20th Century Fox Finally Making 'Deadpool' Movie for February 2016

September 18, 2014
Source: THR


The power of social media and the positive reaction to a leaked test reel for an adaptation of the Marvel Comics hero known as the Merc with a Mouth has pushed 20th Century Fox to set a Deadpool movie for release on February 12th, 2016. From their official Twitter account, 20th Century Fox made the announcement by linking to a story from THR that confirmed visual effects wizard Tim Miller is still set to direct the film for the studio. And it's presumed that Ryan Reynolds is still attached to star, since he's been a big part of getting this project made and starred in the test reel, but there's no deal locked in place.

Here's 20th Century Fox's official update on Twitter announcing the long-awaited Deadpool movie:

And here's Deadpool co-writer Rhett Reese's efforts to get support for the film on Twitter:

This is such awesome news for fans who have waited to see Deadpool get the proper treatment since he was so poorly handled in the atrocious mess that was X-Men Origins : Wolverine. Coincidentally enough, Reynolds was just asked by Niagara Falls Review in Canada (via about the fan reaction and social media support of the project that spawned from the test reel and he said, "There was such an overpowering reaction to the footage, you sort of feel like, ‘Oh, so we weren’t crazy for our reasons for loving this character, for loving this role.’ It’s interesting to see the power of the Internet. It’s awe-inspiring, actually." So get ready for some wise-cracking and ass-kicking in 2016. Everyone excited?

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Finally, it's about time! Now I just hope they cut back on the extreme violence, suggestive content, and language Deadpool was in the comics to make it PG-13 and it would be perfect. That way a Deadpool film would be able to be seen by a much wider audience which would give it a better chance with an audience. It would also make sense since Deadpool has recently appeared on the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, just watch it and you will see how Deadpool could work in a more light tone than aggressive. You just need smart comedy and wit to make a good Deadpool film. I even think Fox can agree an R Rating would be an unneeded risk.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 18, 2014


I can't tell if you're being serious or not

Jon Odishaw on Sep 18, 2014


Since you clearly have not read my comment am going to explain yet again. A Deadpool film would only work if it's viewed by a much wider audience. See what I mean now? I don't believe slapping an R Rating on this would help at all. The character just doesn't need to rely on the fans only but people who love the fun of the genre in general. Do you think Guardians of The Galaxy would have made the same amount of big bucks at the box office with an R Rating? No of course it wouldn't. Now GOTG had lots of suggestive humor and swearing but it was still able to keep it in a PG-13 line. I don't understand people saying like oh yeah up the violence and swearing cause that's all that matters to make a good film right not like um a good a script?? Do you see what happened with the last Die Hard film? Oh great it had an R Rating, was the film any good And which company released that? Fox. Deadpool has even been in Ultimate Spider-Man a cartoon meant for kids! Somehow they were able to translate that character in an animated series for kids and it worked! It may have not been violent but it still perfectly kept the level of humor you would see normally within Deadpool's character.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 18, 2014


but the people who got the film green lit are the same folks that are fans of the bloody adult comics.

Ryan on Sep 18, 2014


No, the people who have to get the film green lit are the heads of the studio at Fox.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 18, 2014


They wouldn't have given the movie a thought if it weren't for the fans' response to the leaked footage.

stavi82 on Sep 18, 2014


You're in the wrong place

Jon Odishaw on Sep 18, 2014


How mature, you should really learn to respect the opinions of others. If you don't have something smart to say then don't reply back. Am sure many others would agree with me.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 18, 2014


It took a lot to not tell you what I really thought of your pointless 'let's make a kid friendly superhero movie even though those are already churned out at a rate of four per year' let them give us an R rated superhero movie. Who gives a fuck if your kids can't see the movie. Watch any of the dozens of pg 13 marvel movies again. I'm immature, I love carnage and I fucking love swearing. Guess what? There are a shit load of people like me that will see this movie and prefer it as an R rated gore fest. Which response did you prefer?

Jon Odishaw on Sep 18, 2014


Am sorry but I have to disagree, PG-13 instantly means kid friendly? look at The Dark Knight for example and how extremely gritty and violent that was. PG-13 is pushing the boundaries of what it can do today and there is no reason a Deadpool film can not fit in that limit. Like Ritchie said all you need for a successful film is a SMART script and that doesn't always have to equal violence. Was The Wolverine a terrible film because it was PG-13? Even though Wolverine is a violent character did the movie rely on it? It could have went outside his boundaries from the X-Men films but they didn't need too. It focused on the story which is what matters the most.

Jordan Odinson on Sep 18, 2014


Thank you, at least someone has common sense here!

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 18, 2014


And also people should compare the box office numbers from an R comic book film to a PG-13 today. The last R Rated comic book film I remember was Watchmen and that did not do well at the box office at all. It may have been successful with the fans of the comic in general but towards a wider audience it did not work in that sense.

Jordan Odinson on Sep 18, 2014


Stfu already.

Guest on Sep 18, 2014


Hahaha seriously.

Michael on Sep 18, 2014


Haha I posted the same thing with an image of Loki saying it, but I guess didn't approve it.

JBroti on Sep 19, 2014


I didn't mean to associate pg 13 with kid friendly. He sounds like an angry parents who wants to see Deadpool with his 7 year old and his 5 year old. Also his allusion to ultimate spider man. That's why I used to the words kid and friendly.

