Watch: Cool Fanmade 'Batman vs. Terminator' Animated Film Trailer

August 7, 2013
Source: Film School Rejects

Batman vs The Terminator

Sure, the sequel to Man of Steel might feature The Big Blue Boy Scout facing off against Batman in some capacity, with director Zack Snyder back in the director's chair. But how about we see The Dark Knight taking on another intimidating and unexpected enemy? That's exactly what animator Mitchell Hammond has done with an animated short simply called Batman vs. The Terminator. Right now the project has only unveiled a trailer, but supposedly an entire short film is coming later this year. As you'll see, it's 2029, and Batman has found himself in the future after Judgment Day and has to take on a bunch of T-800's.

Here's the animated short trailer Batman vs. The Terminator, found via Film School Rejects:

Batman vs The Terminator is a short by Mitchell Hammond. We're not sure if that's a modified Batmobile or just an armored vehicle he found on the battlefield, but Batman clearly means business as he attempts to help the humans survive this robot uprising. In an interesting turn, it seems only appropriate that Batman would end up fighting The Terminator since Christian Bale played the Caped Crusader and an older John Connor in Terminator Salvation. There's some cool animation and action in this trailer, and we'll be sure to post the full film once it's ready. After all, it's as close as we'll get to seeing the Dark Knight take on Skynet.

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Sorry but this sucked.

mrjzn on Aug 7, 2013


Then go ahead and make something better than it. Let's see if it's gets posted here too.

Charlie Hard on Aug 7, 2013


In a weird way I liked it.

N. on Aug 7, 2013


Boring trailer, neat idea.

Brian Sleider on Aug 7, 2013


It's cool, but the sound was terrible. It needed sound effects like the guns, explosions and the lasers, the robot ships and tanks and the like. I found myself zoning out every few seconds but if I turned the sound off I could really enjoy it. Some of the animation reminded me of that cool Batman series that used to be on. Music was okay except for the main DUDU DU DUDU. It feels like it wasn't spaced out enough, like it was du du du du du instead of dudu du dudu

Indiana Joe on Aug 7, 2013


This looks great! The animation is really awesome! But like Indiana Joe said, it would have been better with sound effects.

Moutchy on Aug 7, 2013


It'd be good to see Mitchell Hammond do something that wasn't Batman or Terminator. It's a good way to get noticed, but often I feel like these animations are like cover versions of someone elses work.

Carpola on Aug 7, 2013


Screw all this dark post-apocalyptic stuff. Bring back G-rated musical comedies!

Whoops! on Aug 7, 2013


Idk why all these folks have to be trolling this piece. The guy took two franchises (ones that are probably favorites of his) and brought them together in a way he obviously thought was cool, in the best way he knew how! And the music set the tone of the trailer! No other sound effects are needed! It's about the ambiance and atmosphere, guys! If you trolls think you can do better, put up or shut up! I myself appreciate a solid idea, and awesome execution. I hope Mitchell Hammond doesn't listen to the negativity and keeps making awesome animations like this, cause I enjoyed the bejesus out of it.

RAW_D on Aug 7, 2013


I think all it needs is some text to explain how the superheroes were taken out of the picture. Like the reason Bruce is still alive after a nuclear holocaust. Super Man stuffs Bruce in a bomb shelter while saying something like "if I can't stop this the world will need Batman".

Christian Luis Rivera on Aug 7, 2013


Did I just batman straight up murder some resistance fighters or were those t800s?

Cody W on Aug 7, 2013



Cody W on Aug 7, 2013


Did I just watch Snake get run over by a robot? That fucking didn't happen. What is a bunch of Skynet bots to the guy who can take down one metal gear after the other.

JL on Aug 7, 2013


it's not snake. It's an homage to snake who on the cover of the original game was modeled after Michael Biehn in The Terminator. Take a look on google.

Kento on Aug 8, 2013


No kidding? I thought snake was modeled after Kurt Russel's Snake in the Escape movies. Or did they just mix that in later? I never played the NES games, just PSOne onward. I'll check it out like you said.

JL on Aug 9, 2013


Batmobile vs HK's? Holy hell I'm into this!

grimjob on Aug 7, 2013


good potential, needs more Batman

Ross on Aug 8, 2013


This was cool! The idea to take two 1980's pieces -- both that undeniably had a great effect on their media -- and put them together like this was brilliant! I, and most other people, would have had the T-800's travel to young Batman's/our time. By making this about DKR Batman, he could set this in Skynet's heyday. My one complaint? Too short!

Batfan1939 on Aug 10, 2013

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