Whoa! Warner Bros. Officially Announces Batman & Superman Film

July 20, 2013
Source: LA Times

Batman & Superman

It's a shame this surprise is being spoiled before Warner Bros. has a chance to make the announcement, but welcome to the Internet. The LA Times has word that the studio will announce a long-awaited team-up of two DC Comics superheroes with a film that will feature Batman and Superman in a major feature film here at Comic-Con. Details are scarce, but Man of Steel director Zack Snyder is expected to direct with a script from the film's writer David S. Goyer and star Henry Cavill putting on the cape again. However, don't expect Christian Bale to come back as The Dark Knight, as he indicated earlier this year. Read on!

The plan is to release the film in 2015, and there's rumblings that Christopher Nolan might end up producing, but that's not a certainty at this point. For years there have been hopes of a Batman vs. Superman movie, and while we're not sure what the story will entail, the prospect of Supes and The Bat coming together is pretty enticing, and will likely serve as a test to see how a Justice League film might work sometime down the road. It's an interesting move for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment who have struggled to figure out how to bring their own superhero ensemble together, and we'll see how it pans out. If anymore details emerge from the panel later, we'll update this post, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: At the conclusion of the Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con, Man of Steel director Zack Snyder was brought out with some kind of announcement regarding the next Superman movie. He tapdanced around the introduction, saying there was one element he could reveal about the film that would give fans an idea of what to expect. And to help out, he brought Man of Steel co-star Harry Lennix to read something that gave the game away. The actor read:

"I want you to remember, Clark. In all the years to come. In all your most private moments. I want you to remember, my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you."

For those who don't know, that's an excerpt from The Dark Knight Returns after Batman kicks Superman's ass. And after that was read, this little gem was thrown on the big screens (photo courtesy of Cinema Blend):

Batman and Superman Logo

That's right. A new Batman and Superman film is officially on the way. A press release says production is expected to begin in 2014 with a release planned in the summer of 2015. Zack Snyder is indeed directing with David S. Goyer writing the screenplay and Henry Cavill back as Superman. The release says a new Batman has yet to be cast, so Christian Bale is definitely not coming back. Stay tuned.

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F*****g woah!

Akira Smith on Jul 20, 2013


I wonder which one will be the protagonist. They can't both be.

Rick on Jul 20, 2013


It will be interesting. On one hand the 'DC Film Universe' Supes has been established, while this film will feature a new Batman. So I would be inclined to guess that a lot of focus will be on introducing and establishing the new Batman.

Chris Groves on Jul 20, 2013


They probably will be both protagonists, it's essentially World's Finest (which jumps back forth between the two) with elements from Dark Knight Returns (a batman centric story that actually has Superman as a pseudo-villain)

Guest on Jul 20, 2013


I'm more interested in whose gonna be the next batman. That's the real question. I personally like josh Hartnett for that, but who knows.

Rain Spider on Jul 20, 2013


Not sure about him. He's completely fallen off the map. The last thing of any note that I remember him in was 30 Days of Night, and that was years ago.

Rick on Jul 20, 2013


Damn shame too. He was fantastic in Black Hawk Down and his performance in Sin City was great.

Xerxexx on Jul 20, 2013


There is no way Batman can beat Superman!

SupermanFan607 on Aug 5, 2013


This project will be canceled next week. mark my words

toonfed on Jul 20, 2013


Lets hope so!

fal0 on Jul 22, 2013


Being a big Marvel fan, its great in 2015 it'll just be Bat & Sup rivaling Avengers 2 for highest grossing summer movie. That being said, I'm still stoked for this movie. Though Marvel takes the crown (IMO), I'm still a deep fan of the DC universe. And if a JL movie does resurrect after the success of Bat & Sup (if its done right) this could be great in the sense of a JL movie not getting made til after Avengers 3 finishes all its phases. Just so we don't have to hear all the endless arguing between Avengers and JL and which is better if they came out at the same time.

JBrotsis on Jul 20, 2013


WB won't have enough time to release this movie in the summer.

Tay on Jul 20, 2013


Well, the word was out that they were developing a MOS sequel before that movie even opened. For all we know, they've been developing this on a script and story level for some time now...and I don't see how a July 2015 release date is out of the realm of possibility. Pre-production this year, production next year, post-production all the way up until release. Doesn't seem insane. I'm sure they have a game-plan if they are bold enough to officially announce it.

