Watch: Dinosaurs, Vikings, Guns & More in 'Sin City' Style 'Kung Fury'

December 27, 2013
Source: Kickstarter

Kung Fury

If the Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse (or the feature-length Machete inspired by the film) wasn't enough craziness on the big screen for your liking, then we have a new project for you to check out. Kung Fury a film inspired by the 80s, and shot much like Robert Rodriguez's adaptation of Sin City. During an unfortunate series of events, a friend of renegade cop Kung Fury is assasinated by the most dangerous kung fu master criminal of all time: Adolf Hitler, the Kung Führer. So Kung Fury decides to travel back in time, to Nazi Germany, in order to kill Hitler and end the Nazi empire once and for all. But the craziness doesn't end there as Vikings, guns, dinosaurs and mutants share the screen too. Watch now!

Here's the trailer for David Sandberg's Kung Fury from Kickstarter (via SlashFilm):

If that looks like something you'd want to see, this next part is very important. After quitting his job and investing everything he has into making this film, director David Sandberg is all out of cash, and he needs help to finish his passion project. As of now, the film has $115,441 pledged of their $200,000 goal, and they have 28 days left to meet that. Here's what a press release for the film says:

Even tough the film takes place in 1980s Miami, the whole film has been shot in Sweden and Norway. David Sandberg started this project over a year ago. Driven by a strong will, love for the 80s and action movies to create a unique movie. He took $5000 of his own money that he put it into the project and started shooting whenever he and his friends had time.

And here's some images from behind the scenes so you can see how this craziness comes together:

Kung Fury

Kung Fury

Kung Fury

As you can see, Sandberg has been shooting against a green screen pretty much all the time. Initially, the director was doing all of the visual effects himself, but his friends and an intern have jumped on board to help in that department, and Academy Award nominated producer Mathias Fjellström is also involved with the film now. If the Kickstarter works, the 30-minute film will be made available online for free in 6 months, and he hopes it will lead to a feature film version. You can check out more information at the film's Kickstarter page, and SlashFilm has some more cool behind the scenes photos as well. Interested at all?

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This looks like shit OH MY HELL POWER GLOVE. #backing

Nick Perkins on Dec 27, 2013


This is awesome in all the wrong ways...

Primo on Dec 27, 2013


Looks a failed Freddiew video...

Xerxexx on Dec 27, 2013


Probably the best thing I've watched with my eyeballs all year.

Carpola on Dec 27, 2013


Watch the Space Stallions trailer, that's right up there too.

Ry on Dec 29, 2013


That was decent, so much crotch action!

Carpola on Dec 30, 2013


It's a work of art. Power of the horse! FULL FORCE!

Ry on Dec 30, 2013


At least it's not Nolan, blah blah...

Nash on Dec 27, 2013


This costs $200,000? Yikes- looks like they're making it in front of a green sheet in someone's basement

Hiiiiieh on Dec 27, 2013


It's supposed to look like that, it's trying to looks like a cheap 80's movies

steve on Jan 12, 2014


I think the best thing about this is the "kung führer" joke. But al the rest was pretty crappy. Bad acting, bad CGI, full of clichés, etcetera.

Nash on Dec 27, 2013


That's the point.

grimjob on Dec 27, 2013


Then I think they failed. Making crappy movies as a statement only works if they show between the lines that they are actually good moviemakers by making clear that the crappy CGI and bad acting serve some purpose or are part of a good joke. Rodriguez shows how that is done with Machete, Planet Terror, Grindhouse and the lot. This, this just looks like a crappy movie without the craftmanship of Rodriguez.

Nash on Dec 27, 2013


calm down u fukin nerd lmfao

yayayaya on Dec 28, 2013


Hi Charlie, trying a new Nickname?

Nash on Dec 28, 2013


You fail to realize this guy used his own money. The movies you mentioned had a bugdet of over $50 million. This guy spent all his, and is now asking for $200,000.00, which as of now has already been met, and a reach goal of $1 million for a theatrical release, which won't make it past a few hundred theaters. To top it off, it's going to be free online. It's a passion project, not a blockbuster attempt.

Morvidus on Dec 28, 2013


Nope, I don't fail to realize that. It's pretty obvious that this is a passion project since it's on Kickstarter and all. It's all mentioned above and anyone who comments here will understand that. But the fact that it is going to be shot for 200K doesn't explain bad acting and doesn't mean the CGI is not crappy. Please understand that I myself by no means are capable of making such a trailer. This is much better than the real crap I ever made myself. Nonetheless, from what I see in this trailer, it looks like any other trailer with a 200K budget. The Kung Führer joke is not enough for me to think this is going to be worth watching or investing my money in.

Nash on Dec 28, 2013


It's a throwback to the '80s. Much CGI in the '80s...

Morvidus on Dec 28, 2013


The '80's? Like in Vikings, Dinosaurs and Adolf Hitler?

Nash on Dec 28, 2013


Exactly. Total '80s there.

Morvidus on Dec 29, 2013


It looks better than 97% of hollywood movies made this year.

Carpola on Dec 28, 2013


Not sure if a can agree with that. We saw some impressive CGI this year. The Hobbit was OK. Elysium looked decent. Gravity was amazing. WWZ was fun. MOF had its cool moments. STID had some eye-candy. Even that big Silver Dude looked pretty convincing, at least for a few seconds. CGI-wise, 2013 was not a bad year.

Nash on Dec 28, 2013


Hopefully better than that Udo Kier film with nazis on the moon. I got more of a Back to the Future vibe though, but I guess you mean the way Sin City was shot (?)

DavideCoppola on Dec 27, 2013


Wow. This looks amazingly horrible. Yes please!

grimjob on Dec 27, 2013


Is this for real lol.

Jim Dawkins on Dec 27, 2013


I think Kung Fury is the grandfather of Rex Power Colt from Farcry: Blood Dragon.

Morvidus on Dec 28, 2013



Brian Ricci on Dec 28, 2013


Im confused why you even posted about this trash on this site? Is this a joke? Slow movie news day?

kody on Dec 29, 2013


looks amazing

shane willett on Jan 3, 2014

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