Universal Planning R-Rated Remake of John Hughes' 'Weird Science'

April 18, 2013

Weird Science

After scripting an adaptation of the 80s TV series 21 Jump Street (which just had a sequel pegged for a 2014 release), writer Michael Bacall also seemed a little inspired by the decade for his party comedy Project X at Silver Pictures. Now Universal has tapped the writer who also gave them Scott Pilgrim vs. the World to write a remake of the seminal teen comedy Weird Science, one of the many revered films from the late John Hughes. Deadline reports Universal is teaming with Joel Silver for this iteration which will turn the concept of two teen nerds creating their perfect woman out of thin air into an R-rated comedy. Read on!

While everyone's reaction might be negative, mostly because we're touching the work of someone like John Hughes, let's remember that the film is hardly his best work, and is certainly his weirdest and most outlandish film. In fact, it's probably the only film that I'm not leery about seeing remade, especially as an R-rated comedy. The question is who take on the lead roles originated by Michael Anthony Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith? Honestly, my personal choices would be Michael Cera and Clark Duke, mainly because of their collaboration on the web series Clark and Michael from a few years ago. I'd also be interested in seeing Donald Glover and Danny Pudi from "Community" get the gig. More importantly, who will be the object of the boys' fantasy? Scarlett Johansson? Kate Upton? Helen Mirren? Thoughts?

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Kelly Brook. End of sentence.

Kev on Apr 18, 2013


Heh - fitting! (Kelly LeBrock)

avconsumer2 on Apr 18, 2013


R-rated? So what? The teens are actually going to get some sexy-time with the chick? hahaha

Chris Groves on Apr 18, 2013


Don't tell me that you didn't want to see Kelly LeBrock's ass in the shower scene of the original!!

racquetman on Apr 18, 2013


Okay, I won't 😀

Chris Groves on Apr 18, 2013


Helen Mirren, hahaha.

Chuck Debois on Apr 18, 2013


Emma Watson...

N. on Apr 18, 2013


"No shit Chet.... No shit..."

avconsumer2 on Apr 18, 2013


Please no ...some things are sacred

frank on Apr 18, 2013


If it's gonna be R rated then I assume we're going to get to see some T&A from the leading lady - that'll eliminate quite a few actresses. Chet is one of the iconic characters of the '80's. You're not going to top Bill Paxton's performance in the original.

racquetman on Apr 18, 2013


Between this and True Lies, Paxton has pretty much mastered the role of "Lowlife".

grimjob on Apr 18, 2013


Get a load of psychopathic Paxton in "Near Dark"

JL on Apr 18, 2013


I have not seen that. Thanks for the recommendation.

grimjob on Apr 18, 2013


First of all, Real Genius was a superior film. Secondly, neither should be remade. Leave the classics alone. Use them as inspiration to fuel new originals.

Not Applicable on Apr 18, 2013



Brian Sleider on Apr 18, 2013


Yes, Real Genius rocked, but the young genius character was boring as hell and added very little to the film. Weird Science had Bill Paxton, who stole every scene he was in. "How about a nice, big, greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?" While they are at it, they ought to remake Pretty In Pink and actually have Andie hook up with Duckie and fix that abomination of a test audience ending.

nom nom on Apr 18, 2013


TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Even if you regard Genius as a superior film, Weird Science was FAR MORE ENTERTAINING, I might have seen Real Genius once. Weird Science, at least 50 times. You've got Downey Jr. in it and Paxton spewing iines like....."You're stewed, buttwad!!!"and "The FAMILY JEWELS?" or " You two donkey-dicks couldn't get laid in a morgue." HA! HA! HA! HA! After writing this I think I'm gonna go down stairs and make a pork sandwich right know in protest.

FamilyJewels on Apr 19, 2013


Huh. A remake that could actually offer something the original couldn't. A rare thing these days.

grimjob on Apr 18, 2013


"Do you realize that it's snowing in my bedroom?!?!"

Chris Giebler on Apr 18, 2013


I see a Ferris Bueller's Day Off remake in the works.... I don't think Weird Science has aged very well over the years and I'm sure there are a lot of teenagers wondering where are the cell phones and tablets in the film.

BinaryChaos on Apr 18, 2013


Kelly Brook to replace Kelly LeBrock. It would be Perfect.

Bam Bam on Apr 19, 2013



Jay Two on Apr 19, 2013

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