Watch: Animated Open Letter to J.J. Abrams About New 'Star Wars'

September 26, 2013
Source: io9

Star Wars

Right now there are talks about director J.J. Abrams potentially shooting Star Wars: Episode VII on IMAX film stock a growing trend with some of the right directors working today. If there's one thing we're not worried about when it comes to the sci-fi sequel, it's how it will look. Abrams has proven time and time again that he knows how to shoot an incredible film. But plenty of fans are still concerned about the story, and while many feel like they have to aggressively petition to get Abrams to do what they want in rants online, a creative agency employee and former production assistant from Mission: Impossible III has created an animated open letter with "four simple rules" for Abrams to follow to make Episode VII work.

Here's the animated open letter to J.J. Abrams about Star Wars: Episode VII originally via io9:

Prescott Harvey, who works at Sincerely, Truman, put this together and he says, "Like so many people, I've spent most of my recent years wondering why the original Star Wars trilogy was so awesome, and the new movies were so terrible. What are the factors that make Star Wars, Star Wars? I took an empirical approach, determining what elements were in the original movies that differed from the prequels."

He continues saying: "My first major epiphany was that, in the originals, the characters are always outside somewhere very remote. The environment and the wildlife are as much a threat as the empire. All three movies had this bushwacky, exploratory feel. Contrast that with the prequels, where the characters are often in cities, or in the galactic senate. In order for Star Wars to feel like a true adventure, the setting has to be the frontier, and this became my first rule. After that I started brainstorming with friends, and reading online opinions. Gradually a script took shape." It's not a bad set of rules, but it's probably a little late, so maybe we should let Abrams do his job and see what happens.

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Reader Feedback - 33 Comments


Agreed with everything. I liked JJ's Star Trek, but I'm hoping for a much different tone in his Star Wars. Harvey makes some very good and important distinctions between the original trilogy and the bad one.

Elbak on Sep 26, 2013


I'm really, really glad that at least J. J. Abrams is in the reigns. His Star Trek movies are extremely well done in both storytelling and world building (and all the cinematography, visual effects etc etc). Not only that, he's a film guy, he's a practical effects guy, he's a character driven guy. I think he's the perfect guy for the job so long as Disney don't mess it up for him.

Nick Bedford on Sep 26, 2013


I loved this. So simple and absolutely true. I want to like Star Wars again, before the originals were completely screwed with and the prequels destroyed my care for the franchise. I want it to be exciting like when I was my sons age 30 years ago. He deserves the same fun movies I grew up with.

Mark on Sep 26, 2013


That's great! Clearly don't have to remind JJ Abrams about mystery tho haha excellent vid

Nick Sears on Sep 26, 2013


Nice. I'll say a little bit of Knight of the Old Republic and Force's Unleashed with this nice fan made Anime. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tBM2ZfncoU

Rich Hill on Sep 26, 2013


I liked the prequels too, but I would have liked them more if they'd had some of the elements of the first series, like the exploratory nature, and obviously the practical effects.

OfficialJab on Sep 26, 2013


They should let this kid direct it. Awesome.

Trey Wilson on Sep 26, 2013


That was 100% spot on and fantastic.

Aj Meadows on Sep 26, 2013


Meh... Ok points (except #1 IMO), but what they really are saying is "MAKE IT LIKE THE OLD TRILOGY". While it can be used as a template, it should not be done slavishly. They should push boundaries, do something unexpected. While I love Han Solo, I don't want to see clones of that character.

HyperJ on Sep 26, 2013


I actually think this vid demonstrates a pretty narrow-minded view of the Star Wars universe. It's never been a straight Western, unless you're conveniently ignoring the Luke/Vader saga, which is quite Shakespearean in structure. This is a space opera, first and foremost. Besides that, it seems to me that the Star Wars universe is big enough to contain all types and flavors of stories. There's no need to limit it so much. Also, if you're trying to tell me that Jawas, Ewoks, and R2-D2 don't qualify as "cute," I'm not sure which version of the original trilogy you've been watching... Star Wars has always been for all ages. Eh, I just think if we're giving advice for a new Star Wars trilogy, there are much more relevant and important points to dwell on. (e.g. Obviously the ship/world design is going to logically follow from IV–VI's "old" look, so why even bring that up?)

