Warner Bros. President Says 'Man of Steel' Will Set Tone for Future

April 11, 2013
Source: EW

Man of Steel

The most recent rumor concerning Justice League had pegged Christopher Nolan as being courted to shepherd the ensemble and bring Christian Bale back into the fray as Batman. That seemed like it would destroy the arc the Nolan had created with his film trilogy, and it sounds like Warner Bros. couldn't convince him otherwise if that was indeed their plan. Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov clarified the future of DC Comics properties in conjunction with the new Superman kicking off in the form of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, which is "setting the tone for what the movies are going to be like going forward."

Speaking about the possibility of Nolan moving into Justice League territory, Robinov told EW:

"Nolan's Dark Knight series was deliberately and smartly positioned as a stand-alone. The world the films lived in was very isolated, without any knowledge of other superheroes. What Zack and Chris have done with this film is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.

We’ll announce something in the next several weeks that will hopefully position the DC characters and the movies we’re going to be making."

So there you have it. As for those rumors about the Justice League script being scrapped, we're not sure where development really stands. But that logical story about Warner Bros. waiting for the box office return and reaction to Man of Steel seems like the most accurate portrayal of where the studio's mentality is for the future of Justice League right now. It'll be interesting to see if the potential superhero ensemble gets some seeds planted much like Iron Man kicked off The Avengers. Though some talk from David S. Goyer seems to be on the other side of that fence saying:

“One of the things we dealt with on the Batman films is, Chris [Nolan] dislikes it when you plan something, when you say, ‘I’m going to follow this up in the next film. He’s always said put everything you have into this film and then worry about the next film later. That gives the film its own integrity as opposed to being part of an overall plan. So of course the comic book fans, it’s hard not to think about [crossovers] but I, having done three Batman films and worked in that way, it’s definitely the approach we took with 'Man of Steel.'”

To me, that just means there isn't a direct set up for the plot of the next Man of Steel film, but that doesn't rule out certain hints at the other heroes of Justice League or a set up that there will be other movies for those heroes as well. I suppose we'll just have to wait a few weeks to see what announcement Robinov and the team at Warner Bros. have up their sleeve. At this point, Justice League seems like a mess, an unlikely 2015 release as was once planned, and I just want some glimmer of hope. Thoughts?

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They gonna give Green Lantern another go?

OfficialJab on Apr 11, 2013


I wouldn't be shocked if the first Green Lantern ends up being a bit like the 'Hulk 03' of the DC film universe. Where it's not 100% officially a part of the continuity...but it fits in a sort of 'take it or leave it' kind of way. We could get a Green Lantern 'reboot' that's also a pseudo-sequel(Not an origin story) that keeps some broad stroke associations with the first(Like Sinestro being a villian)....or they could just go straight into Justice League and have vague references to Green Lantern's origins. Just as The Incredible Hulk has an opening that is a very general summary/alternate version of the gist of 'important details' of Banner's origins as the Hulk...and TIH then picks up with him in South America just where we left him at the end of the 03 film...but other than that, doesn't make a point to bend to the 03 film. Just like Superman 1 and 2 were to Superman Returns, or how all of the Evil Dead sequels work. The predecessors serve as 'loose history' but you don't really need to see them to understand the story, and the new films pretty much 'adjust' the canon whenever it serves their story(Returns taking place in modern times despite the originals occurring in the 70s, TIH changing the location and circumstances of Banner's first Hulk-out, Evil Dead 2 changing the look of the cabin pretty heavily as well as Ash's age and never referencing the other characters from the first film) WOW...I rambled...but basically...I wouldn't be shocked to see them sort of 'play it loose' with the continuity if they do another GL film or include him in Justice League. Things will probably be vague enough for people to include or exclude Green Lantern as they see fit, which is a nice 'everybody wins' scenario.

Chris Groves on Apr 11, 2013


I was just in the middle of typing this until I saw your comment. I agree completely!

BigDay on Apr 11, 2013


Great minds must think alike sir!

Chris Groves on Apr 11, 2013


They need to .. but this time it needs to be John Stuart .. not Hal Jordan

John G. on Apr 12, 2013


They'll just accelerate the Batman reboot I guess.. New batman film and then Justice League, maybe a new superhero film in between or another reboot.

DavideCoppola on Apr 11, 2013


Well I was kinda worried about a new Batman, but if Nolan is still working in the DC universe, then I have no doubt it will be a cool batman.

Rain Spider on Apr 11, 2013


I think that the new batman should be like the one in Arkham Asylum, dark and gritty like Nolan's but with more aspects of the comic books in it, so that it can fit the JL universe. Nolan's had comic book references but I mean it was referenced not necessarily a part of his universe.

Fidel Reyes on Apr 11, 2013


Sure, you should never completely plan films with the intend/assumption that you will get to make more...but never planning ahead, never thinking about the future, what might come a little short-sighted. For example, if you are making a trilogy...that's like a giant 3-act film, and like with any 3-act story, you want things set up in act 1 to be paid off in act 2 or 3. That way it doesn't feel like things are just happening for no reason or just popping up out of nowhere. Organic set-ups are important.

