Anthony & Joe Russo Will Also Direct 'Captain America 3' for Marvel

January 28, 2014
Source: Variety

Captain America

While Marvel is still working on finishing up Captain America: The Winter Soldier for release in April, they know who they want to direct for a third installment in the comic book franchise. Variety reports the directing team of Anthony & Joe Russo, who were brought on to direct the second film in the Captain America series, will come back for Captain America 3, however, the film hasn't officially been greenlit. Supposedly, official negotiations will not begin until after The Winter Soldier hits theaters, but executives at Marvel are so pleased with the results of the next installment, they definitely want to bring the duo back.

Of course, it's still early for speculation on Captain America 3, mainly because we don't know what happens in The Winter Soldier, or how events in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man might effect the Marvel universe. And as if there was any doubt, Chris Evans will return as Steve Rogers and Kevin Feige will be producing. A writer and release date have yet to be determined, but the Russo brothers are already working with Marvel on an outline of the story for the third film's story arc. The earliest we could see this sequel would be 2016, and there's already an empty slot with no title attached yet which happens to be the same date that Batman vs. Superman moved into earlier this month. Thoughts?

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So there's no reason to worry about Cap'n in this next one, right?

Greg dinskisk on Jan 28, 2014


Did you really think there was reason to worry before the news?

Nielsen700 on Jan 28, 2014


No, but they aren't even putting up an illusion of tension anymore.... That's what's bothering me.

Greg dinskisk on Jan 28, 2014


We might still have to worry about Hawkeye and Black Widow, though! Maybe even Iron Man? With no Iron Man 4 in the works, maybe he's nearing his end. I think Hulk, Thor and Cap are good to go.

Blake Sturchio on Jan 28, 2014


Well, the "illusion of tension" pretty much went out the window when all of the original characters were confirmed to be returning for Avengers: Age of Ultron. I'm sorry, but anyone genuinely expecting the title character to die in a comic book movie is just getting their hopes up. After X-Men: The Last Stand got the heat it did for killing a few characters, it will probably never happen again. Heck, Nolan KNEW he was making his final Batman film and he still didn't kill Batman. The only characters that will ever be in 'true jeopardy' in these films are the secondary characters(Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, etc etc)

Chris Groves on Jan 29, 2014


All true, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. This is the main reason I'm pretty much done with superhero flicks. ("Pretty much," because Edgar Wright is directing one, and there's no chance I'll miss that.)

Greg dinskisk on Jan 29, 2014


Wait... you think killing off the hero is the only way to create "tension" in a story? Goddammit GRRM, look what you've wrought.

Ali Miller on Jan 29, 2014


No, killing a hero (or anyone) isn't tension. It's the RELEASE of tension. If we know that the hero is coming back, there's no tension. The tension is the worry. No worry? No tension.

Greg dinskisk on Jan 29, 2014


I guess they got approved as good lackeys. Haha...JK.

DAVIDPD on Jan 28, 2014


It's interesting. After Jon Favreau and Joss Whedon, the Russo Brothers represent only the 3rd time that the director(directors, in this case) of a film have returned for the sequel. If the original Iron Man and the first Avengers film are anything to go by...that probably means that they've done a great job with 'The Winter Soldier'. Maybe those "This is playing better than any other Marvel film with test audiences" rumors had some merit? I'm glad though, in general I like directors returning to franchises, it creates a bit of uniformity in the styles/aesthetic of the films. Curious though, Thor came out back in November, and has proven to be an outright hit(over $630 million worldwide) and no director has been announced for that, the most we've heard was "I think they are writing it". I wonder if we'll get Captain America 3 BEFORE Thor 3, despite Thor 2 preceding Captain America 2 by half a year.

Chris Groves on Jan 29, 2014


I was thinking the same thing.

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 29, 2014


Yeah I see what you mean I mean Jon Favreau's Iron-Man movies has a different atmosphere and style than Iron-Man 3, one of the things that I did not like about that film was Shane Black's style, I mean I could knick knack the plot but people also seem to bypass the fact that the directorial approach to the character(and film style) was different, I felt like Shane Back was trying to make a throwback to a 1980s action movie, didn't work for me though. Granted I did enjoy his film, but it's not one of my favorites and that's one of the few reasons.

Fidel Reyes on Jan 29, 2014


I love what Favreau did, but I went pretty crazy over Shane Black's style as well. I thought it was a real breath of fresh air, after seeing 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' I was REALLY hoping he would bring that kind of subversive, 'zig when you expect it to zag' approach to Iron Man 3, and he didn't disappoint. I loved being caught off guard by so many things, big and small, that he did in that film.

Chris Groves on Jan 29, 2014


But you have to admit that the styles did derive and it did give a very different feeling, While I did enjoy Shane's Black's film, I believe I liked Favreau's approach more, probably because Iron Man(2008) was extremely awesome and it had a fresh feeling, realistic but not dark, I felt he made Tony rise and fall better than the way that Shane Black made Tony fall and rise, nevertheless probably wasn't his fault probably just the story I guess.. Much like Thor and Thor: The Dark World, I personally like Kenneth Branagh's style of storytelling more, but I liked Taylor's representation of Asgard much more(although some places like Odin's Throne room did indeed look extremely different and much less realistic sine it wasn't an actual set) but I liked how Taylor expanded Asgard making it more Viking like and representing how more people other than the guards, knights, royals, and Heimdall lived in Asgard, it felt like Asgard was much more personal rather than just a Throne room and a rainbow bridge. But Thor's journey and the humanity in the characters was much better in Thor(2011), I might have lost my point... Well what I was trying to say was that all directors have something great and fresh to bring, but the differences between them can be pretty noticeable if one pays attention, doesn't make the movie bad or un-enjoyable, just gives it a different feel, much like how comics feel different when they change writers.

Fidel Reyes on Jan 30, 2014

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