Ali Miller on Sep 26, 2013


On the top of my head I`m thinking: Telling JJ Abrams how to do his job is pretty weird.

Error_Sapiens on Sep 26, 2013


why? last i checked...he ain't an Oscar calibre director

Have Hope on Sep 27, 2013


Most of winners are boring

Бабак on Sep 27, 2013


Now.. and by that you mean that the audience should help him achive that, by telling him what to do? Or do you think that all Oscar winners make great movies? It´s weird because last I checked, the man made som pretty smart and interesting movies, with clever ideas and nice production design. Cloverfield, Star Trek, Super 8, MI:3. He understands how to really entertain an audiene in cinemas.And most important, he has proved with both star trek and Super 8, that he understands the work of other creators. It`s not BIG art like the artist, Dancing with wolves or other Oscar winners, but Star wars isnt Oscar material either, so that looks pretty correct in my eyes. So yeah, I think it`s weird.

Error_Sapiens on Sep 28, 2013


I am more afraid of what Disney will do to Abrams...

dawko on Sep 27, 2013


Some of my fears since John Carter and this years Lone Ranger. Disney tries to make all this movies child proof, and they end up silly, when they should be more serious and mature.

Armitall on Sep 27, 2013


If only directors had the guts to do whatever they want, like Cuaron...there needs to be balance just like in the first Pirates movie which I still love

dawko on Sep 28, 2013


Star Wars is in way better hands with Disney!

Jimmy Love on Sep 29, 2013


I yearn for the day when star wars ceases to birth so much dbaggery.

eph oph on Sep 27, 2013


Step 1: Fire your current writers.

Dan Hibiki on Sep 27, 2013


Great ideas but Abrams is Born To Do It

Бабак on Sep 27, 2013


i first must make jj abrahams a compliment by taking such a big risk,because he has onley to lose his reputation! Second:JJ abrahams isn"t spielberg or Lucas and the quality of films he made isn"t of that caliber you can say:it will work. If they don"t folow the story line that Lucas intented it should be, it will bomb at the boxoffice for sure! If you don"t believe me watch super 8,it"s says enough!

Avi on Sep 27, 2013


Super 8 was fantastic.

Aaron Burns on Sep 27, 2013


uhmmm! nope!

Avi on Sep 27, 2013


Well ultimately were both correct since it's subjective, but in my opinion it did what it set out to do. Make an homage to the classic 80's Spielberg films, I found it to be hilarious and exciting. And I thought the characters were relatable. Soooo... Yea. And the production value was high quality.

Aaron Burns on Sep 27, 2013


The last 2 Star Trek movies were the best Star Wars movies since The Empire Strikes Back so I'm not worried

Richie G on Sep 27, 2013



cobrazombie on Sep 28, 2013


Nope x 2.

97point6 on Sep 28, 2013


Amen x 4!

Jason on Sep 27, 2013


But what about midichloreans! The senate!! Gungans??

TheOct8pus on Sep 27, 2013


the nerds need not worry about the dam story, if they had it they're way it would be that stupid ass Heir to the Empire crap. Abrams will do it right.

jjjbgggt on Sep 27, 2013


Star wars wasn't "cute" until they realized how much money was being made in merchandising; hence the ewoks. Wasn't that part of the story supposed to happen where Chewie lived, then they changed it because kids wanted cute cuddly things. I get it movies are made to make money, but when that's your driver quality generally suffers.

R3last on Sep 27, 2013


That was very well done. It made me nostalgic for the old Trilogy and reminded of some of the things I love about them so much (in the their original releases).

cobrazombie on Sep 28, 2013

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