'Avengers: Age of Ultron' May Introduce a New Team - But with Who?

August 28, 2014

The Avengers

Now that The Avengers have assembled on the big screen, everyone is very familiar with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye. But those aren't even the original Avengers, and they're not going to always be the superheroes who assemble to save the world. As Marvel continues to broaden their cinematic universe, they're introducing new characters who will replace the original team eventually. But the question is just who will step up to join the team? Doctor Strange and Ant-Man are on the way, but that's only two people. Well, a new rumor says we might find out next year who else might enter the superhero assembly mix by way of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Read on!

**MINOR SPOILERS from here on out regarding The Avengers: Age of Ultron**

Badass Digest reports that at the end of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, we'll see Captain America being the one who assembles a team of heroes we've seen before along with some new ones, all of which will lead into Phase Three and The Avengers 3. This will be Marvel's message to fans that we're not always going to see the same heroes battling bad guys on the big screen. We already know that the film will introduce Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnosn) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), and it's a safe bet that those two will be on the new team. But reportedly Marvel wants to introduce another hero: Captain Marvel.

Actually, in the scripts that have indicated this ending in The Avengers sequel, the character is referred to as Ms. Marvel. Apparently there are other new team members named to be introduced in the script, though they have changed with new drafts of the script. The good news is that Ms. Marvel has consistently been part of this new assembly of heroes, however, she won't be getting in on any action, as this appears to be a cameo at the end of the movie, maybe even a scene in the credits, that will set her up as a character who will appear later in Phase Three.

Ms. Marvel

For those of you who don't know, in the comic books she's Ms. Marvel is spawned after Carol Danvers, a member of the United States Air Force, has a deadly encounter with a Kree device after being kidnapped by an alien villain. Her life is saved by Captain Marvel (a Kree superhero) and while she sustains injuries, she also ends up inheriting powers such as flight, near-invulnerability, the ability to predetermine the movement of her opponents and shoot concussive energy bursts from her hands. That's been the most contemporary and recent version of the superhero, and she would be a cool addition to The Avengers.

But Marvel might be getting cold feet about her introduction. Don't worry, they're not hesitant about bringing a female superhero to the big screen, but they're just trying to figure out how they want to introduce her to audiences. If Ms. Marvel shows up at the end of The Avengers: Age of Ultron like this, she would be a fully formed superhero, powers and all, and the studio isn't sure that's how they want to handle her entrance into the Marvel cinematic universe. It's not that they want to give her an origin story film, but they might like the chance to build her as a character before she joins The Avengers.

In fact, Marvel is keen on avoiding origin stories for the most part now. Much like Thor, it has been reported that Doctor Strange will introduce us to the character fully formed, with his mystical powers, and established relationships. But he won't necessarily be a well-known superhero outside of his own world, not yet coming into contact with the Marvel universe. And that's what Marvel would like to do with Ms. Marvel eventually, which is why they might end up holding her back from The Avengers: Age of Ultron cameo at the end of the film.

Ms. Marvel

If Marvel intends to give Ms. Marvel her own film down the road (Emily Blunt was even rumored for the role in October of 2012), introducing her all of a sudden would be a pretty cool tease, even for those who aren't Marvel fans. In this day and age, if fans are confused about these end scenes, they just go straight to the internet for information, so it shouldn't be that big of a problem to throw her in there. And logistically, Badass says that there's enough time that passes narratively between the end of the important action in Age of Ultron and this end scene in question that it would make sense that Ms. Marvel wouldn't show up until after The Avengers' second big battle, because she didn't have her powers yet.

As of now, it's not clear whether or not this scene has been shot. But if Marvel isn't sure about including Ms. Marvel in this scene, one would suspect that it hasn't been shot yet. Of course, it could just as easily be a scene where Captain America is looking at files or video footage while trying to put a new team together, making it easy to digitally add an image or footage of any potential superheroes they want. But most of the time, these little end scenes are shot when reshoots take place, so maybe it's still in the works. There's even a chance that the scene could piggyback on the production of Captain America 3. For now, just take this all with a grain of salt, because we won't find out if this is true until next summer on May 1st, 2015.

