Zachary Levi Hints 'Veronica Mars' Success May Allow 'Chuck' Movie

March 15, 2013
Source: EW


This week, the online world has been abuzz with the success of the long gestating Veronica Mars film getting a boost thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that Warner Bros. agreed would get them to make a film. As we discussed about how this success changes the game for fans getting the films they want, it sounds like there might already be at least one prospect slowly getting started. Zachary Levi (who will be seen in Thor: The Dark World) got fans of the now completed NBC series Chuck all excited when he hinted this might finally be the breakthrough he needs to get a film version of the action comedy series off the ground.

EW points our attention to these two Twitter updates from the actor:

Now this doesn't mean that there are any official plans, but you can bet that Levi has begun looking into getting a campaign together to get Chuck off the ground. After all,Levi has tried this before. The actor talked about his previous attempt to get a film to the fans before:

"I went to both [executive producer] Chris Fedak and [Warner Bros. Television president] Peter Roth at the very end of the fifth season and said, ‘Hey what if we made an online movie and just sold it directly to fans? We could keep this going. It could be fun.’ Even though that was only a few years ago, we’re obviously at a different time.

All I can say at this point is that because Veronica Mars, like Chuck, is a Warner Bros. [production], and because Warner Bros. has now opened that gate, I feel confident in being able to get the same results for a Chuck movie. If Warner Bros. is game, I’ve got great ideas for what the movie would be that I’m very excited about.”

Levi also talks about how other avenues besides Kickstarter could be used to fund the film, though in this day and age, and how fast information spreads on the web, it seems like the easiest place to start. It helps that Chuck is also under the Warner Bros. Television banner, but perhaps the studio will wait to see how Veronica Mars plays out before taking on another project like this. Of course, there's no telling if Chuck has as rabid a fanbase as Veronica Mars. As a fan of the former show who never watched the latter, I can say that Chuck has some dedicated fans, but it might not be enough.

Either way, Levi is grateful for the show that helped launch his career, and it sounds like he just wants to give the fans something in return for their loyalty. After all, even if you're not a fan of the show, an action comedy with some nerdy spies, accompanied by Adam Baldwin and the stunning Yvonne Strahovski sounds like fun. And Levi wll try his best saying, "Field of Dreams it. If you build it, they will come. You’ve got to believe that if you have something good, people will believe in it.” Do you want a Chuck movie?

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I think Chuck has a "rabid" enough fanbase.

$45974493 on Mar 15, 2013


If projects like this are to be successful, certain sites on the web, places that are reference points in the maelstrom that is the daily production of information, need to talk about them. Firstshowing is doing this, and I thank them. Many other websites who concern themselves with film news are too. Thank you! They all need to recognize the important part they play in leading these attempts to fruition. Keeping up with how these projects develop, from absurd crowdfunding success to the day of their release, may keep them in the public eye long enough to perhaps turn them into even bigger events that could help them become references themselves, later being the inspiration for more attempts of this kind, if not bigger. It's about building a momentum, trying to keep everyone in the loop and interested in the outcome of this experiment and keeping it alive, fun and fresh. I have no problem with a big studio backing it up for things like marketting If information passes by enough people, and if that information is put forward in an intriguing way, in a way that makes it seem like we're dealing with exciting new ground - which we are, it is no lie! - I have no doubt "Chuck" will get its own film made. Giving those who are part of these projects a place to talk directly to the fans would also be a cool idea, but I guess Twitter is enough (?) ... I think the highest peak we could reach with this wave would be to crowdsource the funding for a "Firefly" film. Or a film for the "24" series. I also have my worries that "Game of Thrones" won't reach its 8th planned season. Having this method as a kind of backup would be crucial to see it all completely done, which, to a geek like me, needs to happen so I can go to my grave in peace. Being one of the most pirated tv series ever, I have no doubt that, if they ever came into difficult territory, and if they asked for help honestly and transparently, they would get enough help, and end up making TV history in their desperation. By the way, I'm not even from the US. I'm portuguese, which makes it even clearer to me how these things can go global with the right infrastructure in place, which we may not have yet.

JPCaetano on Mar 15, 2013


just kill me now.

Angry Chief on Mar 17, 2013


Why do you want to be killed after reading my post?

JPCaetano on Mar 17, 2013


I also heard that there may be kickstarter for PUSHING DAISIES! I love these types of news.

Mufasa on Mar 16, 2013


That would be so amazing!

Davide Coppola on Mar 16, 2013


I'm in for a Chuck movie! It would be great to see Zac, Yvonne, and Adam on screen together again.

dontfreakout on Mar 16, 2013


I used to enjoy Chuck but towards the end, it felt like they were just phoning it in, between the endless Subway and car adverts.

Chris on Mar 17, 2013

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