Universal Still Plans to Remake Jean-Claude Van Damme's 'Timecop'

May 22, 2013
Source: THR


With what might be a sign of studios finally running out of 80s films to throw into the reboot machine, Universal is bringing back a 1994 film to the big screen with a fresh take. THR has word the studio is still developing a remake of Timecop, the sci-fi action thriller starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as an officer of a police force that regulates time travel. In the original film, a crooked politician is using time travel to further his political career, and Van Damme is tasked with stopping him. The film was actually based on a Dark Horse comic book serial (two-issue series), so this adaptation could be something more like the comic.

Here's the trailer for the original 1994 version of Timecop from director Peter Hyams:

For my money, time travel films are always interesting when you start digging into the approach to the sci-fi element. Figuring out how paradoxes work, how past and future selves can interact with each other, whether or not you can really change the course of the past or future. There's just endless possibilities to make time travel work in a story. Timecop is interesting because not only was it a success for Van Damme, but it was turned into a very shortlived TV series in 1997 and has also been given a straight-to-DVD sequel. Supposedly this new film is a complete overhaul and reimagining of the story and Van Damme is not involved (though I don't think anyone would expect him to be). Of course, this project has been in the works since September of 2010, so we'll see if it actually gets off the ground this time. Anyone interested?

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Remaking Timecop would be a MISTAKE! Van Damme made that show badass. It's one of his best films.

Rain Spider on May 22, 2013


You've obviously never seen a film with real acting. Van Damme is a martial arts expert, nothing more. Put a real actor in that role, and I would be interested in a remake. (of course, they did screw up the Total Recall remake, I heard)

Daniel Lowe on May 23, 2013


They have to at least give him a small cool role, every remake has the original star in it... i'm not saying like TRON but something like Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street hopefully its a little more, like JC is the boss of the Timecop Unit,... Or maybe he he turned bad after his wife has been killed again and now he is the villain, could be a good twist and we all know Van Damme would nail the role as a crazy over the top yet emotional (about his wife) villain... And Chris Hemsworth should be the main guy, plus he loves JC so he would "fight" with producers to give him a good role... IF JCVD ISNT IN IT, A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL BOYCOTT IT !!! JUST LIKE TOTAL RECALL !

Frenchy on May 23, 2013


Space Cop better.

capitandelespacio on May 23, 2013


Space Cop is on the case!

Magnolia on May 23, 2013


Yet another pointless remake.. Yay !!! But if they go ahead and make this movie, please make the leading actress as gorgeous as I used to find Mia Sara back in the day... wow, what a boner I had for that chick, damn gorgeous

Tester on May 23, 2013


hahaha classic!

Luke on May 23, 2013


Mmmm, Mia Sara.

grimjob on May 23, 2013


Loved Timecop! Fuck this remake!

grimjob on May 23, 2013


I liked Timecop when I was younger. Although, I'm not that interested in a film remake I could see this working as a TV series. As long as it's well written and intricate. But it seems to me that these types of series are either well received, albeit usually with a smaller but hardcore fanbase, or they're cancelled. So I guess that probably won't happen...

Neuromancer on May 23, 2013


"Three copies of Timecop for $18."

Cartman on May 23, 2013


And who will play the role JCVD played, GSP?

David Banner on May 23, 2013


Nice. Splits on the counter top.

mooreworthy on May 23, 2013


This was due for a remake since time! The first one was a terrible movie. It just had some "Cool parts" but overall the storyline was thumbs down. I for one am thrilled this is being re-made. I hope Peter Hyams steers clear of this one.

conradthegreat on May 23, 2013


Cause I was just thinking the other day, "You know what movie needs a remake...?"

mooreworthy on May 23, 2013


Ron Silver (RIP) played a grade-A sleazeball character in Timecop. Think of something original for once, Hollywood!

mistermysteryguest on May 24, 2013

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