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I can't wait to see Carol Danvers.

xShineyxDiverx on Aug 28, 2014


True. She is so kickass!

DAVIDPD on Aug 28, 2014


In my opinion, Captain America hasn't really been that much of a leader type character within the films. Yes he does serve as a major inspiration to many characters but it's like he always ends up being pushed off the side. Look I can take the Captain America from the comics more seriously as a leader because he looks more mature, Chris Evans just looks like a boyscout. I also don't get the Ms.Marvel hype, she is kinda overrated imo. Ms.Marvel is basically Marvel's female version of Superman and there will be alot of people who don't know the character who will draw that comparison.

Stephen Ritchie on Aug 28, 2014


True. Cap serves as an inspirational figure due to his optimism. But he is underpowered in the current line up.

DAVIDPD on Aug 28, 2014


Captain America has always been the weaker one. Hes not superpowered, hes at PEAK physical condition including reflexes, balance and power.

Uri Charles on Aug 28, 2014


He really is lackluster against heroes who can fly and have super strength.

DAVIDPD on Aug 28, 2014


His real superpower is his morality, strategic thinking and leadership skills. It doesn't matter who he's fighting, he always finds a way to win. Even when he's loosing, cap wins. He is the moral compass of the entire Marvel universe. That's his real. Power

Shawn M. Hoelscher on Aug 28, 2014


Totally agree.. He may not be the mightiest of them but morally he is the superior of them all. He is the most grounded superhero to which one can relate to, which explains our love for Cap 2.. Even in the comics, whenever he teams with other superheroes he is mostly the one planning strategies, not doing that much dirty work

Mohit Kumar on Sep 5, 2014


Its his will that is his true power.

Steve-o on Sep 16, 2014


Cap 2 showed his power. He can handle himself.

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


Just because people are ignorant, doesn't take away the integrity of the character. Many characters can be compared to superman, which is probably why he is the most popular comic book character of all time. Furthermore, you couldn't be anymore wrong. Cap took control in ALL the movies he was in. In cap 1 its obvious, in avengers, he was the one trying to keep everyone together and in cap 2 it was obvious. Come on man.

Uri Charles on Aug 28, 2014


Cap 2 proved that he can lead.

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


If you don't get the hype then you don't know the character but that's ok. There are tons of comics out there that show just how badass and unlike superman she is.

AL on Sep 5, 2014


Not a fan of the spoilerish headlines when trying to go into Avengers 2 pure...ha.

Gohikeone on Aug 28, 2014



Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


It would be cool to see Emily Blunt as Ms. Marvel.

DAVIDPD on Aug 28, 2014


It would be cool to see Emily Blunt wear Ms. Marvel's comic uniform ;)!

JBrotsis on Aug 29, 2014


Yeah. I hope we really get her in that suit!

DAVIDPD on Aug 29, 2014


Hmmm...not sure whether it would be smarter to take the risk on a 'solo female superhero film' or introduce them in other films before branching them out. Either way, I'm kind of hoping that Captain America 3 has "Cap's Kooky Quartet": Captain America, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and Scarlet addition to Falcon being on board. I think that when Marvel Studios was prepared to go head-to-head with Batman v Superman, they were more than gearing up to give Cap a supporting cast of other key superhero characters in order to make it as much of an event as possible.

Chris Groves on Aug 28, 2014


I think it is almost a lock that CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 will feature the death of Chris Evan's Captain America and we will see Winter Soldier take over the role. It would be awesome to see Falcon take the shield, like the current iteration, but I doubt the MCU will do that.

DAVIDPD on Aug 28, 2014


I actually think Cap's death will be saved for Avengers 3. Chris Evans signed a 6 film deal, that shakes out to 3 Cap movies and 3 Avengers movies. I also think that someone will take up the mantle, but it will be Bucky, which is what happens in the older comics. Sebastian Stan was signed to a 9 film deal...and he is only 2 in on that deal. If the MCU last long enough though, Captain America may become a legacy title, going from one character to the next, and Sam Wilson may be the 3rd MCU Captain America.

