Watch: Laurence Fishburne Stars in 'The Colony' Ice Age Sci-Fi Film

March 19, 2013

The Colony Trailer

"You're gonna need every bullet." Alliance Films and eOne Films have debuted the very first trailer for Jeff Renfroe's The Colony, an ice age sci-fi thriller featuring Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton. Forced underground by the next ice age, a struggling outpost of survivors must fight to preserve humanity against a threat even more savage than nature. As much as I wanted to be looking forward to this, the visual effects and sets seem a but under-budgeted and overall this doesn't seem like anything we haven't seen before. The only redeeming factor is we get to see Fishburne and Paxton bantering, which might make this worthwhile.

Watch the first international trailer for Jeff Renfroe's The Colony, found on YouTube (via ComingSoon):

Set during the next ice age, an outpost of colonists struggle to survive below the world's frozen surface. Short on supplies, and plagued by illness and internal conflict, the colonists suspect the worst when they mysteriously lose contact with their only other known settlement. Kevin Zegers, Charlotte Sullivan co-star.

The Colony is directed by American filmmaker Jeff Renfroe, of the films Civic Duty and One Point O. The screenplay is by Renfroe, Patrick Tarr and Pascal Trottier. The first film shot in the former NORAD base 60 stories underground. The Colony will be out in Canada in April, but no US date yet. For more see Facebook.

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Looks great.

SleepingPanda on Mar 19, 2013


Hey, it's that kid from Air Bud!

Charles Xavier on Mar 19, 2013


I was interested right up until I realized this was a zombie movie.

Jeff Metzger on Mar 19, 2013


Yeah... maybe zombies. Something like them anyway. Sadly as Alex mentioned, will probably see this just for Paxton & Fishy.

avconsumer2 on Mar 19, 2013


Looked like more of some sort of evolved cannibal than actual walking dead but I see what you mean.

Cody W on Mar 19, 2013


EXACTLY WHAT I AS GOING TO SAY JEFF. I was pumped until the zombies. Pass.

Ian Pullens on Mar 19, 2013


Same here.

AJ on Mar 20, 2013


I didn't think the vfx looked that bad. Maybe I should watch it in HD haha. I'll watch this...if it comes out on a weekend where there is nothing better to see.

Linkfx on Mar 19, 2013


I still have not seen this movie, and I would look in the future

yepi8 on Mar 19, 2013


i am from canada, and the weather of the future looks like just any regular winter day to me

hal on Mar 19, 2013



DAVIDPD on Mar 19, 2013



grimjob on Mar 19, 2013


Looks alright. Bit daft with the savages, I reckon they'd die like every other human is exposed to the cold.

Carpola on Mar 19, 2013


Big horns in the trailer. Obviously a must see.

l.21 on Mar 19, 2013


Im a sucker for these kinds of movies so I will probably catch it DVD.. For some reason I kept thinking this looked just like Aliens 3, which is not good since Ive been trying to remove any memory of that movie from my brain for years Good to see Billy back in action, Fishy is always good

Tester on Mar 19, 2013


Alien 3 is still better than Prometheus.At least the Extended Cut.

c99606 on Mar 20, 2013


Huh not bad!

ff on Mar 19, 2013


Hell yes, looks like a damn good time at the movies.

grimjob on Mar 19, 2013


BWAAAAM!!! BWAAAAM!!!! BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!! Looks pretty crappy honestly. Started off good then went lame quickly.

hi hello on Mar 19, 2013


Pretty neat trailer...has a kind of "THE THING" vibe to it

John Carp on Mar 20, 2013


Good thing: it's SF need more of those,especially original stories(which this isn't exactly but o.k. ). Bad:voice over,speed up slow down camera movement like in MTV videos when they were still making those back in the day,a crew under a siege of zombie like creatures an enemy the viewer does not have to sympathize with...meh...maybe I'll pirate it when available...

c99606 on Mar 20, 2013


This actually reminds me of Battle Angel Alita Last Order book 8-9 about how the world became like in Battle Angel Alita but instead of the zombies, it's cognites (vampire) who battling through mutants(think of Silent hill mutants not X-men ones) and some humans that try to kill them just because they're vampire. The human colony itself looks exactly like in that comic.

TTumMM on Mar 20, 2013


I believe Mr. Renfroe is a dual citizen. He was born in Seattle, but he was raised in Victoria, BC. The film was a Canadian production. The movie's IMDb listing states this. And those aren't "zombies," folks. They're hungry cannibals. I think a line in the trailer makes this pretty clear...

Guest on Mar 21, 2013


Bad:voice over,speed up slow down camera movement like in MTV videos when they were still making those back in the day,a crew under a siege of zombie like creatures an enemy the viewer does not have to sympathize with...meh...maybe I'll pirate it when available...

Yepi on Apr 8, 2013


Umm, April 12 when? It's already April 21... What YEAR is this coming out?? Ohh, YouTube says April 26... Must've gotten pushed back?

Michael Gmirkin on Apr 21, 2013


This article is exclusive, original and attention-grabbing. you've got captured my attention your use of persuasive language and logical points.

Y8 on May 15, 2013


People will be attracted by what the post brings. Thank you.

Friv on Jul 18, 2013


hopefully not too expensive fare. beautiful movie images! I look forward to the launch date and will not miss the chance to see it

Para juego on Oct 7, 2013


This classic film debuts ever, right? and how to book tickets? someone please let me know, I can not ignore this great movie

two juegos on Oct 8, 2013

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