Watch: Johnny Depp Discusses 'Transcendence' in Monologue Teaser

December 19, 2013
Source: Apple


After some first look photos surfaced recently, the very first teaser trailer for Wally Pfister's sci-fi flick Transcendence has arrived, and we still don't have any footage from the movie itself. Seemingly taking cues from his Dark Knight trilogy and Inception collaborator Christopher Nolan, this is a true teaser trailer using computer code and binary numbers as visuals while Johnny Depp talks about the ever increasing rate at which technology grows, overshadowing every human being on the planet, leading to a concept that many call a singularity. However, Depp's character calls it transcendence. We're at least intrigued. Watch!.

Here's the teaser trailer for Wally Pfister's Transcendence, originally from Apple:

Transcendence is directed by Wally Pfister (cinematographer on Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy) and written by Jack Paglen, with rewrites by Alex Paraskevas & Jordan Goldberg. Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) is the foremost researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence, working to create a sentient machine that combines the collective intelligence of everything ever known with the full range of human emotions. When anti-technology extremists threaten his life, they inadvertently trigger a quick move towards his transcendence, and Will’s thirst for knowledge evolves into a seemingly omnipresent quest for power, to what end is unknown. Warner Bros will be releasing Transcendence in theaters on April 18th next year.

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Carpola on Dec 19, 2013


Looks very good! But why does Johnny Depp have like dark circles around his eyes? Was he not sleeping on the nights of the days that he was in the filming of the movie or something? Yikes!

Sean on Dec 19, 2013


He wasnt gonna accept the role until they said he could were makeup ;P

Armitall on Dec 19, 2013


@Armitall:disqus Are you serious? Or is that just a joke?

Sean on Dec 19, 2013


Just a joke.

Armitall on Dec 19, 2013


@Armitall:disqus Oh, I see. He doesn't wear makeup in all his movies.

Sean on Dec 19, 2013


The makeup he is wearing in that particular scene is just to make him appear pale and sickly and nothing else. ALL actors wear makeup not just him.

The Dude on Dec 19, 2013


You guys are either playing dumb or being extremely nitpicky, jumping on a silly comment like this. Thanks for leting me know everyone in movie industry or TV is wearing makeup. This was a shocking realization for me.

Armitall on Dec 20, 2013


He's playing a Vampire. Hence the morbid grey look. The dramatic Idea of a vampire. Somebody who has a thirst. His thirst is of the Age of Information, in which eternal life and power is the Information System of Computer Technology.

VVS on Dec 19, 2013


On first glance it seems he's maybe connected to a computer system of some sort? And perhaps has been for a while exercising a physical toll onto his body.

Neuromancer on Dec 20, 2013


@Neur0mancer:disqus That's makes sense for the story in the movie, but I meant does he have what they call "movie make-up" on his face or has he been missing nights to be able to sleep in real life ?

Sean on Dec 20, 2013


Even his own frequent cinematographer can make a better teaser trailer than him. Is it just me also or does Depp sound really....different.

Charlie Hard on Dec 19, 2013


@Charlie_Hard:disqus You think his voice sounds different in what way?

Sean on Dec 19, 2013


Well I guess it's because I haven't heard his normal voice in a while. Depp is used to doing a lot of crazy accents/different voices for his films. But his voice in this trailer, it just sounds really fluent. It kind of really caught me off guard a little watching it.

Charlie Hard on Dec 19, 2013


He's playing a Vampire. He's the cadence. The dramatic Idea of a vampire. Somebody who has a thirst. His thirst is of the Age of Information, in which eternal life and power is the Information System of Computer Technology.

VVS on Dec 19, 2013


@Charlie_Hard:disqus Oh, I see.

Sean on Dec 19, 2013


Yes, yes... Wally has learned teaser making technique from the master itself. Tho I would prefere the Interstellar teaser. It was way more poverfull and emotionaly charged.

Armitall on Dec 19, 2013


Depp is playing a Vampire disguised as a Scientist ...Bravo, Wally, Bravo..

VVS on Dec 19, 2013


That's a spoiler. I thought he'd just been playing GTA and got carried away for a few days.

Carpola on Dec 19, 2013


Wicked. Pfister's debut should be fantastic.

DAVIDPD on Dec 19, 2013


this guy keeps saying that Depp is a vampire and it's cracking me up

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Dec 19, 2013


You know I mean the dramatic idea of a vampire, not a literal one. Actor's always build their performances on archetypes, and then if a story allows they fill in the archetype with detail to make it complex human flesh. But the dramatic idea, as in what the character does in a story, is always based on an archetype. A King, a Saviour, A Damnsel in distress, etc. Here, the archetype is a Vampire. The age of information is the setting...and information data is the source of eternal life and power...and he is thirsty for it.

VVS on Dec 19, 2013


Just a heads up guys there is a second Transcendence teaser with Morgan Freeman narrating this time. Not on Youtube yet but it's on Apple trailers:

Charlie Hard on Dec 19, 2013

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