Chris Groves on Aug 28, 2014


Now that you've put it that way, AVENGERS 3 is the most logical. I think Stan will ride it out for awhile before they reboot the character, though. Since, let's be honest, his star does not shine as brightly as Evans'. // As an aside, who do you think will be the first MCU Hero to be replaced? Iron Man? Cap? Thor?

DAVIDPD on Aug 28, 2014


I think it will be Cap, honestly. Stan might not be as much of a star as Evans, but I think he's just as capable. Plus Evans, even now, isn't exactly a superstar. I think Stan killed it in The Winter Soldier, and I'm sure he'll be back for more in Cap 3. I imagine Cap will be killed by a certain mad titan in Avengers 3...and as early as Phase 4 we could see Bucky taking up the shield as the next Cap in Captain America 4, or as a co-star in another movie. While Captain America I think works as a mantle passed from one person to the next, it is hard to imagine anyone who isn't Tony Stark becoming Iron Man. I mean, Rhodes in a suit is just Iron Patriot or War Machine. Ideally I'd like Favreau and RDJ to return for Iron Man 4, as a final send-off for the character they forged. Beyond that, I foresee them re-casting the Stark character if RDJ doesn't want to keep coming back to it. Ruffalo is on a 6 film deal, and they are going through his films at a snails pace by only having him appear in Avengers movies. He's good until Avengers 6 at this pace. But he has said he's happy to be involved for as long as they'll have I have no worries about the actor or character leaving the series too soon. Hemsworth has said he'd love to do more after his current deal. Thing is, Thor is essentially an ageless character. Asgardians live thousands of years, so in the span of a decade, Thor really wouldn't age noticeably...but Chris Hemsworth word. I think a perfectly logical, and somewhat fitting, EVENTUAL replacement for Chris Hemsworth as Thor would be his younger brother Liam...who is a perfectly good actor and a full 7 years younger. Put the beard and wig on him and he'd look almost identical. Thor strikes me as a character that could/should hang around the longest in the MCU, because he has an 'epic scale' about him and is near-immortal. Sorry for the rambling.

Chris Groves on Aug 28, 2014


I'm assuming and hoping that in the credits when they showed each individual character with the actor's name, and they had Bucky with his shadow being an American flag (and then they focused on the American flag shadow) Marvel is giving a big hint that he will eventually take on the shield.

JBrotsis on Aug 29, 2014


Marvel has said that they have a plan, one that they are always looking to adjust and modify, but in general they pretty clearly know where they are going. We wouldn't have gotten Thanos teased and set-up all the way in Avengers 1 if they didn't have an idea of where they were going with the series. I think it is no accident that Chris Evans was signed to a 6 film deal and Sebastian Stan was signed to a 9 film deal. Apparently Stan was under consideration to play Steve Rogers as well before they decided to have him play Bucky. They went out of their way to have moments where Bucky picks up/holds the shield in both The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier...I think they are clearly trying to foreshadow where that character is headed.

Chris Groves on Aug 30, 2014


Wrong. Evans was initially offered 9 films, would agree only to 6 because he was concerned about the quality of the films, and has subsequently said that he's willing to extend his contract. Him having a shorter contract than Stan is solely because of this, not because they've been planning to kill off Steve Rogers all along. This has ALL been publicly known for, y'know, a couple of years. Good God.

ellid on Aug 30, 2014


Save your condescension. I'm well aware of the story behind Evans' contract doubts, but still, they wouldn't sign Stan on for 9 films if they didn't have some kind of plan for him beyond 'just being Cap's sidekick forever'. Also, Evans said that he is considering moving away from acting and towards directing once his contract is up. That can always change, ANY plans Marvel has can always change...hell, they don't HAVE to bring him back for every film on his contract, they simply can if they choose to. And to be honest, all I ever read regarding the contract was that Evans initially didn't want to sign a multi-film deal. The way you are putting it, that Marvel wanted 9 and Evans settled for 6....that is a version I haven't heard. It seems even more dubious when you consider that 6 films seems to be the standard for the lead actors they were signing around that time. Hemsworth and Ruffalo were both signed to 6 film deals.

