaims. Yes , Dark Knight and Rises were definitely imperfect but far far better than Schumacher Works or even Childish Theatrical Tim Berton works (i love berton's work anyway) I think he define the genre and play with bondaries. After his batman trilogy every superhero movie must be compare to his work because He brought us Most REALISTIC Superhero Ever Made to the Screen and that's not coming so easily dude. REALISTICITY brings Believability. I love DARK KNIGHT RISES (i think his biggest let down) more than AVENGERS anyway (Sorry for bad writing)

Ehsan Davodi on Dec 15, 2013



Such heroic nonsense on Dec 16, 2013


Really, because I think Watchmen is more "realistic" and better shot than any of Nolan's Batman film.

Richard Abella on Dec 16, 2013


You tell a BLUE GOD realistic dude?

Ehsan Davodi on Dec 16, 2013


More realistic? What version of the movie did you watch?

JohnDoe on Dec 16, 2013


No, X-Men(2000) and mostly Spider-Man (2002) defined the modern superhero genre. Look at most Superhero movies,and most of them fit that template , even in DC with Green Lantern(ignoring the fact that it is not good.) Superheroes in a realistic world do not need to be all dark, serious, and tortured souls; they are much more enjoyable when they are fun and they actually are treated as what they are, comic book characters. And no Movies like Spider-Man and Avengers are not just for kids I know plenty of grown up people who line up for an hour to watch those movies and they're not even comic book geeks like myself. Nolan's work is great, but he did not define the genre; he simply added his own spin to a character.

Fidel Reyes on Dec 16, 2013


The Avengers was the cinematic equivalent of a Happy Meal. It was pure garbage.

JohnDoe on Dec 16, 2013


Universally acclaimed and it is the third highest grossing film of all time, not to mention all the character development had been done in the other movies. I admit it's not perfect and it has its plot holes but at least it was an actual comic book adaptation and they did pulloff what no one thought they could. Everyone to their own opinion, and nothing wrong with a happy meal it has food, a nutritious snack on the side, and a toy, and it actually is enjoyed. Thanks for the down vote Nolan fan 😉 Sincerely, mutual fan of superhero movies.

Fidel Reyes on Dec 16, 2013


Universally acclaimed? Hardly. That's like saying the Big Mac is gourmet because they've sold a grown up movie....have your mind blown....The Avengers is garbage and will never be in the same league as Nolan's Batman movies

JohnDoe on Dec 16, 2013


The Avengers was universally acclaimed by critics it has a 92% in Rotten tomatoes and you're comparing apples to oranges, Nolan's films are based on graphic novels whereas The Avengers was based on an actual comic book issue(yes a small little comic book) with superheroes with superpowers(Demi-Gods come out) of course Nolan's films will have more realistic content because of the source material and the hero lacking superpowers. And I have the dark knight trilogy special collector's edition idiot, I never said it was bad, I simply had stated that Nolan's movies(although great) had not defined the superhero genre because most superhero movies derive from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man which is true, just like most Blockbusters derive from Steven Spielberg's Jaws. You want to watch a grown up movie? Watch a movie like Citizen Kane or Schindler's List. Does that answer your condescending statement?

Fidel Reyes on Dec 16, 2013


I can't wait for it!

Gunther Bombe on Dec 15, 2013


Now this is a teaser - that Edge of Tomorrow one last week was pretty much a full-on trailer. I'm still uneasy about the story, which is apparently about the Earth being depleted of resources in the future, hence the need for travel. I would prefer it were only for exploration sake, especially after seeing this teaser.

OfficialJab on Dec 15, 2013


This made this truly look like a bit of a must see 'event'. This could have been a moving trailer for some inspiring documentary about the loss of passion in society.

Chris Groves on Dec 15, 2013


I love my trailers and there is an art to making a good teaser. However, let this be an example of a horrible teaser trailer. I understand showing the least bit of footage possible, but archive footage from the news and tiny clips that look like they're from State Farm commercials? The teaser to Inception was incredible and ended with that last glimpse of Paris being folded on itself. This is not a teaser. I'm extremely disappointed that I have to wait probably another 3 months till we get a trailer. As for anyone else who feels like they've been satiated enough by this you've taken too much of the Nolan-aid and need to get off your Dark Knight highs.

dave on Dec 16, 2013


You sir are literally too stupid to properly insult

Guest on Dec 16, 2013


Hmmmm too early to tell.

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 16, 2013


yeah....because Nolan is such a mixed bag

JohnDoe on Dec 16, 2013


You must not have had a family member or close friend get deployed. Depending on how they're addressing astro physics & space travel time dilation or aging.... If you've been chosen/agreed to go on a trip that is good "for mankind", but it means that you will miss - at a minimum - watching your child grow up, if not risk not making it back in an ideal situation until they're dead & gone.... Wouldn't you be crying as you drove off to report for duty? One of my previous bosses had been on a Shuttle mission - and he said as exhilarating as being chosen to be on a Shuttle mission was, it was also slightly terrifying, and he'd had his mission right BEFORE the Challenger tragedy.

VAharleywitch on Dec 16, 2013


Having waiting until all of discussions have sufficiently gone of the rails I will attempt to make an appreciative statement. All Nolan created Batman movies cast aside, Nolan is indeed a genius. All previous films we're exceptional technical creations worthy of repeated viewings. Its funny how all the 'filmies' who have previously dissected TDK and TDKR trailers don't do the same for this. I've read an early draft of the script. Provided there isn't a total rewrite, this movie will be an EXTREMELY inspirational emotional uplifting motion picture dealing with themes of the importance of innovation, civilizations future relevance, the aspirations of our sons (and daughters) and the destiny of our country if we don't improve education of future generations. That cornfield is EXTREMELY important to the films narrative. Just go back and check out Nolans films BEFORE the Batman movies. We can learn ALOT about storycraft from Christopher Nolan. P.S.......James Cameron doesn't come CLOSE .....

JayWard on Dec 17, 2013


Its funny how bent out of shape people got with this teaser and how people are quick to compare to other teasers and judge so quickly, i'm sure they are the ones who havent researched what this movie will be about. Its a very intriguing story that will show a lot more in the future trailers. If you stop and actually think back, you'll remember that some of CN's past teasers are of the same comparison. Just look at TDKR, alls it had was Gordon talking in a medical bed with a very short and fast glimpse of Bane.

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 18, 2013


I like the trailer for offering a hint of what the film could be, however after Inception and TDKR I don't have as much faith that this won't take itself ridiculously seriously and have some major plot flaws.

Payne by name on Dec 18, 2013



TheOct8pus on Jan 6, 2014


This is a Teaser's suppose to tease you the film. It most certainly did just that. I thought it was well thought out. Sure, they showed like one clip but again, it's a teaser trailer...hence the word "teaser". Don't get so butthurt.

Jesse on May 6, 2014

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