'Terminator 5' in Progress with 'Shutter Island' & 'Drive Angry' Writers

January 17, 2013


Back in December, Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures, the production companies founded by siblings David Ellison and Megan Ellison respectively, picked up the rights to the Terminator franchise. The sci-fi action series which was launched into fame by James Cameron has been in limbo for awhile, and doesn't have a studio home yet, but the Ellisons are moving quick to get Terminator 5 off the ground. Deadline reports Avatar and Shutter Island writer Laeta Kalogridis and Drive Angry writer and director Patrick Lussier will both script the sequel based on an idea from Skydance. That's a strange combination.

Lussier has mostly been based in horror as a writer and director, but he's edited other films like D3: The Might Ducks and most recently Apollo 18. Maybe there's something about his approach that they like, and meshing it with a Cameron collaborator like Kalogridis could prove to be lucrative. We're still not sure who will direct since Justin Lin seems to be out of the picture, but there's a good chance Arnold Schwarzenegger will return in some capacity. Hopefully it turns out better than Terminator Salvation. With the producers of Zero Dark Thirty and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol on board, that shouldn't be a problem.

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Make a season 3 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles for a proper conclusion. For starters.

David Banner on Jan 17, 2013


There is a reason that show was cancelled.

Chris Groves on Jan 17, 2013


Say what you like about the show, but it brought fresh new ideas to the Terminator mythology that were *much* more challenging and interesting than the generic, brainless crap Salvation pulled. The writers may not have always knocked it out of the park on TSCC, but I felt they truly understood Terminator in a way none of the film writers have since T2.

Ali Miller on Jan 18, 2013


It's funny, because while I was reading, I was kinda excited when I read that the "Shutter Island" writer is on board. But as soon as I saw "Drive Angry" I was like, ahh, here we

Big Boss on Jan 17, 2013


I say instead of bringing Arnold back, they Drop In Sly Stallone. Man that would really fuck peoples shit up. lmao.

Rain Spider on Jan 17, 2013


I was looking forward to the Justin Lin one. I like him.

OfficialJab on Jan 17, 2013


Yeah, I was hoping he would still... You ever see Better Luck Tomorrow? Fantastic.

Greg dinskisk on Jan 17, 2013


What was wrong with Terminator: Salvation? I enjoyed it.

One Fan on Jan 17, 2013


It was an okay, "BOOM BOOM!" movie, but there was nothing to it as a film. Even T3 had some halfway interesting ideas... Salvation was just another sci-fi action like any other.

Greg dinskisk on Jan 17, 2013


Nothing, its just people compare it to 1 and 2...and any movie that is compared to that level is going to be deemed a failure.

Cody W on Jan 17, 2013


It was a shitty ending, very unbecoming. I mean John Conner just rolls right up into the heart of Skynet by himself unscathed. I'm a huge Terminator fan and I hope they find a better director than McG, really dude? your going with the acronym name approach? Christian Bale almost beat that ass on set ecause he is a garbo (garbage) director and lacks vision.

WILMATIQ on Mar 11, 2013


...Never thought I`d say this but, I think they should finally and permanently just let the Terminator franchise go. The odds of this 5th one being ground breaking, game changing awesomeness for the franchise...seems VERY low.

mmmmmmmm on Jan 17, 2013


if they can at least pull off closing the loop by either having John die or sending Kyle back, then that would be a good sign to end it......

Jericho on Jan 17, 2013


I guess I'm one of the few that liked Salvation. I just love that universe, and I look forward to any new additions to the franchise.

grimjob on Jan 17, 2013


I enjoyed it as well 😀

Chris Amaya on Jan 17, 2013


me too!

avi on Jan 18, 2013


I liked it as well

Anthony Ceniccola on Jan 18, 2013


Hopefully there will be no sign of Mc.G telling the Comic-Con audience that he needs an 'R' rating so he can show Moon Bloodgood's tits which will somehow make the movie not be a complete shit-pile. This franchise is actually in a complete tailspin; and I don't think even James Cameron could bring it back. Just stick a fork in it.

Jimmy Rabbitte on Jan 17, 2013


They should terminate this franchise...or do the other thing..a reboot...a reimagening...just don't put Arnold in as a terminator... he is way to old will just be cheesy in a bad way...

I know,right ? on Jan 18, 2013


nothing more i want to see than a new terminator movie! But i think they must start from scratch and kick Arnie out! Nobody believes a aging terminator!

avi on Jan 18, 2013


I actually did enjoy Salvation but think they'd have to actually push the boundaries and really try some original ideas to make this one good. Which they won't. Same with the new Star Wars. The future of sci-fi is in movies like Looper.

Blargh on Jan 18, 2013


As far as Arnold goes, i think a great way to involve him in the movie would be as a human who is captured by skynet to be the model for the terminator based upon his body. how else could he be in?

Anthony Ceniccola on Jan 18, 2013


Salvation was heading in a good direction, as long as its not treated as just a cash in it should be alright. something Already tells me its gonna be in 3D too, lol just a hunch

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Jan 18, 2013


Terminator Salvation was okay but Forgettable. I dont even know what the Main plot of Skynet was. Also why have a human lookalike figure head that is not what Skynet is. Why would skynet wage war on all humans just to have a human figure head at the top?

Justin Gray on Jan 22, 2013


They should just reboot and come up with a fresh story arc for a possible new trilogy.

A Twit on Jan 22, 2013

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