Chris Groves on Aug 31, 2014


My guess is pretty much the same. I think it will be Cap, then Iron Man, then Thor, then Hulk. Black Widow and Hawkeye will ebb and flow. I think Seeing Captain Marvel and The Twins join up will make for some more awesome dynamics within the super team.

DAVIDPD on Aug 29, 2014


It's not happening at all. They aren't stupid enough to kill off a popular character and hand off the part to someone who's never carried a movie or a play in his life. Sorry.

ellid on Aug 30, 2014


There is no way to know for sure. It certainly does seem like Marvel Studios doesn't like to kill any major characters. Frigga is the most major character that they killed off and kept dead...everyone else they bring back. But I also think they know that at some point, they need to keep things fresh and interesting. They've openly said that they view Tony Stark like Bond, as a character that can be replaced with a new actor. I'm sure Marvel Studios views all of the characters like that, but in a situation like with Captain America, instead of re-casting the role of Rogers, they could easily switch to an established character like Bucky taking up the mantle. Check your ego and stop pretending like you know everything with 100% certainty.

Chris Groves on Aug 31, 2014


Bucky Cap first, then Captain Falcon after.

AL on Sep 5, 2014


Sam Wilson is a horrible Captain America, but a great Falcon. Bucky I can still live with but even in his greatest moments he was never Captain America to me.

Aegon the Conqueror on Sep 18, 2014



Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


You know, you lightly touched on an interesting topic, which is what will happen to Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Vision after AoU? We've heard rumors of someone dying in this movie (and I'm thinking it's going to be one of them) but if it's not, when will we see them again? Solo movies (or the twins as a pair) or paired up with other Avengers in standalone movies? I haven't heard anything of their involvement in future films, so it is interesting.

JBrotsis on Aug 29, 2014


, they wait for reports on how the new heroes are received , or even just to see how many critics praise them . Then they'll commit .. once they bring in Ms Marvel and they like her 'tests' they can spin those 4 - QS SW Viz Ms,M - into the West Coast Avengers and any of the EastCoasters can guest star in a WCA movie ...

Dominic on Aug 29, 2014


I could see Vision dying, since he is basically going to be some kind of evolution of Jarvis...him dying would feel like a long-established character is being lost. But with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch...the notion of them dying in the same film they are introduced in(disregarding post-credits scenes) just seems a little crappy to me, for lack of a better term. I just think that would be pretty stupid...ESPECIALLY if you are only to kill one of them. If you want them to go out as a pair, so be it, but I think they are better as a duo. In fact, I think Scarlet Witch is essentially going to be treated like the younger, more powerful "replacement" for Black Widow...who I think is most likely to be killed off. ScarJo is having a baby, and her pricetag is only going up, and she is only getting older. The intrigue of a Black Widow film would be exploring her back-story, which ScarJo simply isn't young enough to play teen/early 20s Black Widow any more, and if you aren't going to do it with Scarlett, you might as well not do it at all. Plus evidently her role is huge in Age of Ultron and it features her dealing with her recently 'made public' past. So there seems to be little need to deal with those matters first-hand if Age of Ultron will feature her dealing with them after the fact. I think Black Widow is a character they are willing to move on from to make room for more powerful superheroines who could do a lot more grandiose heavy lifting during action scenes. Widow is essentially just a normal human. Black Widow also falls into what I call 'the sweet spot', she is important enough that EVERYONE will care when she dies, and her death will leave a mark, but she isn't SO BIG that her death overshadows everything...

Chris Groves on Aug 30, 2014


Just being a super-geek but it would be cool to see Ms Marvel show up. Then if ever Fox decided to ally with Marvel, it'd be very cool to see the Rogue/Ms Marvel storyline especially since Rogue was always pre-super strength and flight and DOFP changed entire timelines...