Chris Groves on Jul 20, 2013


I have a feeling Batman may be an antagonist to Supes the entire movie... In the background, but not really happening. Then (I think the villain will be someone or something stronger than Lex) when Superman really needs help Batman jumps into help, and tells superman there is always another option. "You should be the best of us, never kill, always find another way." Thus, Batman becomes the mentor (and the only human being that could be one) to Superman.

Josh on Jul 20, 2013



Xerxexx on Jul 20, 2013


Is going to go down like this, both of them will be investigating separately an incident they aint going to like the way each other work and then at the end one of them will save the other, probably batman will save superman and earn each other respect and take down the bad guy

CrazyJoe on Jul 20, 2013


I remember that Snyder publically said that he wanted to make The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel into a movie. Surprised you didn't mention it Ethan as it involves both Superman and Batman clashing in the finale of the book and would probably be the only story that would lure Christian Bale back to dawn the cape .

james smith on Jul 20, 2013


Am I correct in recalling some interview with Bale where he says something along the lines of returning years later to play an aged Bruce in something like the Dark Knight Returns? That happened right? Did I make that up? 😀

Michael Paksima on Jul 20, 2013


Ahh, I see. He was kinda led into that line of thought, rather than suggesting it on his own. Still, who knows? Guess we'll find out. Thanks for the find!

Michael Paksima on Jul 22, 2013


This was only a matter of time. Fans wanted it. They delivered. Great news.

DAVIDPD on Jul 20, 2013



Isildur_of_Numenor on Jul 20, 2013


Well its about time! Just hope this is accurate and not some rumor. These are the two greatest super hero's of all time period! D.C. doesn't need to focus on a justice league movie in order to compete with marvel. They need to focus on bringing Superman and Batman to the big screen together so this is great news!. These two characters have more than enough following to make this movie one of the most lucrative films of all time. This is capable of being an absolute epic film if done right. But in my opinion I think they need to reintroduce batman in his own stand alone movie with a new actor first, since they aren't going to bring back Christian Bale. I've been waiting for this for a long time and I know that I am not alone so I really hope this actually happens! Lets keep our fingers crossed shall we.

batsupe on Jul 20, 2013


It's an awesome idea...but it would be multiple times more awesome of it WAS an already established Batman teaming up with an already established Superman. Even more epic if they made the Man of Steel and Batman/Superman "universe" as a sort of "alternate sequel" to The Dark Knight, ignoring The Dark Knight Rises, and were able to get Christian Bale back on board. That way, on one hand you would have the Nolan trilogy, as it's own thing, and on the other, you would have the version of the 'Universe' where Man of Steel and Batman/Superman happen instead of 'The Dark Knight Rises'.....BUT OH WELL this is still a huge announcement.

Chris Groves on Jul 20, 2013


worst fucking idea ever

andrew on Jul 20, 2013


Just like The Avengers? Right?

Chris Groves on Jul 20, 2013


Not necessarily agreeing with the TDKR never happened idea, but this universe could easily exist during the 8 year hiatus between TDK and TDKR. It could actually be a stroke of genius and save a lot of time reintroducing a character that imo needs no introduction. It could really work...

boby on Jul 21, 2013



David on Jul 20, 2013



si1ver on Jul 20, 2013


Btw, I Am Legend billboard >>>>>>>>>>>>

si1ver on Jul 20, 2013


Everyone wonders how batman escaped an atomic bomb blast with seconds left at the end of Rises? ... Superman saved him. That's how MOS sequel begins.

Drew on Jul 20, 2013


That's debatable but Christopher Nolan has closed the chapter to that story so there is no Superman in that universe. It doesn't make sense for Superman to just show up last minute to save Batman when Gotham City was crying for help for months and why would Bruce Wayne pass on his gadgets along with the suit to Blake knowing there is an alien superhero that he can contact anytime to clean up Gotham whenever it's in trouble? Also, judging by Superman's character from Man Of Steel I don't think he would just sit around and let a city suffer when all he has to do is swoop in and flick the bad guys away with his fingers....

