Watch: James Mangold Directed 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' Game Trailer

November 3, 2013
Source: Activision

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Last year, Guy Ritchie directed a commercial for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 featuring Robert Downey Jr. with video game players taking the places of soldiers in a massive battlefield. This time, the same concept is applied for the forthcoming release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, but The Wolverine director James Mangold is behind the camera, following a group of four friends as they make their way through various settings rife with gunfire and explosions. Then Megan Fox pops up because this Call of Duty game is the first to offer players a chance to be a female soldier in mutliplayer mode (took them long enough). Watch!

Here's the James Mangold directed commercial for Call of Duty: Ghosts (via Activision):

Mangold talked to Variety about the commercial saying:

"As much as it was spectacle based it was character based. You want people to identify with these young men in this story in a way that they’re seeing themselves. They’re not seeing famous people, they’re seeing someone that looks like them in a hybrid where the game has become so actualized.” Activision and Mangold wanted the spot to emphasize “the sense of being your own hero in your own film. You're Gregory Peck in 'The Guns of Navarone.'”

In addition, Mangold talks about the scale of shooting this, "To call it a spot is an understatement of galactic proportions from a production level. When you’re doing something like this you’re directing a trailer — all of the good bits in a movie.” And for this trailer, they wanted to make it as practical as possible, "One of the goals everyone had was not to rely too heavily on CG. I’ve sensed that a lot of people are getting a little exhausted on the wonders of what can happen in a visual FX house and a lot of dough. Story still matters and makes the spectacle much more fun or dramatic or witty.” Call of Duty: Ghosts arrives November 5th.

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The legend of Fat Neil continues.

Neuromancer on Nov 3, 2013


No action, just like in Wolverine...

dawko on Nov 3, 2013



Ege Sönmez on Nov 3, 2013


I find it eternally frustrating that the only woman in the new Call of Duty spot is Meagan Fox, and that immediately one of the guy players starts to hit on her. We know both of those things are going to irk female players, so why put them in the ad? It's like saying COD acknowledges that those are standard female play-experiences on their platform and that they are proud of it. The spot tries to validate her presence by giving her a drone to kill while the other player is distracted by her beauty, but ultimately any ground they gain is tiny in comparison to the steps back they take with the spot in general. I'm very unimpressed with the COD franchise - they are actively pushing an anti-female gaming agenda, whether they are conscious of it or not.

mikefly on Nov 3, 2013


Have you ever been on X-Box Live? If there's a girl playing one of the guys in the lobby WILL hit on her. That commercial is pretty accurate...

Bl00dwerK on Nov 3, 2013


That's my point exactly. That's not behaviour that should be validated - it's exclusionary because it makes female players feel unwanted and unwelcome. It's not something COD should be reinforcing.

mikefly on Nov 3, 2013


your a woman, right?

Sky on Nov 3, 2013


What about his 'a woman'?

axalon on Nov 3, 2013


Wow someone needs a tampon!

Jimmy Love on Nov 5, 2013


*you're And, no.

mikefly on Nov 3, 2013


people that correct grammar on the internet are like people that hand out religious pamphlets in the mall. Stupid

Sky on Nov 6, 2013


Your narrowmindedness is astounding.

PewPewPew on Nov 4, 2013


Your openmindedness is narrow

Sky on Nov 6, 2013


That's not accurate at all. In 95% of the cases I've seen the girls were all about it. They LOVE the attention...

Bl00dwerK on Nov 3, 2013


I don't want to invalidate your experience, but perhaps the vocal few that are informing your opinion weren't a representative sample. There are many women that just stop gaming because of it, or who choose not use a mic at all because of the unwanted attention their female voice brings. It's a sad reality that actually is an issue for a lot of female players. It's also something that is chronically underplayed in the gaming community.

mikefly on Nov 3, 2013


I just recently left Live, but before that I was on for three or four years. I never ran into a chick that didn't appreciate the attention. Not once. Now, there were some creepy dudes, to be certain, but nobody wanted to deal with those people. Also, I've never seen two chicks hang out in the same party, either. I'm guessing there isn't enough attention to go around so they go to a party where they're the only girl...