Andrew Rose on Aug 28, 2014



Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


that is the biggest issue with ms marvel aka warbird ( I like that persona and costume better) that her biggest rivals (mystique and rogue) is in another brand. She is a former spy as well she was a pilot then spy as well as a nasa employee.. her air force ties (war machine and falcon) and spy ( agent 13 and nick fury) make her a canadate to be support charater till she gets powered up.

Robert Kalani Foxworthy on Sep 11, 2014



Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


I wouldn't mind rooney mara.

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


too small but her Lisbeth was the right type of feisty , for a ex-USAF member

Dominic on Aug 29, 2014


She was fantastic as Lisbeth...

Xerxexx on Aug 30, 2014


Definitely !'s nice seeing her softer side for Elizabeth Shaw , for awhile , until the abortion scene and after . . .. she had to convince the TGWTDT director that she could BE "dark' , as he considered Noomi too beautiful to play such a part .. and from the interviews on the Extended TV versions discs( recorded during the hospital scenes - she's in the gown with half her head shaved ) she herself seemed so intent on getting this character right ; Lisbeth;s intensity seemed to have rubbed off on her ,

Dominic on Aug 31, 2014


Tho I have to admit I prefer Rooney's Lisbeth , as she basically made herself uglier , and committed to the facial jewelry in a way that Noomi does not until movie 3( or 6 - if counting by Swiss TV ) , which is more true to Stieg's vision of Lisbeth . let's face it , Noomi IS pretty drop-dead gorgeous , and didn't change her look (besides losing weight to slim her face ,make it more angular ) so much as ACTED dark and slightly psychotic .. I love the full Swiss version , but the American movie has its charms too

Dominic on Aug 31, 2014


Although she is awesome, i don't really see her making a good Ms. Marvel

AL on Sep 5, 2014


Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck)!

pvphoto on Sep 10, 2014


I like Rooney Mara a lot, but look at Ms. Marvel's titties and compare the 2.

Tito Piccolo on Sep 24, 2014


Just focus on making a good movie.

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


My only complaint with this article is the title. When I read it, I was hoping to read a discussion about the possibilities of multiple charcters (Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, Strange, Wasp, etc). I'm very interested in Ms. Marvel but I wish the title had said something that was solely based on her....not getting my hopes up for more promises for Black Panther. Ok, I'm done nitpicking (bitching).

JBrotsis on Aug 29, 2014


Did the Kree give her breast augmentation as well?

TheOct8pus on Aug 29, 2014


One can hope.

Darrin on Aug 30, 2014


I think we all know that if Ms. Marvel shows up and continues on, it will NOT be the comic costume everyone is used to seeing. It will be modified to look contemporary and functional (like all the rest) without looking sexist, because Marvel Studios will not want to look like they are not PC.

theslayer5150 on Aug 29, 2014


Or maybe, just MAYBE, they'd realize that high heeled boots and a bathing suit are useless for anything but a photo shoot. Which might, just MIGHT, be why they changed Carol's costume almost three years ago. *shakes head at fake geek boy who thinks he can get with a sexist insult*

ellid on Aug 30, 2014


Or maybe they realize that not everyone sees a "sexist" around every corner, and the changes in her costume had nothing to do with being "useless", and more with the normal evolution of costume design. Believe me, just BELIEVE, if they thought high heels and a bathing suit would sell more comics, all, just ALL of the female characters would be wearing them. And probably some of the men. Just MAYBE!

Darrin on Aug 30, 2014


Although i like her current costume more because it makes her look like a badass you are still wrong. Her costume change was about evolution of the character. If functionality was the cause then they would be changing MOST heroes costumes.

AL on Sep 5, 2014


If that's the case, then they can use her current comic book costume. It's pretty conservative and based on her original costume.

Lemuel Davidson on Aug 31, 2014


I like her current costume, i think she looks badass

AL on Sep 5, 2014


Could not agree more...