BinaryChaos on Jul 20, 2013


was a bit of a joke. anyways i don't think they care that much about making sense (see most of dark knight rises). and actually it explains why batman "retired". in the sequel a lex controlled brainiac beats superman so batman has to come back and rescue him. and blake turns out to be martian manhunter. oh and right, man of steel doesn't just sit around a let a city suffer. he is much more active (see last 3 hours of MOS where his battle with zod destroys everything and everyone one, except lois and perry).

drew on Jul 20, 2013


No. That's how MOS trilogy ends. The 8 year hiatus between TDK and TDKR is the universe DC needs to make this world happen.

boby on Jul 21, 2013


Not possible. After his girlfriend changed from Katie Holmes into Maggie gyllenhal batman was too depressed to fight crime for at least seven years. Mos trilogy ends with batman boning Lois lane. Superman goes crazy and straightens the leaning tower of Pisa and fills in the Grand Canyon. But then he does it with Wonder Woman. And that's how the justice league is formed. Credits.

Drew on Jul 21, 2013


I know they are going reboot the Joker character. I just hope they dont mess it up.. Heath Ledger Schooled IT!!!

C.j. Irving on Jul 20, 2013


I think we'll get a campier version of the Joker I don't think WB wants to deal with another actor taking the character too seriously resulting with mental issues. I think it's a better idea to bring in Deadshot or Deathstroke that are more at Batman's caliber. I believe Snyder would be more interested in bringing those characters to life since he can make great action scenes with them instead of Joker setting up mouse traps everywhere.

BinaryChaos on Jul 20, 2013


Snyder/Goyers take on Deathstroke would be awesome to see.

Cody W on Jul 20, 2013


This is smart of WB, rather than to trying to speed to do a Justice League film with characters not properly set up. BUT I'd be more excited if Snyder wasn't involved. MAN OF STEEL became a massive showreel of repetitive, boring, badly paced action. The plot simply wasn't good enough. If this is the direction of the series, that's not good.

SV7 on Jul 20, 2013


Did anyone notice that the logos are nothing like the new Superman/Batman franchises? No idea what it means, but it seems odd.

fazha on Jul 20, 2013


They have the same Logo for Superman but they haven't fully come out with a new logo for Batman so they just threw in the batman logo from Dark Knight Returns storyline. It's been confirmed that Bale isn't coming back and they are currently searching for a new guy to take the mantle. I don't think this will be a Batman people expect though since WB wants to do a Batman Beyond character that joins the Justice League and Bruce Wayne ends up being just a consultant so the Batman we are probably going to see is already an established character in Gotham that is passing his prime leaving Terry McGuines to take over when Justice League steps in.

BinaryChaos on Jul 20, 2013


The word that's going around is that the actual team up will take place in Man Of Steel 2. I have a weird feeling that this is where red kryptonite is introduced which alters Superman's personality in being bad for the reason Batman uses the Kryptonite to stop him carrying it around with him from there on forth for when he loses control again.

