'The Flash' and 'Justice League' Now in the Works for 2016 & 2017?

July 20, 2013
Source: Heat Vision

The Flash

Following the big news of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment planning a film that will unite Batman and Superman on the big screen for the first time ever, it appears that's not all the comic book news rocking the boat today. In addition to that team-up being planned for release in 2015, Heat Vision was first to report it will be followed by an adaptation of The Flash set for 2016, and then Justice League finally coming together in 2017. That means three of the major team members of the superhero ensemble will appear on the big screen before coming together, unless of course Ryan Reynolds returns as Green Lantern. Read on!

That also means Wonder Woman won't be venturing to the big screen before Justice League is rounded up, but if the female heroine works in the ensemble, maybe her own film will follow. This announcement wasn't made at Warner Bros., so this should probably just be considered a rumor for now. But if Batman is going to enter the mix in the next Superman movie, then it stands to reason that The Flash and Justice League could come down the road. We're still not sure how Warner Bros. plans to round all these characters up for one single feature film, but we'll see what happens.

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Well at least they're not just jumping from Man of Steel to Justice League at least now we'll have batman re-established and Flash then JL. Still not sure what I make of this.

N. on Jul 20, 2013


JL needs to happen in 2020.

Xerxexx on Jul 20, 2013


Well if WB has finally grown a pair and is going all in with it 2017 should be more than enough to build the universe.

Cody W on Jul 20, 2013


I like this. They aren't doing the full-blown Marvel formula of 'Everyone gets their own movie before coming together', but they also don't seem to be trying to rush it. It would be too soon to reboot Batman, and you run into the problems The Incredible Hulk and The Amazing Spider-Man had, either you play things as loose as TIH did and you end up with a film that feels as much like a loose sequel as it does a full-fledged reboot(the setting, and a few of the jokes based around "Hulk-lore" link it back to the 03 film)...or you re-tell the origin and end up re-treading too much of what has already been covered like The Amazing Spider-Man. This way, going from Man of Steel to a Superman-Batman team-up(I REALLY hope they call it "The World's Finest") and then giving The Flash his own movie, THEN moving to Justice's a good, natural progression. Jumping from MOS straight into Justice League would be far too much of a jump, this will feel much more natural. Also, I'd prefer they ignore the Reynolds Green Lantern completely. Just use Justice League to introduce a new Green Lantern, as well as Wonder Woman and perhaps Martian Manhunter and Aquaman.

Chris Groves on Jul 20, 2013


I actually totally agree. I originally had two worries about DC's approach: (1) I was worried they'd rush it (I don't think they are now), and (2) I was worried they'd just copy Marvel's formula of movie, movie, movie, then big movie. Don't get me wrong, Marvel's formula has been incredible, but DC couldn't just mimic what had been done. It looks like they're going to change it up a bit, which is fresh and honestly pretty cool to think about. I'll always give mad props to Marvel doing an amazing job with what they've done with their movies, but if DC would have copied them with maybe making 4 individual movies, with maybe one element from each that tied together (villain from one, object from another, people from another, similar to how Avengers was), it would have just become too formulaic.

Bob on Jul 22, 2013


Exactly, doing the exact same thing would never work, and after it's been done once, the '5 solo movies then a crossover' loses it's appeal. WB/DC have the advantage of learning from some of the things that didn't work out quite as well for Marvel. I mean, in hindsight, could you imagine if instead of getting The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2...we just had gone straight to an Iron Man-Hulk team-up, with the Hulbuster armor and the works? I would argue that film would be bigger and more anticipated than either of those films alone. And if WB/DC can play their cards right to the extent of never having to re-cast any of the major roles...that will be quite cool. I under-stand re-casts, and they don't both me like they used to, but it is a little jarring and creates an inconsistency which is not preferable.

Chris Groves on Jul 22, 2013


So excited for WORLD'S FINEST!!! I knew it was going to happen.

DAVIDPD on Jul 20, 2013


I wouldnt count out other heroes showing up in MOS2 and Flash, kinda like what marvel did with Hawkeye and Black Widow, could easily be done for heroes like Cyborg or Aquaman. Wonder Woman would require her own though, or maybe JLs plot being based around an amazon invasion of some the possibilities.

Cody W on Jul 20, 2013


Damn it... Give me a Wonder Woman film now!

Kenny on Jul 20, 2013


I was fine with a Justice League movie right after MoS but this ain't bad either. At all.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jul 21, 2013


I'm excited to hear Batman will appear in Man of Steel 2, but Snyder mentioned, apparently, that it will follow aspects of The Dark Knight Returns. Not sure how I feel about that yet, seeing as how there were many aspects of DK Returns in DK Rises.

Quanah on Jul 21, 2013


Eventhough I'm not well-versed in the universe of The Flash, he... or they, I guess, are the DC heroes that pique my interests the most. So I'm definitely looking forward to that adaptation.

Neuromancer on Jul 21, 2013


I predict Warner brothers makes the bold move of making justice legue a Wes Anderson production. Movie is mostly characters talking, no big action set pieces, but there is one chase sequence on bicycles. Cast... Superman - Henry cavill Batman - bill Murray Flash - Jason swartzman Aquaman - Owen Wilson Wonder Woman - Zooey deschanel Martian manhunter - Adrian Brody Green lantern - Ben stiller Surprise twist: wonder twins -Channing tatum and Gina Carano

Drew on Jul 21, 2013


Whats really sad is I thought Ryan Reynolds would of been a good flash. The Flash needs a sense of humor like what Reynolds gives out. Has anyone seen Flash Paradox yet? OMG! That movie is sick. If they can make the live action Flash look like that than we are in for a treat.

timnimbus on Jul 24, 2013

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