Are 'Batman vs. Superman' & 'Justice League' Shooting Back-to-Back?

January 14, 2014
Source: Latino Review

Justice League

With the gestating Batman vs. Superman bringing on Gal Gadot as female superhero Wonder Woman, joining Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman, we know there's going to be a handful of superheroes in Zack Snyder's comic book sequel. There's even been rumors of The Flash and Green Lantern popping up at some point, and now we might have a more immediate reason for cramming in all these heroes. Latino Review is reporting that Warner Bros. wants to follow-up Batman vs. Superman with Justice League, and supposedly the studio wants to move very quickly by shooting the films back-to-back.

That would explain why casting all these extra superheroes now is necessary, and just might mean that all of them won't have significant parts, likely only appearing at the end of the film or in some sort of credits tease. The reason behind this scheduling proposal also brings another bit of recent news into play. Dwayne Johnson has met with Warner Bros. to work on an unknown DC Comics property (as the actor confirmed himself), and apparently Justice League just might be that project. This back-to-back schedule would make sense since Johnson said he would be working on this DC project in 2014.

Otherwise, there are two big reasons to shoot the films back-to-back. First of all, Warner Bros. wants to maximize the schedules of their more busy talents like Ben Affleck (who also has a successful career directing), Henry Cavill (who is in demand for other work) and Johnson (who can't seem to stop working). In addition, Batman vs. Superman is said to end with an "insane cliffhanger" and also a teaser that will lead right into Justice League, and the studio wants to deliver the follow-up within a year to keep the excitement going. It doesn't necessarily shake things up against Marvel, but it's certainly a bold move.

Again, this all should be taken with a grain of salt, but this plan seems like the only way to catch up to Marvel quickly, and keep fans interested. However, we're hoping that Warner Bros. isn't getting careless with their superhero ensemble just because they're desperate to match Marvel's success with The Avengers. They'll have a leg-up by getting to their ensemble more quickly than the five years it took for The Avengers to assemble after Iron Man in 2007, but that won't mean anything if it's not a quality comic book adaptation that respects each superhero for their respective fans. Stay tuned.

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Why can't I have all the moneys and add Justice in Gotham to that list :*(

El_MUERkO on Jan 14, 2014


DC should try to erase all memories of the Green Lantern movie....

TheOct8pus on Jan 14, 2014


I'd say most people have

The Walking Cuban on Jan 14, 2014


they'll do another GL.

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 14, 2014


They should split the Justice League film in 2 parts.

Damon King on Jan 14, 2014


Because taking time to craft quality stories and character development would be a stupid move. Instead, just get these scripts and stories out there sooner than later. They are already behind Marvel, so take the time to do it right and make it a quality series of films. I hope these turn out great, but rushing out to grab people to get these heros cast and in front of the camera just sounds rushed, and that usually turns out poorly.

theslayer5150 on Jan 14, 2014


Well, WB initially wanted to release the Justice League movie in 2015 to go head to head with Avengers 2 but they realized they would rush things quite a bit. Now they seem to have found their footing and are confidently moving forward.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jan 14, 2014


I hope so.

theslayer5150 on Jan 14, 2014


By the end of 2015 we'll have seen from marvel (movies not shows, no villains and no Coulson since he was thought up on screen before comics) Iron man Thor Captain America Hulk Nick fury Black widow Hawkeye War machine Falcon Maria hill Volstagg Fandrel Hogun Sif Odin Thor's mom Heimdall Betty Thunderbolt Ross Pepper Potts Jarvis, kind of Star lord Gamora Drax Rocket raccoon Groot Hank pym Scott Lang Wasp? Quicksilver Scarlet witch And whoever I missed. WB: superman, his parents, Lois lane, her boss, batman, and Wonder Woman, and whoever I missed. Yeah they're behind.