Jon Odishaw on Sep 18, 2014


Look as I have said in my previous comment below I understand how people want to see Deadpool as he really is from the comics to the screen, I understand the need for wanting your own character that you love properly adapted. But like I am saying, it doesn't always work. Wolverine is a pretty violent and gritty character. He has claws on his hands he could rip people into shreds, heck if they let Wolverine go all out the X-Men films would have been an instant R. But somehow they managed to contain the character of Wolverine while also pleasing the fans, it was a win win situation. Also to note the first X-Men film lead to the revival of comic book films in this decade. It did well and spawned an entire franchise, well some not so great films but what franchise doesn't come with the cost of rough corners?

Jordan Odinson on Sep 18, 2014


I agree with you. It doesn't HAVE to be R rated. But Deadpool is different from wolverine and batman. He has an R rated sense of humour. To fully capture the character you can't have limits to what you can say.

Jon Odishaw on Sep 18, 2014


Well do you think it could make for a more funny premise for the film? Deadpool having to deal with censorship and trying to stay within limits all while acknowledging he is trying to make his own movie. Like that in mind there are ways you can go around it. And there could still be swear words and loads of suggestive humour. It could be taken in a more goofy sense. Yes I would like to see Deadpool as an R Rating too but I just have a feeling it wouldn't work.

Jordan Odinson on Sep 18, 2014


I don't, I agree with Jon Odishaw. Deadpool is one of the few comic characters that NEEDS to be rated R. Who cares if PG13 allows more to see it, that's not the point, the point is to make a movie based off a character's actual identity. To hold back any of one his crude language, gorey violence won't be Deadpool, it'd be some knock off-wannabe character. I also like how all he said was "You're in the wrong place" and you immediately say he's being immature and disrespectful. Pretty much if anyone disagrees with you (whether it's a "smart" answer or not) you immediately, ALWAYS start an argument.

JBrotsis on Sep 18, 2014


Your opinion is wrong though, How ever like all marvel movies it will likely have no blood and since its deadpool it will be huge on swearing (thank fuck). It'll be M as much as we can dream it will be R.

Kirky on Sep 19, 2014


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IPoemoss1772 on Sep 18, 2014


Better be rated R! Regardless, I'm so pumped!

JBrotsis on Sep 18, 2014


Chicka-chicka-yeah! I don't want to say we made this happen, but WE MADE THIS HAPPEN. Here, HERE!!!

DAVIDPD on Sep 18, 2014


Blade was rated R and really saved Marvel from bankruptcy.

mooreworthy on Sep 18, 2014


Pretty sure this will be bad.

Brian Sleider on Sep 18, 2014


Its about godamn bloody c0ck sucking time

redskulllives on Sep 18, 2014


Fuck yeah.

Xerxexx on Sep 18, 2014


In the words of Rocket Raccoon: "Oh... YEAH."

Jaycer17 on Sep 18, 2014


Hell yeah! Can't wait, hope Ryan Reynolds gets the role he was born to play and it better bet rated R. Will be cool if they integrate him into the X-Men universe, I know they're trying to be very ambitious (X-Force and standalone Gambit) maybe DP could get a Black Widow-sized role in one of the ones coming up (please mix Pool and Cable).

si1ver on Sep 18, 2014


Please be rated R, please be rated R, please be rated R!!!

CosminD on Sep 18, 2014


It won't be more than likely, only because Marvel movies have been very tame. Even the Test footage had no blood (Like all Marvel movies). It will be likely M :/ Even though we can dream that it will be R.

Kirky on Sep 19, 2014


Am I the only one who thinks Ryan Reynolds doesn't belong in action movies? He had no badass attitude over him so he can only work in comedy's...

Avi on Sep 19, 2014


I'm not an expert but isn't that ideal for this character?

OfficialJab on Sep 19, 2014


I am no expert either, it's only a observation... I've never seena good action of him onley safe house, but denzel was in it... Do sidekick yes but a leading part noop!

Avi on Sep 19, 2014


Dear Lord Jesus If it be your will please this R-rated! Amen!

Luke Murphy on Sep 19, 2014


Adding another 'rated R' comment to this comment page. Just want to see what Fox can do if they let themselves.

OfficialJab on Sep 19, 2014


PG13 = shit!

Rock n Rollllll on Sep 19, 2014


Parents will still take their kids to see this if it's rated R, they'll just tell them to make sure they dont repeat what they see or hear. That always works out, right?

mooreworthy on Sep 19, 2014


We did now! Apologies for the delay. 🙂

Alex Billington on Sep 19, 2014


No worries Alex. Under your hand, I'll take the delay. You probably agree too lol

JBrotsis on Sep 25, 2014


I think that Deadpool being rated R isn't needed as much for the violence but for the language. The comics can avoid this by using "#%#%" for the expletives. My understating is that the same script that leaked online a couple of years back is going to be used and that was very much rated R, along with being hilarious and very true to what Deadpool is all about. I know studios have an aversion to making R rated blockbusters, but with the February release date and the smaller budget, a R rated Deadpool shouldn't be THAT big of a gamble. Considering the fan reaction and the massive outcry for a true, uncensored Deadpool movie seems just as loud as the demand for the movie itself, I think Fox should let Deadpool be Deadpool, MPAA be damned.

AdamRanRuss on Sep 19, 2014



Joker Girl on Sep 20, 2014


Thanks god!

Бабак on Sep 20, 2014

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