Whedon Chats Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver in 'Avengers 2' on Fallon

May 25, 2013
Source: NBC

Joss Whedon / Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch

A nugget of comic book news for fans to chew on this holiday weekend. To promote the upcoming release of his new Shakespeare film Much Ado About Nothing, writer/director Joss Whedon appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this Friday evening and ended up chatting a bit about The Avengers 2. While they're still in the middle of early pre-production and casting on the Marvel Studios superhero sequel, Whedon did confirm that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will be new characters added to the next one. Not a spoiler, just a confirmation. He also briefly explains why he wanted to add these two to the roster this time around.

The full video with Whedon can be seen below via NBC, however here are the key quotes from his interview:

"There are new characters. I've already said that we're going to have a brother/sister team, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who were great mainstays of The Avengers when I was reading the comics as a kid."

"Besides the fact that I grew up reading them, their powers are very visually interesting. One of the problems I had on the first one was, everybody basically had punchy powers. 'I can hit,' 'I can also hit.' Hopefully it didn't get too boring. But coming into the second one, [Quicksilver]'s got super speed. [Scarlet] can weave spells and a little telekinesis, get inside your head. There's good stuff that they can do that will help sort of keep it fresh."

For anyone confused by what exactly he's talking about, here is a quick breakdown on the characters. The two are mutants, brother and sister, with Quicksilver possessing superhuman speed and Scarlet Witch able to control probability, or the power to alter reality, which should make for an interesting twist in the next movie. The pair were originally recruited by their father Magneto after he saves Scarlet Witch when she accidentally causes a house to burst into fire. They come from the X-Men universe, but are being crossed over, though exact details on how are unknown. Though it's cool to see Whedon talking openly about them.

At the moment we're still waiting for casting on these two characters and other details that slip out. I'm also curious if we'll see other characters in the mix, like Ant-Man, or if there's already a big enough ensemble being planned for Avengers 2. Disney/Marvel has the sequel set for release in May 2015 a few years away.

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Marvel has the rights to these characters? Does this mean we could see the Wolverine in the next Avengers...?

Grey on May 25, 2013


Nope, Fox owns Wolverine, The thing is, Marvel Studios cannot mention that they are Mutants or Magneto's Kids, Fox cannot mention that they were part of the Avengers.

TigerClaw305 on May 25, 2013


Sounds great (?!)

capitandelespacio on May 26, 2013


So....different actors as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in X-Men and Avengers??? Am I reading this right? Didn't X-Men just cast Quicksilver yesterday?

golddigger99 on May 25, 2013


This is why it's a big deal. They both are starting to say they want them for their respective films.

DAVIDPD on May 25, 2013


Es entstand aus meiner Poopsinschnaft :o)

LV 426 on May 25, 2013


The real concern is that TOO much is getting crammed into this film. Nolan tried to do that with the Dark Knight Rises and it hurt the film in the end. Hopeful that won't happen here, but not overly optimistic presently.

quazimotto on May 25, 2013


Oh quit yer bitching. Just like the rest of us, you have no idea how much is "crammed" into this film, because a bare handful of people know exactly who's in it and what it's about. Adding new characters was always going to happen, but given disputes with pay going on at the moment, there is always the possibility that Whedon will be forced to write some of the first group out of the second movie.

AnotherDan on May 25, 2013


It has been speculated that Hawkeye might not return, I mean not all characters have to return, that being said even with a larger cast this could work, The Dark Knight Rises did not work because of the immensity in the number of characters but because of the way it was paced (In my opinion) not to mention that when Bruce was trying to escape it felt rush we really didn't see him gain his will back. It was just like he's weak and out of nowhere *bam!* he's all fixed up, escapes, and conveniently gets to Gotham the day the bomb would blow up. But the character who did bother me was Thalia, she had a rushed death and I didn't like her development or the way that Bane was taken care of. But then again I might be too biased when it comes to the faults of The Dark Knight Rises, so don't take my comment too seriously I am simply trying to express my opinion, I do see where you were going with your comment as too many characters can affect the product just like in Spider-Man 3.

