'Walking with Dinosaurs' Trailer Stays Real with No Talking Creatures

May 1, 2013
Source: MSN UK

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D

What started as an arena show is now coming to the big screen in 20th Century Fox's Walking with Dinosaurs 3D. In what feels like a hybrid narrative and documentary feature with breathtaking visuals, the film chronicles the lives of two young dinosaurs as they grow up, hoping to follow in their father's footsteps, and become respected creatures of the prehistoric wild. These dinosaurs don't talk, but it's clear there's some cutesy kind of humor and liberties taken with the dinosaurs. And while the animation isn't terrible, it doesn't always look like it's top notch work. Still, this could be cool to see in theaters. Watch!

First trailer for Barry Cook & Neil Nightingale's Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, originally from MSN UK:

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D is directed by Barry Cook (Arthur Christmas) and Neil Nightingale (Enchanted Kingdom 3D) and written by John Collee (Happy Feet) and Theodore Thomas (Walt & El Grupo). In the film, two brothers looking to follow in their father's footsteps leads to a showdown with dinosaurs in the Arctic North. For the first time in movie history, audiences will truly see and feel what it was like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. 20th Century Fox sends the film to theaters everywhere on December 20th.

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Looks kind of cool, like Homeward Bound combined with the documentary Planet Earth.

Matt Peloquin on May 1, 2013


wish they would call this the land before time

me on May 1, 2013


It was a tv-series first before it became an arena show. The tv-series was narrated by Kenneth Brannagh

HarryFiddleSticks on May 1, 2013


I Love Dinosaurs! Roar

N. on May 1, 2013


Sarah Palin: "Awww, another big budget fantasy adventure! Tripp, I'm taking you to see 'Noah', a true story about a big big boat carrying every animal on the planet during the big big flood!" LOL

The Truth on May 1, 2013


Still waiting on a dinosaur film that actually portrays them accurately... looks like this one will continue to mislead generations.

Zeus on May 1, 2013


i dont know its based on the tv series, which was a pretty solid representation. Then again its not made by the same people so the level of accuracy may drop.

Matthew Sam Russell on May 1, 2013


Anthropomorphised behavior aside, this so far seems to be far ahead of the original show in terms of accuracy. Despite having been promoted as a scientific documentary, it was pretty far off the mark and greatly upset many scientists (look up for instance the Dinosaur Mailing List's archives -- they HATED it), so when it comes to scientific accuracy, the series shouldn't be seen as any sort of benchmark.

Vrahno on May 3, 2013


enlighten us?

Xerxexx on May 1, 2013


This seems pretty accurate. They didn't ALL have feathers, and the t-rex seems pretty colorful, which is one of the more apparent things they've been saying about them more recently. Look up Reign of the Dinosaurs. It's a pretty good 4 part documentary that aired in 2011, it talked about a lot of the new stuff we know about dinosaurs now.

Hawmul on May 1, 2013


There are no tyrannosaurus in the trailer, pretty sure that was an albertosaurus.

Juntsti on May 20, 2013


It's impossible to take anything seriously with this guy doing the voiceover

Jon Odishaw on May 1, 2013


Are we all forgetting the BBC series, of the same name from like 6 years ago? Very similar but with a more straight documentary approach.

Linkfx on May 1, 2013


6 years ago? Heh, it was from 1999, 14 years ago.

Juntsti on May 20, 2013


I like it a LOT...a cinematic documentary...this could be something really unique and special. It might wind up having all of the appeal to kids and families of an animated film...but also appeal to a lot of other age groups just for the documentary angle and the cool visuals. I'm in. This is the perfect kind of movie for me to take my younger brother to see.

Chris Groves on May 1, 2013


wow, i wanna see this

truong18 on May 1, 2013


I've been watching and collecting the BBC America DVD's of "Walking With" since they first came out. So to say it all started with the live shows is completely wrong. They started with "Walking with Dinosaurs" the DVD set as a documentary for dinosaurs then moved on to "Walking with Prehistoric Beasts" (all the giant mammals, giant birds, and the rest of the animals that came after the dinosaurs up to the most recent extinct mammoths and first humans). Then the shows happened after. With all these DisneyNature movies being a success, this could be a very good movie in theaters. Seems everyone loves dinosaurs, and there's very few movies put out with them; as it seems difficult to find good plots involving them which haven't already been used. I'm stoked for this and very excited it won't be with talking dinosaurs. I REALLY hope, in the future, they create and put into the theaters the books of "Dinotopia". Lots of dinosaurs, the stories are solid, and the mere beauty of human and dinosaur interactions, evolved literature and architecture, and vast landscaping could make to be a great series for all ages.

JBrotsis on May 1, 2013


Voice over aside this looks good.

Xerxexx on May 1, 2013


Is this some kind of joke?

mistermysteryguest on May 2, 2013


I think it looks cool too. Definitely cool cinematography and looks like a film everyone can enjoy. Thanks for the preview.. I found other great options for viewing the latest trailers here too if anyone else is interested: Rarely do I see a film without some sort of sneak peak. Thanks again.. this one I will see.

Aj on May 2, 2013

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