ResurrectRider on Sep 17, 2014


The conservative looking costume looks MUCH better, to me.

Byron on Sep 25, 2014


I would love to this a lot of characters introduced so this can lead up to a civil war story. Cap is already full of doubt about shield and the goverment restricting peoples free will. And by the end of AoU so much would have been destroyed, a great end credit scene would be Nick Fury Iron man, and some govermentals having a secret meeting talking about a hero registration act. In cap America 3 you will have cap searching for Bucky, they will eventually team up and try to get rid of the remaining hydra within shield. At the end Bucky and Cap will have a disagreement, Cap will go solo and Bucky will join shield. Then Avengers 3, Have Thanos be the main villian and let there be a big fight between him and the Hulk, Hulk will go on a rampage and a lot of people get killed. At the end of the movie (not after cred scene) the goverment will officially release a statement about the Hero registration act and all heroes not registered will be considered outlaws. Cap is totally against it and goes rouge. In Cap 4. Cap will ensemble his own Avengers of non registered Heroes. While Iron man and shield + goverment has there own. Shield realising they cant go to war with Cap, the regular people wouldnt stand for it, replaces Steve Rogers with Bucky as the new captain america. This would be a good time to introduce some smaller heroes. Connect the movie with the Marvel netflix shows thats coming, and with Agents of shield. Having Dare devil and luke cage etc fighting for the little guy, While in Agents if Shield, you would follow them trying to bring in some of the non registered heroes hiding.

Po on Sep 5, 2014


I don't see the civil war storyline ever happening. It relies to heavily on the whole cannon (xmen, spiderman, etc), and there just aren't enough "supers" in the marvel universe for it to make sense. In addition, the civil war had a lot to do with the debate on whether or not to reveal their secret identities. In the MCU, none of the characters actually HAVE secret identities, so a good chunk of the conflict just won't exist.

Kyle Chandler on Sep 19, 2014


So I would love to see Ms Marvel but what about Mar'Vell skip the Kree on Earth hmmm I want her but I dont know how they can put her in the mix

Dr Brian Knockin on Sep 12, 2014


Much like Ultron, i imagine they will change Carol's power origin. Which is a shame, as Mar-Vell is one of my absolute favorite heroes.

ResurrectRider on Sep 17, 2014


Mar-Vell is pretty cool

Dr Brian Knockin on Sep 29, 2014


They are setting this up on Agents of Shield. I bet Ms. Marvel comes from there.

Matthew Deibler on Sep 29, 2014


Not Skye though please I won't mind her coming from SHIELD just not her and I like Skye just not in movies

Dr Brian Knockin on Sep 29, 2014


Weird thought! Imagine an Avengers spin off movie that only featured Cap, Hawkeye Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Simple yet effective. An all out war with international terrorists The Sons of the Serpent. Do it!

Carl Bray on Sep 12, 2014


worked in the comics, with Hawkeye in there as well. Be nice to see Giant-man/Goliath on the team

Darryl Revok on Sep 27, 2014


I'm a girl, and a "feminist", if you will. I think she looks kick-ass in her costume. Why not look hot while fighting villains? Although, it's really not realistic for an actress to wear that. She'd be awkwardly picking spandex out of her ass in between shoots.

disqus_TITHJkXXFx on Sep 12, 2014


I am, personally, more of a fan of her current uniform. She still looks 'sexy', but much more powerful...and she owns it in her new uniform. In my opinion, Captain Marvel is a huge step in the right direction for female comic book characters. Since her new uniform, many other female characters have followed suit, and dropped the whole "i'm just eye-candy...tough...but, still just eye-candy" schtick. I do appreciate your opinion, however.

ResurrectRider on Sep 17, 2014


I, too, would prefer her to be wearing the new uniform on screen. It just looks better, in my opinion. However, I wouldn't be opposed to her showing up in the one pictured here on that rare occasion. That is, as long as who they pick to play her is NOT built like a a slight breeze can knock her over. Even if she ONLY wears the new uniform, I still don't want her to be built like a slight breeze could knock her over.

