Watch: Warriors Rage Hard in First Trailer for '300: Rise of an Empire'

June 12, 2013
Source: Yahoo

300: Rise of an Empire

After we saw a precise number of Spartans dine in hell in the adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel 300, from Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, the follow-up, 300: Rise of an Empire chronicles a new war with elements of the story taking place before, during and after the first film. Smart People director Noam Murro is stepping into action territory for the first time, and this pseudo-sequel certainly has the style and spirit of the first film. Sullivan Stapleton leads the pack as Themistocles leading Greece to a hopeful victory over the Persian forces of Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) and the villainous vixen Artemesia (Eva Green). Can this make a splash with the audience who loved the original macho film? Watch below!

Here's the first trailer for Noam Murro's 300: Rise of an Empire, originally from Yahoo:

Noam Murro (Smart People) directs 300: Rise of an Empire (formerly The Battle of Artemisia), based on Frank Miller's upcoming prequel graphic novel Xerxes, and adapted by Zack Snyder (director of 300) and Kurt Johnstad (writer of 300 and Act of Valor). Greek general Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) attempts to unite all of Greece by leading the charge against the massive invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), and Artemesia (Eva Green), vengeful commander of the Persian navy. Warner Bros is releasing 300: Rise of an Empire everywhere in 3D on March 7th, 2014 early next year.

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Reader Feedback - 49 Comments


Looks interesting enough...

AnotherDan on Jun 12, 2013


This looks like bloody good action, I'm in.

Zade_92 on Jun 12, 2013


For a movie that I don't think should have ever been made I must say it looks decent

Jon Odishaw on Jun 12, 2013


It' looks like a video game.And not a good one.

I HATE IT! on Jun 12, 2013


not too bad, I'll see it 🙂

kingknolla on Jun 12, 2013


Its a prequel or a sequel?

Ricardo Ono on Jun 12, 2013


It's a reboosepreque-money grab.

:P on Jun 12, 2013


300 was a trend setter. This looks just like any other of myriad of movies (and tv series ) that followed trying to imitate the same. Aren't we feed up with this visual style? I am. It's way over the top.To the point of ridiculous. Maybe it will be a good kind of cheesy but I doubt it. Tl;dr : looks gay.

ridiculous on Jun 12, 2013


Looks gay cause its gay. 300 its probably, along Spartacus, the pseudo-gayest movie of all time.

Ricardo Ono on Jun 12, 2013


Maybe. But I meant gay in a non-homosexual way.

ridiculous on Jun 12, 2013


Why even use that word if you meant in a "non-homosexual way"? What does it mean then?

Ricardo_PT on Jun 13, 2013


Just a word used too often to describe something and anything. To quote Mahoney in Police Academy even "sleeping is for fags". I'm sure @ridiculous meant no harm.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jun 13, 2013


Let's say you call somebody a mother f**ker. Do you mean he is having sexual relations with his mother or what ? "Gay" is one of those words that has several ,mostly derogatory meanings.Because society. In this case it probably means lame in a kitschy kind of way. Or cheesy in a bad way. You know,gay. If you want to be all up in arms about it how about the fact that its original meaning got twisted from "to be happy" to "to be homosexual" ? Nobody advocates that cause . If you can't take this "liberal" use of the word than I suggest you leave the internet forever. Shit be messed up like that in this bitch.

we are all gay sometimes on Jun 13, 2013


Who cares if you are a homosexual.It's your sex life, do what you want. Just don't be gay about it. See the difference? Or: Don't be a faggot about it. Get it ? The use of the word has nothing to do with sexuality.