Chris Groves on Apr 11, 2013


Nolan and Goyer are aware of that, the first Batman film they did *was* called BEGINS and it did end with the Joker reference. I think what's being said is more about not saving things for later. Not thinking 'we won't burn down Wayne Manor in this movie, we won't reveal Bruce is Batman in this movie to Rachel, don't use Zod now he's too big' and whatnot, thinking that these things should be saved for a sequel or whatever. That's how I read it.

dnwilliams on Apr 12, 2013


Don't rush it take your time with it, do it properly... Don't bring Bale back he was great as Batman but the films are a standalone, try someone new in the role like Joe Manganiello

Guest on Apr 11, 2013


Well said

MikeHezekiah on Apr 11, 2013


I think the fact WB is trying to get Bale back to take part in JLA just goes to show the boys up top are actually quite clueless on what is going on and just don't understand the comic world. Nolan's Batman cannot fit with any future JL project they are planning. The trilogy was intended as a standalone project. But those nitwits at WB would somehow push it to join up with a JL movie. But nolan was adamant not to do that. When it comes down to it, if it was not for the success of The Avengers, we would not be having this conversation. Sorry WB, but you are just a bunch of jumped-up, jump on the band wagon, money grabbing, don't give a stuff about anything but your pockets, nitwits. Plan of action? Develop the new Superman with Cavill. Take your time to cast a new Batman in the mean time and reboot the franchise. Release a World's Finest movie. Done. If that is successful then you move on to phase 2 which is to bring in the others like Flash, Diana, Aqua man (If you must), and Jordan or Stuart for Lantern (just pretend the Ryan Reynolds movie does not exist). Those characters can be released after Worlds finest and before the actual JL movie. Why are you making it so complicated for yourselves. Don't get so drawn in to the quantity of characters like The Avengers. Its about the quality and a Batman Superman movie always sells. You should know this as you've been selling it to us for years. We all want to see a JL movie badly but you are jumping way, way ahead of yourselves.

DarthCoconut on Apr 11, 2013


You had at me at your first sentence.

lewinston on Apr 11, 2013


And can I get a "Hallelujah"!?

Fidel Reyes on Apr 11, 2013


I hope you dont mind but I posted that on the WB DC comics forum. Your opinion should be heard. All praise DarthCoconut!! LOL

timnimbus on Apr 12, 2013


Great, great, great, great comment My only addition which I don't want to come off as an "argument" to your post since it is so great, is that believe it or not, there is the potential to work in the Nolan/Bale universe. Bale and Nolan set up Batman to be such a "cynic" and believer that he is the only one to be the arbiter of justice (the line of "one man's tool is another man's weapon" is the perfect example of this). Yes he believes that Batman was to be a symbol, he continually pointed out that it was his job to make that he judged what the "symbol" had to be until he trusted Selina and John to assist him in the end. Bring this all forward to the introduction of the Justice League .. remeber although Batman was one of the founding members, he did so with only one purpose .. to be among these "super humans" in case they got out of control. This was so perfectly used in the WB animated Justice League and even in Batman Beyond. Then bring in the comic book aspect of Batman's file on every member of the Justice League as well as their "weakness" would set the line up perfect to even bring him into the "fantastical" world of JL and then graciously bow out since he winds up doing that anyway simply because of his concern only for Gotham in the grand scheme of things. Which then leads to the plot line and villain for a Justice League movie .. no need for a Darkseid or "alien attack" .. simply use Vandal Savage, the one villain with enough "sinister " motive to fill and entire movie and completely introduce the aspect that while Batman wants to be alone, he knows the "super humans" are necessary, just not in his backyard.

John G. on Apr 12, 2013


Ethan is right, this is just one big ol' mess!! I think WB is watching everything Marvel is doing very closely...

jah p on Apr 11, 2013


There is no reason Bale can't play Batman again. If Gotham called, Batman would return. If the world needs the greatest detective, he'll answer the call. Duh. Having Bale play Batman would be awesome. Maybe Batman got Robin because he was getting old. Maybe Batman joins the JLA because he's getting old and 'to keep an eye on them'.

duh on Apr 11, 2013


As evidenced through Batman Beyond .. the most proven point is that the world "will always need Batman" (Amanda Waller) .. it doesn't necessarily always need Bruce Wayne.

John G. on Apr 12, 2013


These new photos of Superman are not selling me on it. I smell a Green Lantern on our hands.

SDCC2010 on Apr 12, 2013


Neither Nolan, Goyer, nor Snyder get these characters based on their body of work. They should NOT be allowed to decide on the fate of these films. I heard that Nolan killed a World's Finest cartoon developed by Batman Brave and the Bold creator because he said Batman and Superman should never exist in the same world. Ridiculous. His Batman films are severely flawed. In addition, Nolan has no respect for the CG artists he refers to as "VFX monkeys". No respect. I will refrain from watching Man Of Steel. And I did not forget the debacle that is Green Lantern.

Monkey on Apr 12, 2013


Of course a WB stooge would say that. But as a fan of Zack Snyder, I'm still looking forward to the movie.

$126191 on Apr 12, 2013

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