Bl00dwerK on Nov 4, 2013


WHHAATTT??? LoL what kinda parties have you been going to? Girls love hanging out with each other because it tends to scare off the sleezeballs coming onto them. Even in the clubs they love hanging out with each other and go to the toilet together to gossip about the creeps coming onto them.

TK on Nov 4, 2013


X-Box Live, dude. Not actual parties. The chicks on there are mostly on there looking for attention...

Bl00dwerK on Nov 4, 2013


Very true actually. My girlfriend and I play games and she absolutely hates going online for this very reason. She mostly sticks to single player games now.

TK on Nov 4, 2013


Not sure about XBL, but on PSN I've seen so many other players with (GIRL) as their clan tag. You're right, they wear it on their sleeve.

grimjob on Nov 3, 2013


Exactly. They also like to have names like "CatGirl" or "GRRLwhatever" just to make sure the boys notice...

Bl00dwerK on Nov 4, 2013


I think I'd have to agree with mikefly on this one. When was the last time you saw a girl like Megan Fox playing video games. Most of them are at the gym or at a nightclub. She isn't there to attract female gamers. This is completely aimed at guys again. I have a mate who always goes online as a girl simply because he knows he will get heaps of free shit from people. Most girls I know that play games love the attention because they don't get much of it outside of that world. I'm not saying that applies to all of them but this ad doesn't really represent the true female gamer. It runs the risk of alienating female gamers and scaring off newcomers.

TK on Nov 4, 2013


It doesn't run the risk of anything. It's a commercial for a FPS, nothing more. If people are reading more into it than that they need to get over it, female gamers included...

Bl00dwerK on Nov 4, 2013


Mikefly i suggest you grab an acoustic guitar and wear a bra, while singing we are women hear me roar. Relax bro it's a video game, don't equate the serious of this subject to something like equality... We get it your a sensitive butterfly. Plus no one forced megan fox against her will 🙂

Mrteapot on Nov 3, 2013


It is easy to say it doesn't matter or say it doesn't have an impact, until your sister or your daughter wants to game. Then you start to realize what that kind of behaviour does - it marginalizes people that just want to play and then they don't want to play. I equate this kind of behaviour to people being homophobic or racist on open chat - they may not actually believe anyone is taking them seriously, but it does do damage. Imagine the uproar if one of the players in the official ad shot a helicopter out of the sky and called the pilot a "fag". The real problem I have with the ad is that it is basically like COD is sanctioning this type of behaviour, when it's something they didn't need to touch on at all - the ad is otherwise great.

mikefly on Nov 3, 2013


Loved how they dodged all those bullets.

Carpola on Nov 3, 2013


nice ad, but for me, the best one's got to be MW3's spot starring sam worthington and jonah hill; it really captured the essence of the seasoned player/newbie player dynamic perfectly.

Mr. J on Nov 3, 2013


Yep, looks just like any other COD. Except with more Meghan Fox.

fazha on Nov 3, 2013


Somehow that was the perfect song choice. Sinatra always works.

grimjob on Nov 3, 2013


The entire premise of this commercial is just about some fun video gaming, with the suspension of disbelief of a super hero movie. I have been playing Black Ops 2 for about a year now, and have only ever come accross a handfull of female players in all that time. I don;t know if it is random or just not that many playing online. But somehow I think the new Ghosts game will be profitable, even if female players avoid it because of the lack of "true" female representaion in a commerical. Personally, I think the average female gamer is more intelligent to let a commercial, directed by a guy to target guys, the main demographic, dictate if they choose to play it or not. Maybe an ardent femenist will decide to boycott it, but I think an ardent femenist would not be playing too many video games in the first place, rather they would be trying to tell others if they should or should not be playing it.

theslayer5150 on Nov 4, 2013

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