Watch: 'Blade Runner'-Esque 'Thousandth Street' Sci-Fi Short Film

July 25, 2013

Thousandth Street

Another stand out futuristic sci-fi short film to feature today, this one called Thousandth Street, that definitely has a Blade Runner-esque vibe to it. The six minute short is a creation of four filmmakers from the ArtFX school in France, and introduces us to a police officer (with glowing eyes that must indicate he's a robot/android) on routine patrol. I love the style, I love how much of the story is conveyed through visuals and without any actual dialogue, I love the visual effects and overall look of it. I want to see an entire movie set in this world with these kind of characters (which I'm sure is the intention behind this anyway). Enjoy!

Original synopsis for Thousandth Street from Vimeo: The break of a police officer on patrol is suddenly interrupted by an unexpected event which he
will have to face… The credits for Thousandth Street list four directors (réalisateurs): Alexis Amant, Jérémy Nguyen, Ghali Ouazzany and Maxime Servoise. The music is by Perturbator. The visual effects and other work was done by the four directors at ArtFX, "l'école des effets spéciaux et du cinéma d'animation 3D" or the "school [for] special effects and 3D animation" located in France. For more info on the short film visit their Facebook. This was entertaining. Thoughts?

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Johnny Neat on Jul 25, 2013


Best part was the 80's throwback soundtrack and credits. Really loved that.

ListenToVinyl on Jul 25, 2013


I just assumed the glowing eyes were some HUD contacts he was wearing, but I could be wrong. Was there anything else that indicated he may have been an android?

Phillip Gockel on Jul 25, 2013


not contacts. a direct digital link from the cable he pulled from the connection in the back of his neck. sorta like this

gojo on Jul 25, 2013


Wow...finally an indie film I loved...awesome stuff

Geoff on Jul 25, 2013


What was the story again? I honestly did not get it. It was kinda flat... in a way. But they beautifully recaptured all the great moments form BR sure with the city skope, rain... some nice tech designs, but that was it.

AJ on Jul 25, 2013


There's always the one guy who doesn't get it. "I looked at my child's finger painting and I just didn't get it...why blue instead of red? Two stick figures...that's been done before. Waste of my time"

Geoff on Jul 25, 2013


All I am saying is I had some minor issues with it. In my opinion it did not convey its intent well enough. So the story is supposed to be following a police officer (who is an android) on a brake immersed into a video,when all the sudden a body falls on to his car. The AI in the vehicle is pusshing him out to investigate but he is like what ever and it is a bit bland. It does not come across very convincing. Also, if he is an android why does he eat a burger, but beside the point. He finaly gets out and investigates. Which brings me to the second question. If he is a robot why does he need the hologram surrounding him, this could all very well happen inside his procesor, except for the viewer to see the cool tech. After that, all the sudden on the door another person appears, looking suspicius. He just pools the gun on him whithout making himself known. There is nothing like "I am officer D12-04. State your bussines..." Or " Keep your hands where I can see them!" Instead of this he just shoots him. I understand they did not want to include any dialog, but it does not get a cross that well. I did like how he called it in, or at least I think that is what he did when he touched his ear whitout speaking (could be another indication that he is an android). I did like the concept and the visuals and would love to see a full movie of it.

AJ on Jul 26, 2013


Directed by four people? Impressive VFX!

axalon on Jul 25, 2013


I just found more stuff here, it's really nice..

Kjames on Jul 25, 2013


This could have been a cut-scene in something like Cyberpunk 2077, awesome stuff. But.....some lense choices were poor, but these guys ain't pro's yet. Shortfilms are there to pick and probe, this one did well =) He's not an android. Those contacts he's using? They sort of exist, look it up, maybe i09 has info on them. Next step in Google Glass, some are saying.

Lars on Jul 26, 2013

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