'The Wolverine' Cut Scene Would Have Introduced Iconic Yellow Suit

November 10, 2013
Source: ScreenRant


Audiences won't have a chance to take The Wolverine home until December 3rd when it hits Blu-Ray and DVD, but someone in Russia got ahold of the four-disc unrated Blu-Ray edition, and one particular alternate ending has something that fans will love. When X-Men first hit the big screen, there was some dissension amongst fans about the costume choices for the mutant superhero team since the black leather outfits were a bit bland and gave off an S&M vibe. Since then, the films haven't gone with any of the suit designs from the original comic books, and the one character fans seem most eager to see in their iconic comic book suit is Wolverine. And that's why fans are going to love this alternate ending that has leaked online. More below!

We won't post the leaked video (you can watch it here if you feel the need, via ScreenRant), but the ending is pretty much the same as what we saw in the final cut, but this time, while in the private jet waiting for take-off, Yukio (Rila Fukushima) has a special package for Logan (Hugh Jackman) containing this:

Photo has been removed at the demand of 20th Century Fox. Sorry everyone!
Keep looking on ScreenRant or Tumblr to find it.

Yes, the yellow spandex Wolvie suit that has only been joked about in the first X-Men movie, was given to Wolverine. However, since the footage ended up on the cutting room floor, what does that mean? More than likely, the writers weren't sure how it would affect the story moving forward. Would audiences be confused if Wolverine wasn't wearing the suit in X-Men: Days of Future Past? If the teaser trailer is any indicator, we likely won't see him in this suit, and that might have created some continuity issues.

Is there a chance we'll see this suit in the sequel to The Wolverine, which recently confirmed James Mangold to return to direct? It likely depends on how the time travel to the past in X-Men: Days of Future Past affects the present/future. At the end of the day, there would need to be some practical explanation as to why he would wear a suit like that. Maybe it represents something about his warrior's spirit in Japanese culture? Otherwise it would be nothing more than pandering to the fans. Still, it's cool to see the suit realized, even if it didn't make the big screen. Do you want to see Wolverine don the yellow suit?

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No thanks, Hugh Jackman would look too weird in the yellow spandex. Maybe with another actor in a reboot that better represents the character. You have to remember in the comics the costume worked to the advantage of his height.

Charlie Hard on Nov 10, 2013


it's not spandex. It's a more yellow and brown take on his current costume but with the added mask.

Kento on Nov 10, 2013

3 - watch this. You call that spandex? Keep in mind that Batman's costume was also made of spandex, until they turned it into another material to make it more contemporary. The same goes with Superman, Spider-Man, and Captain America.

Azyral on May 3, 2014


It's suppossed to be tan, not yellow. The suit was brown and tan...

Bl00dwerK on Nov 10, 2013


There are multiple suits. This is clearly meant to be a different version as pictured in the comic book image.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 10, 2013


Thought they were thinking of an X-Force movie,.then he could wear his black ops version which would make more sense and badass.

mooreworthy on Nov 10, 2013


I know there are multiple suits, and tan goes with brown. What changes is the design. Yellow and blue, brown and tan. The suit in the case is clearly meant to be the iconic brown and tan suit Logan wore during the time the Wolverine limited series was published...

Bl00dwerK on Nov 10, 2013


Hell yeah I wanna see him wear the suit. Even if his mask gets ripped off, any body suit is better than the black leather crap that Singer likes to put him in.

superultraboy on Nov 10, 2013


he looks better in black or brown. yellow is just ridiculous .

Quynh Truong on Nov 10, 2013


Only if they could find a reason to white out the eyes.

Tyrell Antonio on Nov 10, 2013


I don't give a shit about the suit, just do something about the retarded adamantium cutting adamantium crap.

Rob on Nov 10, 2013


Very Nite Owl-ish....

Ron on Nov 10, 2013


with time travel changing all of reality the reset continuity opens up the opportunity for the X-Men to exist in the greater Marvel universe. To not take that chance is a huge error on Fox's part.

Kento on Nov 10, 2013


"someone in Russia got ahold of the four-disc unrated Blu-Ray edition" Hackers in Russia? Imagine that! 😉

ikkf on Nov 10, 2013


The suit would look ridiculous in live-action, I'm glad they never used it, and I hope they never do.

grimjob on Nov 10, 2013


Would look? Not if they tried. Because imagining is completely different than actually looking at something with your own two eyes. Hey kid, if Batman's silly costume can work in live-action, and even Captain America's costume, so can the Wolverine. So far, you have no proof of it being silly.

Azyral on May 3, 2014


I can't tell if you're actually serious or being sarcastic. You're trying to convince me with this ridiculous video? Sorry my man, you just proved me right. Move along.

grimjob on May 3, 2014


It really is a color to suit most impressive original. Inherently it is a wolverine costume for him from the beginning but later it can be turned into a different kind today only

Jugar Jugar on Nov 10, 2013


The suit would look boss in live action! It's got that whole Kill BIll vibe to it!

Lawrence Gunatilaka on Nov 11, 2013


They did well with the costumes in First Class, I think this could be pulled off. only thing is that it won't look complete without the white-out eyes.

Jacob Denton on Nov 11, 2013


funny since i was just debating this ( obv not happening ) with SHN ( i think ) two Logan threads ago . But why the tan-n-brown 1st ? Because they STILL don't want Canada involved in his storylines .... Maybe the pic of the tan n' brown should be in the header not the gold n' blue ... Jackman's not covering his face for a majority of a movie ...I think this character needs to go to cable( HBO 's gotta replace TB , Buy those rights back Marvel ! ) ,and then this rich history painted by the CB scripters can be better fleshed out in a running series ... Now what this DOES fit , is the recommendation from here and Screen Rant , for Mangold to do a movie from after "The " but before DOFP , using the Kitty Pryde/Wolverine arc of Kitty becoming a ninja . They gotta get his 'mantium back some way ! I'm sure they can follow the issues in the comics of his 'mantium being restored . And can use this to show some martial-arts training for Logan so he EARNS this uniform ( Sensei says When I Say So u get claws back.. ) ..

Dominic on Nov 12, 2013


;o)) " you get these claws back when you no longer need them . Because you fingers are like claws unto themselves " ...

Dominic on Nov 12, 2013

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