Watch: Ben Stiller's Hilarious 'Die Hard 12' Spoof from His 1992 Show

February 14, 2013
Source: MTV

Die Hard 12

"How can the same thing happen to the same guy so many times?" As we celebrate the release of A Good Day to Die Hard today (read Jeremy and Ethan's opposing reviews), it's also the perfect occasion to look back in time to 1992, when "The Ben Stiller Show" was airing on Fox. Though it was cancelled after just one season, the creative team had time to put together a hilarious spoof of the Die Hard series that I think is more enjoyable than John Moore's latest sequel. MTV points us to the video, which stars Stiller as John McClane and has appearances from Bob Odenkirk, Andy Dick, Janeane Garofalo, and more. Watch!

Here's the sketch for Die Hard 12: Die Hungry, originally via MTV Movies Blog:

Stiller does a killer impression of Willis, and I'd honestly prefer to see an entire movie like this instead of watching A Good Day to Die Hard again. Remember, Die Hard with a Vengeance hadn't even come out yet, so the confined location, funny one-liners, and crazy action beats - stuffing a grenade into an orange?! - all felt like a natural extension of the series at the time. While a grocery store setting may seem ridiculous for an action movie, but Sylvester Stallone had an entire action sequence in a similar location in 1986's Cobra, while more recent fare like Hot Fuzz and Zombieland proved there are comedic possibilities among the aisles as well. Kudos to Stiller and his show's writing staff for this blast from the 90s past. Funny stuff?

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Akira Money ♕ on Feb 14, 2013


Moderately funny but from 2:29 on it did pull some big laughs out of me. Those shifty eyes. Ha!

RidgeRacer4 on Feb 14, 2013


Jumping off the roof with the groceries and all the food blowing up around him lmao

Nick Sears on Feb 14, 2013


Pretty good. Love Bob Odenkirk.

grimjob on Feb 14, 2013



Carpola on Feb 15, 2013



M.I.T.N.G on Feb 15, 2013



A5J4DX on Feb 17, 2013


Taylor Negrón is a seriously underrated bad-character actor. That is, he plays bad people well. Really, really well- so well, in fact, people think he's a bad actor. This is not so, he's a great actor, acting badly- which is what he's being paid to do. It's merely the fault of casting directors that previously saw him in Eddie Murphy movies that he doesn't get better parts. Yes, for having worked with Eddie Murphy his Oscar remains unclaimed as yet. For proof of my point I can direct attention to subsequent movies where Eddie Murphy had to play multiple parts, in and out of costume and special effects

The Actor's Studio on Feb 24, 2013


Bruce Willis should work with Hungarians more often. Eventually he will be given the reins of a horse too large, too wild, and gloriously beautiful that it's given name in Hungarian sounds like what a woman says when finally discovering a competent and thorough lover, and means something like 'Thunder', 'Lighting', or 'Lottery'. This horse will probably maim or kill any one who attempts to actually ride it, just like Christopher Reeve was broken by a beast such as this. It's only fair, we need to see Bruce Willis attack chechen rebel terrorist at their nightclub while wheeling them into the

The Actor's Studio on Feb 24, 2013


Bruce Willis needs to attack the Chechen rebels in their nightclub after being angered that their restroom is not HandiAble-Person-Acessible by running them over with his wheelchair/urban assault vehicle in his next movie, "Die, You Non Fully- Accesible Public Convienence Owning Proprietor!". - the actors studio

The Actor's Studio on Feb 24, 2013

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