Byron on Sep 25, 2014


The only one that can play Ms. Marvel is Yvonne Strahovski.

Steve-o on Sep 16, 2014


Would she a be a good cast? Yes. But...the only? Not by a long shot... Katie Sackhoff Emily Blunt Natalie Dormer Elsa Pataky Claire Danes Alice Eve Rachel Nichols And, those are just off the top of my head...

ResurrectRider on Sep 17, 2014


Katie Sackhoff would be a great choice...but "visually" I would prefer Yvonne.

Steve-o on Sep 18, 2014


She is definitely the prettier of the two, but I havent seen anything from Strahovski that says she would pull it off that well. We already know that Sackhoff can pull off this type of role...see her performances in both Battlestar Galactica, and Longmire. The chick is tough, beautiful and has a commanding stage presence.

ResurrectRider on Sep 18, 2014


Oh, me likey Alice Eve. I think she'd be fine as Ms Marvel also.

pope badass I on Oct 2, 2014


If so, hopefully, not looking that skinny. Personally, I've gotten tired of female action characters/heroes looking like stick-figures. I would choose Emily Blunt just based on her character in "Edge of Tomorrow". She kicked-ass and she actually LOOKED like she can kick-ass. Whomever they pick, they absolutely have to make sure that she LOOKS like she can kick-ass and not be blown over by a slight breeze.

Byron on Sep 25, 2014


Ms Marvel--stupid! Worst avenger is Black widow..maybe Hawkeye--but 1 of the 2. Not going to be Ms. Marvel

Troy Saling on Sep 18, 2014


Honest I think they should show more women superheroes .... because little girls like to watch superheroes as well ... awesome idea

TattooMommy on Sep 18, 2014


if i remember wasn't her powers given to rouge of the xmen during there unfournate fight

Nelson Fenton on Sep 24, 2014


i cant understand people wanting emily blunt as carol...shes good but i cant see portraying her well...i've always liked the idea of katee or yvonne but katee dinays the rumours and yvonne want talk about them...they've either been told to keep hush hush or they have absolutely no connection with them to the role...only time will tell

paulypaul74 on Sep 25, 2014


Wasn't Quicksilver introduced in Days of Future Past?

Darryl Revok on Sep 27, 2014


Different both marvel and fox share rights to him and scarlet witch

Dr Brian Knockin on Sep 29, 2014


Thanks Doc - the Fox kid was good.

Darryl Revok on Sep 30, 2014


he was pretty cool

Dr Brian Knockin on Oct 1, 2014


Ms Marvel will be Skye from Agents of Shield. Can see it coming and Avengers 2 will probably coincide with the end of season 2 of Agents of SHIELD.

From The Wing on Sep 29, 2014


I had this same thought. The Kree device in the show now fits with her origin. Hope to be wrong although I am starting to like Skye more.

pope badass I on Oct 2, 2014


I'd like to see them develop her as a character first, if they do the Earth's Mightiest Heroes version. The military version is too much like Captain America's first love. The Earth's Mightiest Heroes version learned many extraterrestrial languages, and was in communication with a lot of extraterrestrial races. She was apart of a SHIELD sister group in a space station outside of Earth's atmosphere. That would make a very interesting female character. They need to develop her with Captain Mar-Vell. He has an interesting plot against Thanos, as does Eros and Adam Warlock. They're mainly apart of building up to against Thanos. A lot of characters will come and go. There's too much military in the group already. I see them putting a lot more of the military in Captain America's group, of the more human characters.

Daniel Christopher Holt on Sep 30, 2014


Yes she is. Carol is, or was rather, a part of the Sentient World Observation and Response Department... S.W.O.R.D.

ResurrectRider on Sep 30, 2014


Figured I update with comment SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS The Hulk, Ironman, and Thor leave the avengers. With the roster of War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Falcon, Black Widow, Captain America as the leader of the team. Hawkeye I have no idea where ends up.

blah on May 2, 2015

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