Why so literal on Jun 14, 2013


Looks gay? These flicks are gay porn for straight guys. It's a world full of contradictions. Deal with it.

happy gay on Jun 13, 2013


Its Fed Up. And No. I still want to see it if there tons of slo-mo blood splatter everywhere & way too much action

Sky on Jun 12, 2013


Obviously a typo .Missed that one.But "thanks". To each their own I guess. I am definitely "feed" up with this style of story telling.

ridiculous on Jun 12, 2013


He looks happy ???? lol talk about a climb down later and attempt to dig yourself out a hole. Man-up and admit you made a mistake

Steven on Jun 13, 2013


???? What the fuck are you talking about ? What fucking hole ? It's an opinion. In my humble opinion it looks gay. Unrelated fact: I don't care about homosexuals one way or the other.I don't have any issues with them / you (?) in terms of sexual preference and related life choices.It's non of my fucking business. Unless they / you (?) get childish and start to dictate how I should use certain words that may or may not have anything to do with homosexual lifestyle because " feelings are hurt". Man up and swallow it.Pun intended.We all have to tolerate shit that is offensive on some level or another.It's a part of being a member of society. Don't be such a politically correct faggot. And don't mistake my foul language for hate of homosexuals.I am all for equality when it comes to marriage,law and all that legal civil rights shit.We should all be equal before the law.And as far as I'm concerened homosexual people are equal in any other respect.We are all just a bunch of assholes.Yes ,even women. But I despise politically correct bullshit language,because idiots who advocate it are too literal most of the time and take things out of context.But whatever."I am digging a hole " again or something. End of rant. Now you can downvote.

ridiculous on Jun 15, 2013


Getting my oil on.

Carpola on Jun 12, 2013


The Rock is jealous of all that arm butter.

DAVIDPD on Jun 13, 2013


Dig it. I'm down.

grimjob on Jun 12, 2013


Doesn't look bad at all...but it doesn't look as amazingly awesome as the first. But sure, I'm up for more historical fantasy.

Chris Groves on Jun 12, 2013


Somebody needs a new pair of glasses.

George on Jun 16, 2013


Why is the great David Wenham not back for more ass-kicking?

Chris Groves on Jun 12, 2013


My thougts exactly

Linkfx on Jun 12, 2013


According to IMDB, he is casted.

Mark Alters on Jun 14, 2013


It's probably a small role then...or maybe it's EXCLUSIVELY for voice over narration....

Chris Groves on Jun 14, 2013


You know what? I'm interested. Count me in!

Triton on Jun 12, 2013


Wait a minute... I thought this was supposed to be a prequel to Xerxes rise?

lewinston on Jun 12, 2013


Looks all right.

Nielsen700 on Jun 12, 2013


No it does not.

Szkari on Jun 13, 2013


will certainly be a visual spectacle, ripe with gore and action, Im sure acting and story will be soso. Looks like a matenee.

Brian Sleider on Jun 12, 2013


Is this coming out for Xbox 360 or PS3? The graphics look to outdated to be for the next Gen

N. on Jun 12, 2013


missing awesome quotes the first 300 trailers had.

Tyrell Antonio on Jun 12, 2013


After seeing Man of Steel, I'm pretty much done with Zack Snyder. That film was a big let down especially after the insane marketing campaign. I should've known better after reading his Prequel Comic. They just took the Superman mythos and turned it upside down in a very bad way. I wish they could've done what Grant Morrison did with All Star Superman. Embrace the source material, good and bad, and make it sing.

All Star on Jun 12, 2013


301? 🙂

HyperJ on Jun 13, 2013


Eva Green seems like she's playing a villain, I wasn't aware.

Chris Groves on Jun 13, 2013


I like this style of 300 a lot. Will definitely be seeing this.

cobrazombie on Jun 13, 2013


lol horse underwater jump so bad

bad on Jun 13, 2013


Looks epic!

Jackmooney9 on Jun 13, 2013


Oh Yeah. Dumb FUN!

DAVIDPD on Jun 13, 2013


Lena Headey and Eva Green = sold. Sometimes, I'm simple like that.

Ali Miller on Jun 13, 2013


I'll see it.

Xerxexx on Jun 13, 2013


This is great! dynamic just like first

Bob on Jun 13, 2013


I hope we see Eva greens tits in slo mo

sdotkillsalot on Jun 13, 2013


at least they didn't cast a bunch of white guys who have British accents to play Greeks.

karl on Jun 13, 2013


300 was a decent movie, now everyone has jumped on the band-wagon i think this is a few years too late (8 to be exact). I'm rather watch Gigli then this movie. o_O

Luke Hanna on Jun 13, 2013


You lie.

cobrazombie on Jun 13, 2013

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