The Walking Cuban on Jan 14, 2014


Can't wait for Thor's mom in 2018

john on Jan 15, 2014


Yeah Marvel: Thor's Mom. Reckon she's an LMD? Man nobody stays dead anymore

The Walking Cuban on Jan 15, 2014


What is your point Marvel's PR?

dawko on Jan 15, 2014


My point is Marvel will have translated beau coup characters from page to screen and WB will not have. I'm fine with that though because if it meant having to wait on Nolan's masterful trilogy, than it's well worth it. What would it have been like if the dark knight was the first step and then man of steel happened, and that yanked a reluctant Bruce Wayne back into the game? We'll never know. Meanwhile iron man had adventures, then alien adventures, and regular adventures again. This way though, we have 2 different formulas. Xmen with the time traveling and 2 great casts really broke the mold. And Spider-Man is doing the opposite: the villains are getting together to fight him! We won't know who the best is til it's all said n done but one thing is clear: right now, it's Disney/marvel.

The Walking Cuban on Jan 15, 2014


One thing Marvel did right was to plan ahead, take a risk and just go with it. That way they got their billions from Avengers and Iron Man 3(the latter didn't deserve even a half) even though they had to wait 5-6 years. But they were bought by Disney - that's where all the hopes for more mature approach to storytelling/characters died. There will be no movies with "Dark Knight" tone what actually hurts me very much. I don't mind watching funny comic book movies, but it wouldn't hurt if sometimes in 2-3 years they released a movie that is not aimed just for 10-13 age demographic. So, Disney/Marvel wins in terms of amount of movies/characters released on big screen and earning shit loads of money. Quality-wise, I feel bad for anyone who's not a stupid kid anymore because all Disney will offer him is an OK funny comic book movie, as there will always be kids audience for Disney. Sam Raimi got much closer to more mature storytelling with Spider-man 2 which beats pretty much any Marvel storytelling. Sony seems to be going the same way as Disney, I don't see any hope in them. Fox has Singer which is pretty good, and they brought Matthew Vaughn to the table and X-men 2 and First Class are very good movies. But again, I am afraid Fox will fall for Disney tactic because they won't earn as much as Disney movies, so it looks like WB will be the last piece of puzzle.

dawko on Jan 15, 2014


You're right of course. However, cap 2 and avengers 2 seem likely to be a turning point. If marvel has made a serious misstep it's definitely Coulson. I hate to predict, but I see nick fury dying, an obvious effort on disney's side to stir things up a bit and stem the tide of negativity prevalent after avengers. Yes WB is aimed at an older crowd. Which is why I wish they'd have kept on from dark knight. Why not? It's only gonna get darker.

The Walking Cuban on Jan 15, 2014


Phase 1 was OK, but we expected that as they had to introduce new characters. Iron Man 3 is a huge step back imho. More comical approach(Lethal Weapon) didn't work for me, also it wasn't even IRON MAN movie, technically speaking, plus, for some reason I found the VFX of the suit worse than the ones from Avengers or IM2. Haven't seen Thor 2 yet, I am hearing fairly positive reviews but apparently it has a crappy story and villain. Trailers for Cap 2 look GREAT, let's just hope Marvel can deliver this time and make me actually care for Cap. Guardians is a very ambitious step for Disney, but with all the money they have, they don't have to care if it pays for itself, at least they will find out if the audience is interested in this NEW universe and if it is, they will count a couple of billions in the next 5 years and buy themselves another studio 😀 Oh crap, I forgot about Star Wars. Well, the same Disney tactic applies to SW as well...which is obvious, new audience, new Jar-Jar, new toys...more billions, no fun for us the OLD fans :(((

dawko on Jan 15, 2014


Yeah they'll buy fox sony and WB. Seriously, the best things about phase 1 were ironman1 and avengers. Iron man3 was to me too grown up. I don't want my kids seeing half naked chicks or a kid being cussed at. No problem with mandarin, though i can see why others hated that decision. You havent seen Thor 2 so moving right along, I think the success of phase 3 to geeks, not the world at large obviously, depends on the next 3 movies. But you're right. The money is a given. From my pockets too.

