Watch: Time Travel Found Footage Film 'Welcome to Yesterday' Trailer

December 17, 2013
Source: Yahoo

Welcome to Yesterday Trailer

"Shouldn't the next step be testing it on us?" Paramount's Insurge low-budget label has debuted the first trailer for Welcome to Yesterday, a secret sci-fi project formerly known as "Almanac", a found footage time travel movie about Project Almanac. In brief, this can be pitched as Chronicle if they found a time travel machine instead of superpowers, and it looks good but not as good as Chronicle. I love the setup with the old birthday footage, but it gets a little cheesy with the bikini girls and of-course-it-would-all-go-wrong story, but I'm still interested in seeing this. You may not have heard of this movie yet, but you will yesterday.

Here's the first official trailer for Dean Israelite's Welcome to Yesterday, originally from Yahoo:

Plot synopsis: A group of teens embark on an adventure when they discover secret plans to build a time machine. Welcome to Yesterday is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Dean Israelite (of a number of shorts previously), from a screenplay by Jason Pagan & Andrew Stark (both now on Paranormal Activity 5). The film was produced by Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes for Paramount's Insurge Pictures label. SlashFilm mentions that on their visit to the set they learned that they used the time travel to go "back a day or two to go to a concert they missed and to try and win the girl of one boys' dreams." Paramount/Insurge will release Welcome to Yesterday in theaters everywhere starting February 28th, 2014 early next year. Are you in?

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SmileyNY1985 on Dec 17, 2013


Whoa. It looks so good I kinda wish it wasn't found footage.

Aj Meadows on Dec 17, 2013


Sliders the movie! YaaasssssSSS!

Carpola on Dec 17, 2013


The Blair Wich Butterfly Chronicle? Everything in this trailer somehow has been done before. But maybe this is an original mixture. Guess I would give it try. The idea of seeing himself in the mirror at his 7th birthday is intriguing. Why was he there? What was he trying to accomplish? What's in his bagpack? Must have got something to do with destroying the time-machine or making sure his dad does not build it...

Nash on Dec 17, 2013


hahahahah, u sir have saved us money

me on Dec 17, 2013


Always a pleasure to help the poor and needy..-)

Nash on Dec 17, 2013


Don't forget to add Jumper into the mix

Kai Dean on Dec 18, 2013


Hmm, tough one... The Loop of the Blair Witch Butterlfly Chronicle Jumper?

Nash on Dec 18, 2013


The Loop of the Blair Witch Cloverfield Butterfly Jumper Chronicles

Andrew Padgett on Dec 20, 2013


😉 You're right sir, we forgot about Cloverfield!

Nash on Dec 20, 2013


I'm always interested in time travel stories just to see what angle they're taking and how they'll explain things. So far they seem to be taking an "only 1 timeline" approach, multiple versions of the same person co-existing and what seems like a temporal causality loop (seeing himself causing the finding of the time machine which leads him to his former birthday party to get himself caught on tape). I wonder why the smiley face is drawn at the same time on "yesterday guy" and "future guy". I would assume the smiley to already be on "future guy"s neck (this reminds me of the "past" injuries in Looper). We'll see, I guess 🙂

Neuromancer on Dec 17, 2013


So does it follow Timecop rules or Star Trek rules?

Creamy Goodness on Dec 18, 2013


If you want a better version of this, watch the TV show "Steins;Gate". Such a good show.

Mark Alters on Dec 24, 2013


Michael Bay's involvement has me nervous, but I'm glad he's only producing and not directing. I never know what to expect with Michael Bay movies, I loved Pain & Gain but the Transformers series was terrible and Bad Boys was pretty underwhelming, but as a producer he brings clout and budget but hopefully without any of his directorial cliches Also, I thought it was awesome to hear "Jungle"" by X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons in the trailer, I hope they continue to collaborate because so far they've worked real well together.

Darci on Jan 9, 2014


Check out another teen time travel movie called Time Lapse (not found footage i'm glad) which seems more interesting. Same deal at the beginning - found a time travel thing, used it to make money, etc.

arnold3k on Jun 26, 2014

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