TGB Episode 169: They Are Always Watching - The Art of Paranoia

August 29, 2013

The Golden Briefcase - Closed Circuit

On this week's episode of The Golden Briefcase, hosts Tim Buel and Jeremy Kirk go through their latest picks of the week, the newest DVD & Blu-ray releases (a whole bunch of them!), talk over the Ben Affleck as Batman in Man of Steel 2 casting news and much more. The main topic of this episode was a discussion on the sub-genre of paranoid thrillers in honor of John Crowley's Closed Circuit starring Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall now playing in theaters everywhere. The guys go over the various examples of paranoia in cinema and how it often crosses genres to utilize its complete potential. Another great episode so listen in!

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Previous Episode: To Invade One's Home (Guests: Bayer & Snider)

Picks of the Week:

Jeremy: I Declare War
Tim: "Parks and Recreation" / "Modern Family"

DVD/Blu-Rays Released:

The Great Gatsby
Pain and Gain
Walking Dead: Season 3
Dark Angel (I Come in Peace)
Q: The Winged Serpent

Episode Timeline:

Pick of the Week: 6:13
New Releases: 17:21
Topic of the Night: Paranoid Thrillers: 34:34

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Oh no, I definitely believe in guilty pleasures. But in all honesty, sometimes it seems like you guys are harsh on those type of films. I think I heard you praise 'Lockout' and dish 'The Expendables' in the same episode...which perplexed me. I'm not sure if any movie was made more for the sole purpose of being a guilty pleasure than The Expendables films.

Chris Groves on Aug 29, 2013


True...but The Expendables doesn't think it's a guilty pleasure movie....

timbuel on Aug 29, 2013


See, I don't really "get" that logic, movies not thinking of themselves as this or that. I mean, is that part of the definition? I don't mean this to sound disrespectful, but hearing things like "This movie knows it is a guilty pleasure, so it works" and "this movie doesn't think it's a guilty pleasure movie, so I can't enjoy it as a guilty pleasure flick" is where my "pretentious" radar starts to go off just a tad. I'm sure there are plenty of movies that are total guilty pleasures, but where the intent of the filmmaker was NOT "Hey, I'm going to make a movie that people know is bad, but still have fun with." I mean, it's all semantics. A film that someone thinks is cinematic gold might play as a total guilty pleasure for others, but still. Regardless of the intent of the filmmakers, a guilty pleasure is a guilty pleasure, in my opinion. I don't love The Expendables films or anything, but it's a bunch of mostly over-the-hill action stars coming together for big ensemble action films. They know exactly what kind of movie they are making, and it isn't The Shawshank Redemption.

Chris Groves on Aug 30, 2013


Hip-Hip-Huzzah! It's Golden Briefcase Day! Thanks fellas.

DAVIDPD on Aug 29, 2013


When will this be on itunes guys??

Hudsucker on Aug 30, 2013


Great episode as usual (not taking it for granted though)! I do miss the trailer watch segment, because I loved hearing your thoughts on upcoming films, and you guys surprised me sometimes with your reactions. I get why you don't like trailers Tim, I actually cut back on my personal trailer watch, but maybe you could do just teasers or film news? Yeah, so if you could just do those, that would be great! Kidding (kind of) 😉 Regarding the "guilty pleasure" issue, I don't believe in them, because if I like a film, regardless of its reputation or critical acclaim, for me it's good and I'm not ashamed of admitting I like it (or afraid it will ruin my "street cred" as a film buff, which would be ridiculous). I get enjoyment out of it (or pleasure), but I don't feel guilty about it, because to me bad movies could be also critically acclaimed films I can't connect with and good movies is whatever I like re-watching. So it's more of a matter of I don't like the term guilty pleasure, but I'm not a pretentious film goer (at least I hope), because I do like films that critics or IMDb hates 🙂 Does that make sense? I know it does in my head..

Davide Perretta on Aug 31, 2013


Exactly. If I like a movie, why the hell would I be ashamed or feel guilty about it? Especially if it's one as completely rad as I Come In Peace/Dark Angel.

Sören Höglund on Sep 9, 2013


Good discussion, but I feel like Roman Polanski deserves a mention. He's like the most paranoid filmmaker I know! Other than that good call on so many others you mention.

Guest on Aug 31, 2013


Why is this podcast not in itunes!!! Please help

filmfan5 on Aug 31, 2013


Hey gang, not sure why the episode isn't showing in iTunes =( Trying to figure it out!

timbuel on Aug 31, 2013


THE GAME. My favorite paranoia thriller.

DAVIDPD on Sep 1, 2013


I think you guys are confusing mystery with paranoia. Movies like Rosemary's Baby or Don't Look Now. Those are examples of paranoia.

Capo on Sep 8, 2013

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