The Walking Cuban on Jan 15, 2014


I found the mandarin twist funny, Kingsley was hilarious. However it didn't feel like IM movie, those self-controlled suits were crappy and Guy Pierce was terrible, just like the whole final battle, just terrible. I believe you know ScreenJunkies on YT, if not, go and check THE HONEST TRAILER for IM3, sums up the whole movie. I am betting that Cap 2 will earn more than Guardians, however, Disney doesn't have to be concerned about Avengers 2 as everyone(and I mean EVERYONE - Marvel/DC fans, kids, young, middle-aged and old people) will go see it and the movie will make another billion, or two. However, I find it satisfying that there is a very good line-up of movies coming this year and in the next couple of years. Godzilla, Interstellar, X-men, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Gone Girl, Fury, Edge of Tomorrow, Transformers 4, Jupiter Ascending + Cap and Guardians - seems good enough for me, plus lots of indie movies we will find out about later. Looks to be a better year for movies than 2013.

dawko on Jan 15, 2014


That Godzilla trailer looks amazing. Yes the mandarin twist was actually genius. The suits bothered me. I mean in avengers ironman got slapped around by a giant fan like slapped around by a giant fan! And then he used the Mach 3 or whatever when Loki threw him out the window, so my expectation was not more of that but weaker. An 18 wheeler? Give me a break. Fell apart like Legos. I'll watch that video.

The Walking Cuban on Jan 15, 2014


*Mark 7, haha sorry I'm a MCU Geek I couldn't help but say the name of the suit. I didn't like the suit Mark 42(His main suit in IM3) It ran out of batteries I mean "What the hell!?" The suits are powered by an Ark reactor which have almost unlimited energy and the suit fell apart so many times it wasn't even funny, In the first Iron Man his Mark 3 suit took more damaged and he just kind of walked it of and kept walking. Plus the effects were not too amazing to say the least. Probably the best scene in terms of effects was when he saved the people falling off the plane.

Fidel Reyes on Jan 15, 2014


Preciate it, and yeah that's my complaint too. A GIANT FAN! And then he downgrades. Lava or fire or whatever Ivan deal with. But not impact. He's taken much harder hits than some truck runnin into him. I wonder what the mandarin 1 shot will be like.

The Walking Cuban on Jan 15, 2014


Honestly it will probably be a funny Marvel One-Shot, I think that the Trevor angle can play really well like he and Killian were not the definitive Mandarin, I can see someone rising to power and taking the alias of The Mandarin someday, I think it could be a cool angle, like show that a guy has taken over The Ten Rings organization or that there was someone else who was the boss of Killian, either way I like Trevor even though the twist initially bummed me out, I mean in the trailers he says a lot of stuff that he does not say in the film but I mean his on screen persona could be an inspiration to another terrorist Psycho somewhere.

Fidel Reyes on Jan 15, 2014


Maybe being in jail he has no choice but to become that persona, like a high school teacher leading 7 soldiers on a wild goose chase to save a private before he joins his brothers under the folded flags. Actually that'd make a pretty good movie... And I am not endorsing terrorism or comparing it to war heroes. Just movie talk here.

The Walking Cuban on Jan 15, 2014


I don't think he will but that would be interesting, many people theorize that he is simply acting as Trevor to get close to the government, I personally think he is simply oblivious to everything and that he will be the template for something greater to come in the future, plus he's being held up in the same prison as Luke Cage.

Fidel Reyes on Jan 15, 2014


Sweet christmas! And on that note, good night!

The Walking Cuban on Jan 15, 2014


Don't see a problem with it. They could introduce other team members and then expand on them in solo movies afterward. Sorta like an opposite Marvel approach. Justice League characters are already pretty well known individually so unlike most of the Avengers, intro movies aren't necessary.

wat on Jan 14, 2014


Makes sense.

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 14, 2014


Would whup all dem candy asses!

mooreworthy on Jan 14, 2014


I would be very happy with Johnson as Darkseid. I've been waiting for a Superman movie to have him as the villain, but he could easily be the villain in a JL movie. It would be a great start.

Tim on Jan 15, 2014

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