Watch: Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah' Gets Another International Trailer

November 30, 2013
Source: YouTube

Noah International Trailer

"I'm not alone." Paramount has unveiled yet another brand new international trailer for Darren Aronofsky's Biblical epic Noah to compliment the international trailer that came with the debut of the first theatrical trailer. Russell Crowe stars as Noah in the classic story of Noah's Ark, also featuring Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson and Logan Lerman in the cast. There's a few bits of new footage in this, but most more of the same gritty action and dialogue from the first two trailers. Nonetheless, as a huge Aronofsky fan I am very excited to see this. I'm hoping it lives up to high expectations. We'll find out soon.

Here's the second international trailer for Darren Aronofsky's Noah, found on YouTube (via SlashFilm):

In Darren Aronofsky's take on the Biblical tale, Noah (Russell Crowe) suffers visions of an apocalyptic deluge, and takes measures to protect his family from the coming flood. Paramount/New Regency are behind the project, being produced by Aronofsky & Protozoa Pictures partner Scott Franklin with Mary Parent. Darren Aronofsky & Ari Handel wrote the script, with a revision by John Logan before production. The cast includes Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins. At this moment, Paramount Pictures has Noah scheduled for release starting March 28th next year. Watch the first trailers.

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If I manage to forget all the christianity, and take it only as a movie. I may even like this.

ProjectionistHP on Nov 30, 2013


Even if some people take it as a "true story" that's their prerogative, their Faith. Try being less of an intolarable bigot.

Richard Abella on Nov 30, 2013


Sorry if ofended you or anyone else. Just meant that I have to try think it like it would be any other fictional story, for my opinion. Everyone has theyr right to believe what thay want. Guilty of forming my words like a dueche, sorry

ProjectionistHP on Nov 30, 2013


No need to apoligize for not being into this bible stuff! Don't forget that you yourself are also entitled to have an opinion. Having an opinion doesn't make you an "intolarable bigot".

Nash on Nov 30, 2013


Let me help you then "forget" the Christianity. This is Old Testament, which predates Jesus, so this isn't Christianity. 😉

Quanah on Nov 30, 2013


The fact that the story is dealing with stuff before Christ doesn't mean it's not "Christianity". I suppose this story wasn't written by muslims or hindus to explain their faith?

Nash on Nov 30, 2013


Christianity in itself is the study of the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Old Testament, although speaks of the prophecy in which a messiah will come, is also known as the Torah, which is Judaism, not Christianity. So. you're correct and incorrect. If you're a Christian, you can see the story of Noah as an Old Testament story. If you follow Judaism, you would not see this as a Christian story. Noah also appears in the Quran (written as Nüh). Now Aronofsky was raised by conservative Jewish parents but admits to not being particularly spiritual even though he and his family celebrated all the Jewish holidays and he has great respect for his people and where he came from. So, in that, you might say this take is more on the non-Christian take, which is more focused on the Torah. Have a good day.

Quanah on Nov 30, 2013


Wow, thanks. By the way, even for an atheist like myself, the story, although told a million times, still has magic in it. There have always been and will always be those who see things coming and are ridiculed or even attacked for it. But when the day comes...

Nash on Dec 1, 2013


NP. There are two things I read a lot about for personal enjoyment and interests: film-making and religion. This film looks incredible.

Quanah on Dec 1, 2013


I second that. I see great visuals and a possibly iconic performance of Russel Crowe...

Nash on Dec 1, 2013


This looks so damn good.

Nielsen700 on Nov 30, 2013


I see some people complain about How could a ship carry on pair animals and they don't eat eachother!! BAD IDEA DUDES Look to the our world. I think in some places you find those animals beside eachothers. Animals in Human Skins. Animals who dont eat eachother because they are in turbulent sea that i called it : THE WOLD I'm not skeptical but i think every fantastic story have some related virtual. Some Stories Never Get Boring. Some Stories MUST Be Told even the logic lost. This is biblical story , angelical story , pure thoughtful story about GREAT HUMAN. About RAGE , GOD , FAITH , HOPE , EFFORT , SACRIFICE ... What could be want more than this? Don't let your mind conquers your HEART. We need Spirituality as we need water and food. Even if Laws of Your Logical World cant tolerate this. If you love cinema , you know what i'm talking about. Beside of the all faults , i think this is ETERNAL STORY and i think Aronofsky want tell some untold words about this ancient magical period. Dark Clouds Gathering ,Rain Falls , Flood Destroys and mr.Aronofsky want to play with minds and hearts again.

Ehsan Davodi on Nov 30, 2013


good exemption

Quynh Truong on Nov 30, 2013


Crystal clear from beginning to end.

Nash on Nov 30, 2013


Saw this film last year, it was great. It was called "Take Shelter". Nofsky's career began with cheap imitation and ends with inflated imitation. Except there seems no end in sight as long as no one notices his schtik.

S freud on Nov 30, 2013


Please be good.

DAVIDPD on Dec 1, 2013


This movie should be re-titled : Noah "The Original Mutha-Effing" Doomsday Prepper

bogg on Dec 1, 2013


'Man corrupted this world and filled it with violence. So we must be destroyed' Good to see things have changed in 3500 years and we're all highfiving each other in happiness and unity. Old Testament madness aside, this looks fun.

Carpola on Dec 1, 2013

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