AFI Names 'Boyhood,' 'Interstellar' & More as the Top Films of 2014

December 8, 2014

Boyhood / Interstellar

There's just over three weeks left in 2014, and while there are still some films that have yet to get a wide release, much of the press and awards correspondents have already seen the films that are likely to be rounded up for Oscar nominations and whatnot next year. That means more and more end of the year lists will be counting down the Top 10 Films of 2014, and the latest is the American Film Institute (AFI). And while the institute had a hard time narrowing down their list this year (they've listed 11 films instead of just 10), they've included one potentially questionable title. Check out the list of AFI's Movies of the Year!

Here's the American Film Institute's picks for the Best Films of 2014 straight from AFI:

American Sniper
Birdman (Or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
The Imitation Game
Into the Woods

In case you haven't already raised your eyebrow, Into the Woods is the film that seems a little out of place. Of course, I haven't seen it yet, but the fairytale musical just doesn't feel like one of those movies that is one of the best of 2014, especially considering all the spectacular indie films that are out there getting tons of acclaim. However, I'm very pleased to see films like Whiplash, Boyhood and Nightcrawler on that list (it would be nice if they all got Best Picture nominations too). And if I'm honest, I'm glad that Interstellar got some love. It's a divisive film, but it's ambitious, grand and powerful. Thoughts on AFI's picks?

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Finally caught BOYHOOD. Winner. That is all.

DAVIDPD on Dec 8, 2014


I think the race for Best Pic will be between Unbroken and Boyhood.

Glorious_Cause on Dec 8, 2014


Boyhood should win, I wish interstellar to win but I Know .. too successful, too intelligent and critics are too dumb and so is the jury (they are pretentious). Boyhood deserves it, but I am afraid dumb jury won't give to it.

fevasu on Dec 9, 2014


Movies like Godzilla and Prometheus are divisive fims because its either you liked it or you didnt, even those of us who like it don't consider them masterpieces. But Interstellar is not divisive. It is a freaking masterpiece and should take home a few awards. The people who make it appear divisive by complaining to no end are just looking for attention. There are no good arguments against it. Waaaah the music was too loud, waaaah I couldn't hear what michael caine said. Did you see that shit??? have you ever felt more in space? will you EVER get that close to experiencing a black hole? sorry for the rant

Jon Odishaw on Dec 8, 2014


The problem with it is that he made space boring. I feel like Gravity is a far superior space film.

MattPeloquin on Dec 8, 2014


yeah....and a Big Mac is a better piece of meat than Filet Mignon

Trey Wilson on Dec 8, 2014


I liked Gravity plenty. but its like comparing apples with oranges, sure they are both space films but they set out to achieve very different things.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 9, 2014


Sorry, but I gotta agree with Matt. I have felt more in space before, in gravity, 2001, and alien, to name a few. I wont get very close to a blackhole, hopefully, but i did prefer the wormhole sequence in 2001 by quite a bit. And there are some fairly good arguments against the film, and I would agree with a couple of them. That said, while i do think Nolan has kind of lost his touch in post-TDK years, and this film really wasnt my cup of tea, I can see why it was on this list for sure and I wont try to argue against it. it has its place and technically was pretty impressive (though lets not pretend it was more of a technical achievement than gravity was a year ago. Please dont make me explain why.)

jay on Dec 8, 2014


Gravity may have been a greater technical achievement, but Interstellar--despite all plotholes and arguable criticisms (like pacing)--has still a far superior screenplay that marries perfectly with its grandiose visuals (as opposed to the great claustrophobic visuals in Gravity solely saving the film). That, I find personally, makes it a better film in my eyes. That being said, the space atmosphere is indeed a far cry from Alien and not to mention 2001 (to which Gravity comes closer--but only visually).

Terry Craig on Dec 8, 2014


name one plothole...I think idiots like you don't even know what the word means

Trey Wilson on Dec 8, 2014


Whoa there, settle down, fanboy - we get it, you love Nolan... yeesh.

Terry Craig on Dec 9, 2014


hahahahahh....post TDK includes Inception and Interstellar both of which are in the IMDB's top 20 all time and TDKR which is in it's top 100. HAHAHAHAH....Nolan haters are so stupid

Trey Wilson on Dec 8, 2014


And, as we can see here, Nolan blind fanboys have a lot of free time to boost his rtings.

Butchy Butch on Dec 8, 2014


I didnt like inception, it lacked heart. Maybe thats why I loved Interstellar, because I didnt go in with crazy expectations.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 9, 2014


Well, first of all, Im not a Nolan hater. TDK and Memento are two of my favorite movies, and I hold the prestige in very high regard. Scondly, can we PLEASE not use the imdb top 250 as an accurate meter by which we gauge the objective quality of movies? Lets keep in mind that that same list puts both interstellar and inception above One flew over the cuckoo's nest, Goodfellas, the Matrix, Seven Samurai, City of God, Casablanca, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Psycho, and Apocalypse Now, all of which i think are universally accepted as superior movies to those two particular nolan films, (and thats only in the top 50 listed. there were plenty of other iconic movies i could have listed here that are even further down on the list.) Also that list apparently considers Toy story 3, UP, Pans labyrinth, Guardians of the Galaxy, Gran Torino, Warrior, Days of future past, Harry potter 7 pt. 2, and The Help among the best movies EVER MADE. Clearly that list is not something you are going to be able to convince me to change my opinion with. (Just for the record, all of the movies listed at any point on this post are wonderful movies, and i like pretty much all of them a lot, but to consider the former list as all inferior to inception, and the latter list as among the top 250 movies EVER is frankly insulting to the film medium. just saying.)

jay on Dec 9, 2014


I liked Interstellar, but it's no masterpiece, it's not even Nolan's best. The ending wasn't good imo. But opinions man, they're so weird!

Ricardo_PT on Dec 8, 2014


It is a masterpiece

Trey Wilson on Dec 8, 2014


If its not Nolans best its a close second after memento

Jon Odishaw on Dec 9, 2014


well, if the choice is gravity or interstellar - interstellar for sure. I could hardly sit through gravity - not good at all.

dan on Dec 8, 2014


off yourself please

Trey Wilson on Dec 8, 2014


No Guardians? List irrelevant. AFI credibility now zero.

avconsumer2 on Dec 9, 2014


Only the first half of Into the Woods is the fairy tale musical you expect. The second half is very dark, morally ambiguous, and many characters die. The point of the story is that most fairy tales don't teach children how complex and hard life is.

Prestron on Dec 9, 2014


Linklater is basically indie god! He makes consistently fantastic movies! Boyhood should win Best Picture Academy/Golden Globe. Birdman is utter crap, Michael Keaton cashing on his Batman days all of a sudden, now that Batman is hot, pathetic attempt at a story and movie, no winks don't count as being meta. Birdman is the most pretentious piece of shit ever.

fevasu on Dec 9, 2014


I really need you to calm down.

jay on Dec 9, 2014

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