Watch in Awe: What Films Will the Russian Meteorite Videos Inspire?

February 15, 2013

Russian Meteorite

Whoa. I woke up this morning to learn that a meteorite had exploded into pieces in our atmosphere over Russia. In reality. At first I wondered if this had anything to do with that asteroid that's coming closer to Earth than any asteroid ever has (we're safe, don't worry). Apparently it doesn't, but what does it have to do with movies? Lying in bed watching the various dash-cam videos of the meteorite exploding in a ball of light in the skies over the town of Chelyabinsk, I couldn't help but think this not only looks like many movies I've seen, but everyone is going to be watching this video, and it's probably going to inspire some filmmakers. I'm already wondering when we're going to see someone draft up a found footage Russian meteorite movie?

First things first, we must acknowledge unfortunately via the NY Times that, "more than 1,000 people were injured, 200 of them children, mostly from shards of shattered glass." The meteorite caused a sonic boom and shockwave that shattered windows injuring locals, and sent down fiery fragments in the Siberian region of Russia. We're not trying to belittle the situation especially when it caused so much harm, but nonetheless many people will be watching these, and the striking visuals and awe of it will leave an impression. See here:

I'm also intrigued by Erik Davis of posting about this incredible event as well. He writes in his post on it: "This is the rare meteor that's crossed over land, freakishly resembling many of the related sci-fi movies we grew up loving… While the videos are pretty breathtaking, we're totally fine with this sort of event remaining on the big screen." Indeed, same here. Beyond the obvious Deep Impact and Armageddon comparisons, it reminded me of (more Michael Bay/Roland Emmerich) films like the end of Independence Day or first Transformers, the scenes of when all the Autobots first land on Earth. Sure, there's references being made to missiles as well, but I'm more awestruck by the cosmic wonder of all this than anything else.

Once again, what does all this footage have to do with movies? Thanks to these videos, I'm just expecting plenty of sci-fi minds out there to be inspired to write or make a movie about this occurrence. Beyond the predictable found footage film or indie drama centered around the event, will other filmmakers end up inspired by these remarkable real-world visuals? Will it give them a good idea for a horror or sci-fi, or even a comedy, with all the crazy media coverage? Only time will tell. For now, these videos will definitely make their way around the world and as always, it's the astonishing surprises of reality that inspire great stories.

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You can actually here the blast here

Deniz on Feb 15, 2013


this one is actually a fake.

CookieMonster on Feb 16, 2013


I have no reason to doubt that the footage shown was real. However, I also don't doubt for a second that no media source made any effort to verify the footage was authentic before running with the story this morning. How hard would it actually be to produce some of this footage? From some fake videos I've seen, not really that difficult at all. Again, though, I don't doubt the authenticity of this particular footage - it's not shocking enough to go through all the effort to produce it I wouldn't think. If nothing else, maybe this authentic footage will make producing fakes easier as they now have a real world event template to work from.

racquetman on Feb 15, 2013


Am i the only one who thought "Russian Superman!"?

random234211 on Feb 15, 2013


Red Son movie!

LosZombies on Feb 15, 2013


Just a small typo, you wrote "Serbian part", instead of "Siberian part". Being from the said country, had to point that out, since we're often confused with a Russian territory 🙂

wladymir on Feb 15, 2013


Thanks, updated.

Alex Billington on Feb 15, 2013


Inspire? Yeah, inspire fucking TERROR! on Feb 15, 2013


That's pretty mental, digging the radio tunes on the first video, love how the light changes in those clips toward the end like the contrast is getting turned up and someone is moving the sun around. Make humans seem like a tiny fart in the universe.

Carpola on Feb 15, 2013


We ARE a tiny fart in the univers bro...

LosZombies on Feb 15, 2013


Makes me cry. But am also in wonder at how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things and how powerless we are to stop things like meteors, unless Steve Buscemi is on the spaceship. 🙂

Carpola on Feb 15, 2013


Thank GOD for Steve Buscemi!

LosZombies on Feb 16, 2013


He's a god!

Carpola on Feb 17, 2013

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