Worth Watching: Wolverine-Inspired Scandinavian Short Film 'Logan'

January 8, 2013

Logan Short Film

"Tell me who you are!" There is a worth watching short film going around the web called Logan, that is indeed inspired by a certain comic book character of the same name. It's made by two Swedish filmmakers named André Hedetoft and Andreas Climent, a regular reader of FS who has been emailing about it as well. The short is out in full via Vimeo and stars Tobias Nilsson as "Logan", plus Kola Krauze ("Wallander") and Deepak Tara. This is described simply as "a dark Scandinavian spin on the origin of Wolverine." Obviously it gets a bit bloody, but beyond that it's just a well-made short film. And it's all in English. Enjoy!

Logan is short action thriller with comic book inspiration directed by Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft. Embedded in high def from Vimeo. The music is by S. Peace Nistades ("Dragon Age: Redemption"). As explained in the summary, the short was filmed on Canon 60D and Canon 5D Mark II cameras with the Cinestyle profile. This was an intriguing little short and I'm glad it's out and available for free and easy viewing by everyone, spread the word if you like it. Hopefully we get to see more from these two Swedish filmmakers in the near future. For more on Logan, visit the official site or Facebook. What did you think?

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Pretty good. Would have liked to see the claws even if they were shadows.

doasis23 on Jan 8, 2013



Carpola on Jan 8, 2013


Need to work on the sound recording.

nha on Jan 8, 2013



ragethorn on Jan 8, 2013



Meh. on Jan 8, 2013


Not bad. IMHO, it suffers from filmmakers too much in love with shots to trim them down. Pacing is much too slow and the acting, though decent, is not strong enough to justify the plodding rhythm of the piece. Could have been tightened up dramatically. The sound levels were way too hot and distorted in places. Lighting and image quality were okay but bad sound makes any picture look cheap. Still, these guys did alright and should be encouraged.

Brad Stephens on Jan 8, 2013


Thanks Brad, really appreciate it. The sound distorts during one of the screams but overall I feel pretty happy with the final sound mix Alkaloide Music Productions did for us. It's possible that we got a bit blind to the issues with sound or editing you're talking about since we worked on the post-production for such a long time. We did cut it down quite a bit from the first cut which had a different opening where Logan is tied to a chair, tries to get free and falls over, but ultimately didn't really add anything to the film. Overall, considering that we shot it in one night with a very tight schedule, I feel happy with the finished film, but with that said, we're already working on three new shorts and will try to learn from all the feedback on Logan and make sure the next ones are even better =)

Andreas Climent on Jan 9, 2013


I've made a few shorts and watched many more in my day. My observations are informed these experiences. Having said that, y'all are on the right track. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Brad Stephens on Jan 9, 2013


I want those 5mins back, what utter bullshit. But +1 for effort.

David Banner on Jan 8, 2013


Thanks man =) Sorry that it didn't live up to your expectations, but I appreciate that you took the time to watch it and write a comment. Hopefully our next short will be good enough that you'll feel you got the 5 minutes back, hehe.

Andreas Climent on Jan 9, 2013


It looks good, well shot and lightning is nice also. They were able to get some tensions in some moments, but it lacks in story. Beating him up just to get his name seems kinda harsh. Even what is the point of knowing his name? It looks as if they just made it up for this interrogation scene they wanted to shoot, but it gives no reall understanding of why and what is happening. They should def keep going!

AJ on Jan 9, 2013


Thanks AJ! We're working on a few different projects. Encouraging comments like yours means a lot =) The mystery is very much intentional since the original concept was for the audience to not know that it was Wolverine until the very end. We've discovered that it's hard to spread the word about a superhero short without every publication revealing that in their headlines though, hehe.

Andreas Climent on Jan 9, 2013


Oh, this helps understanding why all the fuzz about his name. But maybe it would have been better if the interrogation was focused more on something he was locked in for in the first place and he would get mad at the end showing some claws in the shadows or somethig that would reveal the character. You are right about the news to make wind it has to be in the title, which ruines the surprise. CAnt wait too see some more stuff like this! I really like this short films!

AJ on Jan 9, 2013


Loved it. Great work! Can only imagine the payoff, had we not known it was a superhero short! But totally understand what you said about having to spread the word with the title. Can't wait to see more.

GWills on Jan 9, 2013


Thanks GWillis! =)

Andreas Climent on Jan 9, 2013



kash on Jan 9, 2013


Why didn't the character just slice those guys up at the very start?

Kaim on Jan 10, 2013


Good question right? We really want the audience to interpret things for themselves while watching, but since I feel up for it, I'll explain a bit of the backstory we wrote: In our version, Logan has only used his claws once before, when trying to protect his mother and accidentally killing his abusive stepfather. He is on the run, afraid of what he might be. Afraid of the claws and the "monster" living inside of him. He isn't entirely sure how to bring out the claws and the last time it happened, it really, really hurt. He can heal, but he feels pain like the rest of us. He travels by boat from Canada to Norway and after some time sneaks into a cargo truck passing the border into Sweden. The truck happens to be an illegal gun transport and when the ex military arms smugglers find him inside, they capture him, wanting to make sure who he is and if anyone else was with him before they kill him. That's when the short starts. Logan is afraid of the guards and he is afraid of his claws. It's only when he realises that he has to embrace who he is to survive that he "becomes" Wolverine. I probably wrote too much now, but hopefully you'll get what we were trying to do with the short. Thanks for watching! =)

Andreas Climent on Jan 11, 2013


So did he kill them? =p

Matthew on Jan 16, 2013

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