BinaryChaos on Jul 20, 2013


You mean Gus Gorman's tar-Kryptonite? lol

cobrazombie on Jul 20, 2013


I was excited until I heard who would be in charge of the production. This movie will be trash. Like everything else comic-related that crew touches. Superman is a murderer thanks to Snyder, Nolan & Goyer. Those 3 deserve no part in any future DC film production. It was bad enough that Nolan/Goyer butchered every last aspect of the Batman universe when they gutted the entire comic and took basically nothing but the names of the characters then went haywire re-writing every character persona, background and relationship (Mortal AL Ghul family with no Lazarus Pit, 2 face that is never a villain or anything more than joker's puppet before death, Bane with no Venom, a Catwoman/Batman ongoing relationship that will never be because she already knows who he is, and so on and so forth) until there was literally no similarities between the comic book characters and the film universe's characters other than the names. It was garbage. 1, 2 & 3 all garbage. Then Man of Steel came along and Nolan & team must have asked themselves "how can we possibly butcher this universe any worse than we did to Batman's?". And with Snyder's sick vision, they did it. God damn them, they found a way. They started by ruining the entire Superman-Lois-Clark love triangle before it even began by revealing his identity all of IMMEDIATELY to her. So now what she is just going to cover for him every time he needs to step out? Like a big-screen Chloe to the Smallville version of Clark? Pathetic. What was wrong with the way it was that they needed to throw that huge and integral part of the comic universe out the window? But of course, they can't stop there.. Nope, they need to completely dismember what Superman represents before this movie ends, and how will they do it? By doing the one thing that Superman would never do, of course. They made him a murderer. Not only that, but they re-wrote the ending to make him a murderer. And the scene itself... If he has the power to turn his head.....far enough in the other direction to break it. How does one explain how he didn't have the power to turn he head half that far and not break it? It was a terrible, terrible ending and it was done purely out of spite. To bring down everything that he stands for, and make everyone watch it happen. Slander. And now, as if anyone is surprised, all Nolan's f--ked up Batman universe has done is create the need to re-launch the Batman franchise yet again with a new star as Batman and in a universe NOT segregated from the rest of the DC Universe in a pathetic attempt to be "realistic". Guess that will have to happen with Green Lantern as well since it's clearly in it's own universe and not a cross-over one as everyone among the human race in Man of Steel seemed pretty genuinely shocked by the news of life on other planets at the time superman's existence was discovered. Meaning the whole planet-devouring fear entity from that GL film (also clearly written by a drunk) must have just slipped everyone's mind in light of the discovery of Superman; otherwise it's not recognized in the Man of Steel universe. Nolan made that whole train wreck of a trilogy intentionally segregated from the rest of the DCU for "realism". And that's exactly what he did not ever even remotely accomplish at any point in any of his 3 films, all of which had the same plot. Ra's wants to destroy Gotham. Joker wants to burn Gotham. Talia wants to destroy Gotham. Throw the guy an Oscar already, he discarded countless award-worthy comic book storylines to feed 3 versions of the same plot to mindless audiences who ate it up like it was worth it's weight in anything but dog crap. You know how awesome 2 Face is in the comics? Not the b!tch Nolan made out of him, that's for sure. He must have hatedcomic books to butcher them so badly and do them such injustice. Can't we get a Riddler mystery movie? Maybe a 2 face crime spree themed on the #2? No? Just 3 movies all about burning, terrorizing or destroying Gotham. You can find all the winning elements of a comic in the award winning Batman Arkham Asylum/City video games, so what drugs are these guys in DC's film department on that are making them so entirely and utterly inept when it comes to this simple winning formula that the animation department, video game department, and Marvel all seem to have down to a science at this point? Even that costume, which Bale himself expressed displeasure with working in, was RIDICULOUS. Bale had to mouth-breathe through every single line he wore that thing in, and that's supposed to be his state-of-the-art combat suit? How often in the comics do you see Batman with his mouth hanging open like his nasal passage is out of commission? It's obvious throughout that the man can barely breathe in that get-up. Realism my @ss. He obviously couldn't even touch his feet in that costume much less have the flexibility to believably display a mastery of the martial arts in it. Astronauts in space suits while they are still affected by gravity look and move less awkward than Batman did in his costume in that trilogy. And here we are, finally just getting around to what Marvel was smart enough to figure out wayyyyyyyyy earlier on than this, assembling a cross-over universe from the tattered remains of multiple comic book universes that should have been written (at the very least) with post-credit scenes that hinted towards some bigger picture (like a JL movie) from the DC Film Universe in the first place. Every single one of these movie's was a tragic waste of a worthy comic-book adaptation budget. Watching superman just trading blows with Zod, showing not even the slightest bit of concern or remorse over all his collateral damage or the loss of life he was causing... It's not Superman. The Man of Steel was not Superman anymore than the Catwoman movie was about Selina Kyle, the actual Catwoman. And the same goes for that terrible Nolan Batman Trilogy. Anyone who wastes a moment watching these crap films over the Animated ones DC puts out has no idea what they are missing. How SHOULD Superman be represented? Go watch "Superman vs. The Elite". You want to see a Batman movie with more compelling drama in the opening scene than the entirety of Nolan's trilogy? Watch "Batman: Under the Red Hood". These are the kinds of stories that Nolan and Goyer and Snyder p!ss on in favor of a murderous superman and 3 half-@ssed attempts at anarchy in Gotham with a laughable mouth-breather gasping for air in every scene that called for a fear-inspiring vigilante. You can even skip the wait for this team up movie since the comic they clearly intend to butcher, based on that quote, will be Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, part 1 and 2 of which are already available in an animated format which is inevitably going to be better than however Nolan, Goyer and Snyder hack it up for the big screen. I don't care for Carrie Kelly (Miller's invented robin for his story) in it personally, but it's still a pretty good story in a dramatically different time period than anything else you see Batman in. Except maybe Batman Beyond. It feels just a little earlier in the timeline than that setting. And it seems that through the New 52 that Carrie Kelly may no longer be strictly a creation of Frank Miller, so continuity restored... more or less... Miller's versions are kind of out there from the DC Universe. Not bad though. And the animated Dark Knight Returns 2-parter is pretty darn close to the actual source material too, if only very slightly abridged (it is still 2 full-length movies long). At any rate..Any real comic fan has read enough of the material that made them fall in love with comics in the first place to A) know that Nolan/Goyer/Snyder are doing these heroes a terrible injustice the way they are being represented. And B) write a better film adaptation for these heroes than Nolan, Goyer and Snyder--who are clearly comic-haters at heart--ever could. Nolan himself said he hates robin. And then he added that little slap-in-the-face moment for comic fans at the end with Joseph Gordon Levitt when they revealed his character's name was actually Robin. Someone get that a$$hole away from these film projects already. God my hopes for TDKR were so much higher when JGL was rumored to be Alberto Falcone. That bane was so bad. Freaking insult to the beast that broke the bat in the comics. No better than the meat-headed Bane in the Clooney Batman movie. Just Talia's obedient dog instead of Ivy's. The theme of every DC comic film adaptation from these people is the same. Defamation of character. But Man of Steel....that was a new low for them. Unless a new production crew ends up attached to this project. It's as good as garbage already compared to what it could be and compared to what the animated movies from DC already are.

