Watch: Fan Trailer for Gritty 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' Movie

April 10, 2013
Source: Facebook


By now it's become a bit of a cliche to take an established property and just make it dark and gritty. But as someone who grew up with the now laughable action of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, this is just too cool. On the year of the 20th anniversary of the series which has had many iterations in the United States, a friend pointed out to me that some passionate fans have been working on a very gritty fan film with some impressive promotional work so far. Right now there's just a trailer with no sign of the Power Rangers in sight, but it does set up a familiar villain. There's also a cool poster, and that's what really caught my eye.

Here's the trailer for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers or MMPR from the film's Facebook page:

And here's the poster featuring an unmasked version of the villain Lord Zedd:


Right now the film has a group of lesser known actors playing the Power Rangers, and the suit design is still up in the air after the initial designs received mostly negative feedback. But the cool thing is that the voice of Lord Zedd you hear in the trailer is that of Robert Axelrod, who voiced the villain on the TV series. If anything, this kind of passion and effort put into a fan film is really cool, and it'll be something entertaining for kids who grew up with the original series, and others who have seen the other versions on TV over the years. Check out the film's official website, especially to help fund it, and follow their Facebook for more.

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I always hated the power rangers...but that was pretty cool.

Xerxexx on Apr 10, 2013


I thought that was pretty lame.

Cmurder on Apr 10, 2013


Sorto prefer the other version with the spandex.

Carpola on Apr 10, 2013


Looked shitty

mPerry on Apr 10, 2013


Why was that posted? lammee

KyleG on Apr 10, 2013


I loved the Power Rangers growing up, me and my buddies watch the movie here and there and always talk about rewriting it for the same generation that watched it, but age up... this trailer sets up what i was thinking... but never make a friggin trailer without showing some or one of the Power Rangers

Shoeler on Apr 10, 2013


Sort of ... expected... to ... see... the... Power Rangers. Was that crazy of me? Am I mental?

Guy who comments on things on Apr 10, 2013


That sort of....uh....sucked...

Oct8pus on Apr 10, 2013


In my opinion, Power Rangers without its campiness can't be done. It just becomes something else entirely. I guess it's kind of like the World War Z film compared to the book, as many a commenter like to remind everyone else of that fact. And besides, a gritty version of Power Rangers is coming out soon anyway, under the guise of Pacific Rim, hah...

Neuromancer on Apr 10, 2013


lol, nuff said

Baron the Curse on Apr 10, 2013



Red X on Apr 10, 2013


Thanks......I guess. I'll just stick to legit trailers after that.

LightningB on Apr 10, 2013


this is really bad.

Linkfx on Apr 10, 2013


Yeah...that wasn't really good at all. The poster looks alright.

josveta on Apr 10, 2013


They should have had at least shown a shadow of a power ranger or something.

Fidel Reyes on Apr 11, 2013


funny thing is my brother and i were talking about making a power rangers movie just a few days ago after seeing gi joe.

movieguy on Apr 11, 2013


Are you people just fucking mental? It's a teaser it's suppose to give you a slight taste of what there doing without giving you too much. Having the Rangers and The Villain in one teaser would be one full trailer and would have given too much away being that it's not even close to finish yet. I think for a fan project made by a group of dedicated fans who are actually doing something instead of sitting on there lazy asses doing nothing, this is some high quality Cinematography, Lighting, and Effects. And based on this TEASER (again I can't emphasize it enough) it looks better than the OFFICIAL Power Ranger movie(s) we got.

Justgivemeanaspirin on Apr 11, 2013


That didn't look to good if you really want to see something awesome... I'm really writing a script and gonna film a real power ranger movie... Called legend of red... I'm making the suit as we speak... It's just awesome I can't say to much but it's gonna be rated R soon ins come out with a trailer on 6 months... And a website so just stay tune...

Edwins8998 on May 7, 2013


Lmfao, how that work out for you?

Shane Paterson on May 24, 2014


Obviously a lot of people don't know what a "Snippet Trailer" is....not an official trailer, just a teaser until they have a better one made. Urgh! idiots these days are just everywhere.

Kane Farnell on Oct 13, 2013


I watched the 14 minute trailer....and it looks AWESOME. I really wish they would make a full fledged gritty movie. That would be too much for me to would be too good!

Keith on Mar 17, 2015

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