Watch: Cool Visual Effects Breakdown of 'Iron Man 3' Helmet HUD

May 29, 2013
Source: Gizmodo

Iron Man 3

Earlier this month some cool visual effects deconstructions from Iron Man 3 showed how intricate and artificial some of the scenes in the film were, even revealing effects where it appeared there weren't any (which is the idea). Now a cool new featurette focuses on the heads-up display that we see inside the Iron Man helmet. Most of the time, the cuts are so brief it's hard to soak in all the details that Tony Stark sees inside his helmet when communicating with Jarvis about his suit and systems. It just goes to show you how much time, manpower and detail goes into the visual effects that may be taken for granted. Watch below!

Here's the Iron Man 3 HUD + GFX Process Reel, originally from John Likens (via Gizmodo):

Motion designer and art director John Likens posted this video on the HUD created by Cantina Creative, and generated and rendered from CINEMA 4D. Likens says, " Marvel tasked us with designing all the elaborate 3D head-up displays (HUDs) – a virtual graphical interface that Iron Man sees from within the helmet environment of his armored suits that communicate essential data and statistics ranging from his physical condition to weapon and navigational diagnostics – While putting strong emphasis on the new ultra-high-tech Mark 42 suit, we also delivered upgraded HUDs to match the new suits seen in the film."

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Nick Sears on May 29, 2013


Amazing work on this film. Top notch vfx and gfx.

Linkfx on May 29, 2013


So the script sucked but it looked good? Way to rate a movie.

mistermysteryguest on May 31, 2013


Did I say anywhere that I thought the script sucked?? To the contrary, I thought every element of the film was great...but this article was regarding the gfx and vfx so i was merely commenting on that. Not that pesky things like that matter to a troll! Iron Man Three rocked!

Linkfx on May 31, 2013


Cinema 4d!! Forever

tofo on May 29, 2013


the poor man's effects package from the look of it.

Dan Hibiki on May 30, 2013


gets the job done 😉

tofo on May 30, 2013


Meh. Wasn't that great in this film.

Sean Cushing on May 29, 2013


OH wow, I didn't realize how cheap these HUD fx look in this Iron Man film. Thanks for showing it in all it's mediocre glory.

Conrad on May 29, 2013


Yeah agreed. Even tho I didn;t like Oblivion, it's GUI and heads up designs were better.

Sascha Dikiciyan on May 29, 2013


yeah they cheaped out on not hiring Bradley Munkowitz AKA the guy who do every UI in movies these days. The disparity in quality is certainly showing.

Dan Hibiki on May 30, 2013


I didn't notice it until this breakdown how literal and unimaginative the Iron Man HUD were in this film. The first film was great. Fresh and new. Why change it and take a big step down. Marvel execs please don't let your quality slip.

Ticketmaster on May 30, 2013


I recently re-watched the first movie. So much better than either of the sequels. Most of it comes not from flashy CG but a GOOD SCRIPT.

mistermysteryguest on May 31, 2013


Oh god I'm like just so pissed that the movie didn't go the way I wanted it to go that I have to say this looks like some crappy vfx, grow up.

Jimmy Love on May 30, 2013

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