Absconditus Veritas on Jul 20, 2013


Wow, I applaud your passion but there isn't much you can do about it now what is done is done just like how George Lucas destroyed Darth Vader. Maybe in another 20 or 30 years from now someone will get it right cause the current justice league story they are working up to will have concurrent sequels that will probably come to an end in another 10 to 12 years from now. I don't know why some people are so willing to defend Man of Steel story when if you think about it, it actually made no sense at all. I don't think people are going to realize it until they own the DVD/Bluray and watch it nonstop seeing something is just off with all character's sensibilities especially Zod's. Mind you I'm not comparing it to Donner's film I'm just looking at it as it's own standalone movie.

BinaryChaos on Jul 20, 2013


Ok, keyboard warrior, calm down. Step away from you janky computer and stop spewing trendy hate. Superman's a murderer? Do you know what a murderer is? And if you say its because of the city that got destroyed then you better feel the same way about every one of The Avengers. New York got jacked up. You really think they saved EVERYONE in those crumbling buildings? But, back to the subject at hand. Nolan has done more for Batman than wanna-bes like yourself ever could. He took Batman out of the fanboy cloud and put it down to where the rest of us could get why the character was so loved. He made Batman REAL in a REAL situation. The Joker was actually terrifying, Bane was not a super-ficial character, and Raz was so much more legendary than just coming back to life. So, thank you for your multi-paragraphed, evenly spaced, rant about how you think you should be a critic. I got news for you. Unless you actually make decent arguments and not just fluff accusations and fancy words with equally empty and fancy metaphors THEN you can critique. I say this not to hurt your feelings, but because I am tired of people who just complain just to complain and then puff up their arguments with an unnecessary amount of wordage.

JUSTICE9000 on Jul 20, 2013


The box office collections speak itself...nuff said...why dont you made your very own batman and superman movie, seems like you complain every single detail of tdk trilogy and man of steel, "steven speilberg"???

safichan on Jul 20, 2013



tr4nsfixion on Jul 20, 2013


didn`t Superman killed Zod in the Donner`s version? O__o

Leo on Jul 21, 2013


Tl; dr. What are you 6 years old? Christ. Someone get this guy a tissue.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 21, 2013


Jesus, are you done?! Good! Now go take your ritalin marvel boy!

Such heroic nonsense on Aug 29, 2013


Man of Steel is yet to shown here in Japan. Saw the Movie when i visit Dubai, can`t wait to see it again here ^__^

Leo on Jul 21, 2013


Could work, but I'd like to see Batman as Batman, I don't want to see another Bruce Wayne introduction.

Dearsleazy on Jul 21, 2013


Hope the actor the play batman is the same size as cavill cuz bale is too small

derpface on Jul 21, 2013


This news would be great, if Zack Snyder wasn't directing

clocker910 on Jul 21, 2013


I would hope that Bruce Wayne is working is Lex Luthor at the beginning, to "fix" Metropolis, then he sees that Luthor is really a bad guy and dons the cape and tights to help Superman stop him, or something like that, and that Batman doesn't trust Superman regardless of his side due to him being an alien and because of all the people who died in Man of Steel.

Fidel Reyes on Jul 21, 2013


please we don't want david s. goyer

Ege Sönmez on Jul 21, 2013


I so wish that Shazam and Hawkman would somehow show up and they have a showdown with Sups and Batman at the end...

jah p on Jul 21, 2013

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