Watch: Tarantino's Revenge Trilogy Ends with SNL's 'Djesus Uncrossed'

February 17, 2013
Source: NBC

Christoph Waltz in Djesus Uncrossed

This weekend, just a week before the 85th Academy Awards show, Austrian actor Christoph Waltz hosted the newest "Saturday Night Live" on NBC. One of the segments was a two-minute fake trailer for the latest "ultimate historical revenge fantasy" from Tarantino - Djesus Uncrossed, starring Oscar nominee Waltz as Djesus ("the D is silent"). It's actually an impressive and hilarious Django Unchained-meets-Inglourious Basterds-meets-Jesus spoof with lots of amusing dialogue from Tarantino's films and scenes from Kill Bill and everything else. I don't say this about anything on SNL anymore, but this might just be a must watch.

Watch the full Djesus Uncrossed trailer segment on Saturday Night Live, from NBC (via The Film Stage):

For international viewers who can't watch the NBC video above, try checking YouTube for active uploads.

One-liner via "In Quentin Tarantino's new historical revenge thriller, DJesus Uncrossed, Jesus emerges from his tomb and has the Romans on his radar." Beyond Christoph Waltz actually having fun with the role and some great comedy writing, this spoof trailer has some impressive production design. I love the Basterds segment with Brad Pitt as St. Peter and they nail everything else when it comes to playing off of the Django trailers. Even the critics' quotes are hilarious. "I never knew how much Jesus used the n-word." Ha! Great job SNL, and Waltz, one of their best segments in a while. And perfectly timed before the 2013 Oscars.

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Haha what got me the most "Less violent than the passion of the christ" xD!

Fidel Reyes on Feb 17, 2013


I almost wanted to be offended, but then I realized that religious satire doesn't bother me. F'ing hilarious.

McWetty on Feb 17, 2013


You do know that Tarantino didn't do this right? -.- It's an SNL skit, a bloody skit, hear that.."A SKIT" It's used to make fun of anything and pretty much everything. It's sad that people, like you, are so close minded, that's the sadness the world suffers. In case you don't believe me look at all the corruption, wars, and conflict that religion has caused through out history, Nuff Said. P.S. This Skit was Hilarious.

Mr.Comment on Feb 17, 2013


"Religion" hasn't caused it. People have. People will use whatever they can to have power, even if the religion says they have none. That's the sadness...But what's also the sadness is what you pointed out: it's a skit. Just a funny-funny.

PBGray on Feb 17, 2013


Hmm people though out history have done pretty stupid/evil stuff because of religion, whether it's trying to reach something they "learned" or were told was right, or killing people based on the religion. But yes you are right it's actual people, but it's because they let themselves bee too extremist and don't respect the freedom of beliefs of others. That's what I meant by close-minded.

Mr.Comment on Feb 17, 2013


Agreed sir. Agreed.

PBGray on Feb 17, 2013


Damn, Kenan was spot on as Ving Rhames!

Nick Sears on Feb 17, 2013


Haha nice, you change your comment, coward.

Mr.Comment on Feb 17, 2013


Ah Jew humor laughing at those silly Christians.

Rashamon on Feb 17, 2013


I would pay to see this

Chris Groves on Feb 17, 2013


everyone has their opinions, likes & dislikes i for one, am offended because i feel personally that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is off limits, unless its reverence. i am sure many people will disagree

conanlabiche on Feb 17, 2013


I am Christian and proudbut I also love Tarantino. It wasnt offenve just amazing!

D is silent on Feb 17, 2013


i too like his movies. its just that i strongly feel that this is one topic that should not be made fun of. i respect your opinion. i have mine. i loved the passion of the Christ. if someone wants to make a film about our Lord, it should be based on the truth/Truth.....and not a joke. that's all, my take. be blessed

conanlabiche on Feb 17, 2013


Take it with a grain of salt, and stop being so nitpick. That's no way to lead a happy life lol.

Daniel Vu Tran on Feb 17, 2013


appreciate your point of view. however, personally, i must disagree. it really is not nit-picking for me. i never tell people that they are wrong. i just say i disagree, if thats not my deal. its about drawing the line somewhere. and for me that line is God almighty. everyone has something that is off limits. people make fun of all kinds of stuff, until its something that cuts deep. i just feel God is not to be made fun of or mocked. what do you think about the kids that were killed at the school? is that off limits? should there be jokes about that? why not? but in this day and age, its in fashion to mock our Creator, and just say, oh stop nitpicking.

conanlabiche on Feb 18, 2013


Thats what make America what it is, you can make fun of my beliefs all you want, I dont care. Freedom of speech goes both ways, there is no line and if you think there is then youve let the politically correct and liberal mainstream media get into your brain.

Cody W on Feb 19, 2013


Wait so you think Passion of the Christ is based on truth. Interesting

AXM on Feb 18, 2013


One day Jesus is coming back as King of Kings and the road to heaven is narrow and broad is the way that leads to hell. We all have a choice to choose the narrow road or the broad road. The narrow road is marked with suffering, yet leads to life eternal with Jesus Christ who suffered and die and rose again for sinners like me and you. Repent and yield to King Jesus

Redeemed on Feb 17, 2013


Sounds like a blast...

Wafffles on Feb 17, 2013


I'll be on that road, broadsword in hand, waiting for the godchild's blood.

Angel of Light on Feb 18, 2013


for me and christians, Jesus is sacred, and should be revered as such

conanlabiche on Feb 17, 2013


for me and everyone else, it's 2013, and no one gives a shit

Hazedmind on Feb 17, 2013


Monty Python did it first.

castingcouch on Feb 18, 2013


Jesus was a terrorist. This was quite funny.

Carpola on Feb 17, 2013



Keithist on Feb 17, 2013


funny as hell. kids, if you truly believe that jesus is the son of god, then you really dont need to be offended. God is ok, really, this stuff doesnt get to him/her/it almighty, and if you think it does then you really should reconsider who you worship cause if he has a problem with satire about him or his works then you're dealing with a petty and small god,

lando on Feb 18, 2013


This was alright. Cool to see Waltz doing Jesus, and spot-on I imagine. The old Tarantino's Welcome Back Kotter on SNL was better.

grimjob on Feb 18, 2013


not funny not a must watch its disrespectful on so many levels. but a people now of days dont give a hoot.

ELOHEEM on Mar 9, 2013


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Roxanne Legrand on Nov 21, 2013

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