Fidel Reyes on May 25, 2013


I find it highly suspicious that not too long after Joss stated his intent to include Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in Avengers 2 that Quicksilver suddenly is being included in Days of Future Past by Bryan Singer. I haven't read the original comics, but from what I understand of the synopsis from the Marvel Wiki, Quicksilver wasn't even in Mystique's Brotherhood group. I bet he's been shoehorned in by Fox and Singer/Schuler Donner in response to finding out that Marvel are using them.

AnotherDan on May 25, 2013


A-freaken-men! Amen!

Fidel Reyes on May 25, 2013


Or they have struck a deal to both include him as a cross-over thing

Spirre on May 26, 2013


That or maybe just maybe some where down the road the 2 studios will realize they have to stop pretending like there characters arent in the same universe and maybe they will sit down for the fans.....its a wet dream but it could happen. Imagine an X men-Avengers crossover movie my god.

Cody W on May 26, 2013


They already *are* allowed to share Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. This had been reported by many people already on many sites, but to recap, the "supposed" deal between Marvel and Fox is such that Marvel can use them as Avengers as long as they don't refer to them as mutants or Magneto's children, and Fox can use them as long as they don't refer to them being Avengers - which I highly doubt they ever would have anyway. My whole problem with them announcing that they suddenly want to include Quicksilver is that they have done so in such a short time after it was confirmed that Joss was writing them into Avengers 2 that it seems like Singer must have literally said "put them in, I don't care how or for how long, but just put them in...". Add this to the fact that DoFP is coming out sooner than Avengers 2...honestly, I call BS on Singer and Fox. It's seems like a legal nightmare that only has the potential to screw Marvel when Fox release their version first. As for crossovers between Fox and Marvel or Sony and Marvel, personally I must be one of the only people who *doesn't* want to see this due to the godawful rubbish that Sony and Fox are producing with Marvel's licenses. But that's just me...

AnotherDan on May 26, 2013


^ What this guy said on all points^. Thank you. I highly doubt that there is any crossover taking place. I'm also surprised that so many people would like to see that happen. The X-men movies are already having trouble keeping their stuff consistent so why would anyone want that trouble and nonsense included in the pretty solid avengers universe. I know action-wise it would be awesome but I'm pretty sure the overall story would suffer.

Fort on May 26, 2013


I agree in a way, I just wish they could get back to X1 and X2 days, those 2 were great but ever since then they havent put out one solid film.

Cody W on May 26, 2013


Potentially opening myself up to a lot of grief by saying this, but I kinda disagree. I never really liked *any* of the X-Men movies, and that includes 1 and 2, mostly because Fox and Singer just did whatever they felt like with the X-Men universe, rather than sticking closer to the source material. I can understand bringing Wolverine into the mix immediately as he's a huge draw-card in the X-Universe, and their casting choices for Scott, Jean, Logan and Xavier (can't fault Ian McKellen as Magneto, but he didn't really seem the best choice to me - just my opinion!) were inspired, but the rest of the cast, the team make-up for both X-Men and the Brotherhood, and finally the plot itself were rather sub-par. Dont get me wrong, I mean I enjoyed the first movie well enough when it came out, I was a lot younger then, but I honestly much prefer what Marvel Studios is doing with their material than anything Fox and Sony are doing. I'm not a purist by any stretch of the imagination, but if you're going to take someone else's work and reimagine it, then why would you change it to such a degree that it barely resembles the original work anymore? But that's me...

AnotherDan on May 27, 2013


i know scarlet which plays a big deal in the comics killing a lot of them off

whoyou on May 26, 2013


killing mutants off that is

whoyou on May 26, 2013


Too bad about the whole rights-thing because I would love to see Spider-man and Wolverine both join the Avengers

Hans on May 27, 2013


and Robot Spider body Chewbacca

Dan Hibiki on May 27, 2013

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