The New 'RoboCop' Dares You to Make a Move on First Teaser Poster

September 12, 2013


Just last week, the first trailer for the remake of RoboCop arrived, giving us a glimpse at the many different versions of the cybernetic crimefighter played by Kinnaman this time around. The various suits on display showed modified versions of the original suit from the film franchise spawned by Paul Verhoeven, but the final version made the change from a gray suit to pitch black, and a helmet that looks more like Rinzler from Tron Legacy than a new iteration of RoboCop. Now the first poster shows future of American justice with an extremely lame tagline. After that average trailer, we're hoping this isn't a disaster. Look!

Here's the teaser poster for Jose Padilha's RoboCop from Sony Pictures and MGM (via ComingSoon):


When Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) – a loving husband, father and good cop doing his best to stem the tide of crime and corruption in Detroit – is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer. OmniCorp envisions a RoboCop in every city and even more billions for their shareholders, but they never counted on one thing: there is still a man inside the machine pursuing justice. Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton also star in RoboCop from director Jose Padilha and writer James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man). Sony Pictures sends the film to theaters on February 7th, 2014.

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I like this

Brandon V. Fletcher on Sep 12, 2013


Starting to see some hope for this.

Richard Abella on Sep 12, 2013


Robo Joe aka gi Joe spin off.

hellcomestoall on Sep 12, 2013


Something about it seems spacey, like preditor. And not in a good way.

David Kinskey-Lebeda on Sep 12, 2013


Why does this site continue to put this movie down, Your brainwashing people into not seeing this film, I for one thought the trailer was surprisingly enjoyable and gave me hope for this movie and it could be a big suprise in 2014

Nick on Sep 12, 2013


But with all the hate towards this movie from this site I would bet money that they would give it a bad review, how can you say a movie is a disaster from 2 mins of film and a poster

Nick on Sep 12, 2013


We're not a collective on this site with just one mind. We all have our own opinions. Mr. Billington has been the most vocal against the film because of how it's being marketed and because of how development has gone, but I didn't say it was a disaster. What I said above was, "We're hoping this isn't a disaster." I actually would love it if this film turned out to be good.

Ethan Anderton on Sep 12, 2013


My apologies I'm just a real die hard RoboCop fan who is really hoping this movie does well cause its been 20 years since we had a RoboCop movie and 12 years since we have had any new RoboCop material besides the comic books so for all use hard core RoboCop fans its hard to see our last hope in a restart get kinda talk about badly I didn't meant to offend i just got into the heat of the moment

Nick on Sep 12, 2013


Believe me, I'm a RoboCop fan too, and I would love for this to be good. But right now it just feels like a glossy carbon copy that has gone the wrong direction. The action looks good, but I'm just not entirely sold yet. We'll see how it goes next year.

Ethan Anderton on Sep 13, 2013


That's why they posted it as a MUST WATCH if I recall correctly

Jon Odishaw on Sep 12, 2013


We posted it as a Must Watch mostly because everyone needs to see this for themselves, for better or worse. I don't think it looks terrible, but it looks incredibly average and and safe.

Ethan Anderton on Sep 12, 2013


It's generic and a waste of time...and yes, people should be put OFF remakes....they suck

Have Hope on Sep 13, 2013


I can't argue with that assessment but the action does look pretty stellar.

Jon Odishaw on Sep 13, 2013


Face it, this movie is going to suck and bomb at the box office. Not even a decent rental.

cobrazombie on Sep 14, 2013


Have to disagree Ethan, I would have this poster on my wall. Looks badass to me.

mooreworthy on Sep 12, 2013


For a site that tells me Im negative you guys sure have a hard on of hate for this flick.

Brian Sleider on Sep 12, 2013


I'm not nearly as down on the film as Mr. Billington. In fact, the footage at Comic-Con actually impressed me to some extent. But that trailer wasn't very good, and there's just something that makes this feel like a glossy, hollow remake. But I'm still hoping for the best.

Ethan Anderton on Sep 12, 2013


The biggest problem is there doesn't seem to be much original in this remake with the exception of changing the focus of the satire to military drones. Otherwise they're keeping all the signature lines, making the old suit part of the new movie, and just giving the film a superficial, candy coated cover in a PG-13 package. That's why I'm skeptical of this remake, but not dismissing it just yet.

Ethan Anderton on Sep 12, 2013


Conan the Barbarian - remake. So much potential. Horrible execution. Terrible interpretation. Miserable dialog. I couldn't even laugh. Total Recall - remake. Sleek look. fun actors. Storyline more coherent (than CtB). Bad vision. Underutilized potential. Limited. Star Trek - Remake. Original characters and concepts have trod so much ground there should have been NO more room. But what a reinterpretation! Visionary, compelling, playful. Fantastic. Robocop has a lot of potential, but from the trailers, I don't see the kind of remake that Star Trek was. It seems limited. Sleek, but no push to go beyond, make better, what was done. My guess, best case, we'll get something about as good as Total Recall.

l.21 on Sep 12, 2013


You forgot Sequel/Reboot Predators in 2010, That was an okay reboot of an 80s movie, could have been better but i left satisfied

Nick on Sep 12, 2013


Oh....nd Judge Dredd....:P

jimmy on Sep 13, 2013


yeah. Dredd had some heart to it.

Dan Hibiki on Sep 13, 2013



DAVIDPD on Sep 12, 2013


I'm digging this poster!

axalon on Sep 12, 2013


...a grave.

cobrazombie on Sep 14, 2013


The old poster had so much more life to it than this. This just looks....dry. The tagline doesnt say Robocop to me either. I'm not totally stepping on the movie, there's things that bother me based off the 1st trailer, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. But goddamn do posters now suck.

Pabster on Sep 12, 2013


I still have this poster rolled up in an airtight tube and sitting in my closet!

Morvidus on Sep 12, 2013


G.I.Joe Rise of Cobra Accelerator Suit's....that's all I got to say.

Charlie Hard on Sep 12, 2013


PG13??? While I don't necessarily believe that a rating makes a movie better or worse, I do believe that sheer violence and profanity is a part of the Robocop legacy and is a large part of the subtext that made the original so poignant and relevant. I'm curious to see what relevance this remake has on our time and current events. Not that I ever took Robocop to be a serious movie but there was always the relevance to the themes. I'd still prefer to have them go all out and make it a hard R.

syntaxterror on Sep 13, 2013

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