Warner Bros. Shifts 'Batman v. Superman,' Plots DC Films Until 2020

August 6, 2014

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

It appears Marvel's box office performance this past weekend with the record-setting debut of Guardians of the Galaxy has shaken up Warner Bros. Pictures and their plans for the DC Comics mash-up Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The studio has just announced that they have shifted their comic book release away from their original May 6th, 2016 date, which would have pitted the film against Marvel's Captain America 3, to the more safe spring release of March 25th, 2016. No, that's not a typo. Warner Bros. is releasing this massive blockbuster in the spring, which almost seems like a punishment. Read on!

While at first this might seem weird, director Zack Snyder has proven to be a valuable commodity in the month of March with previous films like 300, Sucker Punch and Watchmen all seeing spring releases. If anything, this guarantees that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the massive box office success it needs to be, but it won't quit feel as good without going toe-to-toe with the bigger blockbusters of summer. On the plus side, at least fans will have less of a wait to see The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel square off on the big screen. It seems like no one can stop Marvel from domination on the big screen.

In addition, Deadline reports these are the advance dates Warner Bros. has for DC Comics films:

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice – 03/25/16
Untitled DC Film – 8/05/16
Untitled DC Film – 6/23/17
Untitled DC Film – 11/17/17
Untitled DC Film – 3/23/18
Untitled DC Film – 7/27/18
Untitled DC Film – 4/05/19
Untitled DC Film – 6/14/19
Untitled DC Film – 4/03/20
Untitled DC Film – 6/19/20

As of now there's no indication as to what films might fill those slots, but these dates don't match up with the list of dates that was supposedly a leak from June. That list mentioned a standalone Wonder Woman movie and a team-up of The Flash and Green Lantern, not to mention a Man of Steel sequel, which would be a more direct follow-up for Superman than this planned face-off with Batman. Here's hoping Warner Bros. starts making some title announcements soon so we know what the hell is going on over there with the DC Comics cinematic universe. What do you want from Warner Bros. and DC Comics?

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Somebody at WB really needs to take charge of the DC properties....maybe it should be Snyder and Nolan

TheOct8pus on Aug 6, 2014


Ethan wrote this headline, didn't he? #Marveliteatwork

MrSinister on Aug 6, 2014


A somewhat smart decision by Warner Brothers. Because as much as I like both Marvel and DC, having both release on the SAME EXACT day is like forcing someone to choose between Coke and Pepsi or Vanilla and Chocolate. Now we can just sit back and enjoy both films at the midnight showings instead of one or the other.

Urban James Kirk on Aug 6, 2014


What would it be against if it went to late May, or June or July? Why go so far forward?

OfficialJab on Aug 6, 2014


Haha good, now people can stop arguing. I was going to see Cap 3 over this movie anyways. DC really hasn't figured out how to make these movies yet.

davidshaw on Aug 6, 2014


Let's see, DC has 3 highly successful Batman films, 1 mixed superman movie and 1 bad green lantern movie while Marvel has about 3 great movies, 3 bad ones and a couple mixed so I'd say it's even considering Marvel has had more movies made

Julio on Aug 6, 2014


Marvel don't technically have ANY bad movies. (judging by metacritic.) DC have Green Lantern which is 39. MCU has nothing below 50. So I guess were talking about your opinion here as you haven't actually given us a foundation for your accusations that they are BAD movies.

Guy who comments on things on Aug 6, 2014


Let me rephrase then, judging by the general consensus of the online comic-book movie community I would say Iron Man 2, 3 and the first Thor were disappointing by Marvel's standards. I just think DC has not had as much bad movies as many people accuse them of.

Julio on Aug 6, 2014


Thor is the 2nd best after The Avengers. Captain America and iron man 2/3 (especially 3) were hot garbage. Gotg was good but not great and I haven't watched Cap 2 yet as I found the first film to be without any merit at all. *All my opinion.

Runadumb on Aug 6, 2014


GoTG was great.

Big R on Aug 6, 2014


I am such a Huge DC fanboy...and guess what? I liked all the Marvel movies. Why? Because I like damn comic book movies. I am also aware that if not for Marvels success we wouldn't be getting the DC movies we are... and Man of Steel was AWESOME. I could care less what movie critics and Marvel fans rated it. It's a DC movie...ya know...for us adult comic fans. Marvel=Nintendo/Super Mario Brothers DC= Sony/(kick in your teeth and rip out your heart)resident evil, CoD, GTA etc....

Jeb El on Aug 11, 2014


WB/DC has not has as much bad movies ? Really ? How about : Super Girl, Super Man 3, Batman and Robin, Catwoman, Jonah Hex, Green Lantern, Man of Steel, ...and you can even add Daredevil in that list which was produced by WB. WB has had misses and hits with the DC properties and if it wasn't for Nolan to elevate the ration good vers bad of DC, most of the DC movies in the past two décades would have been critical and commercial failure of epic proportions all way down to Batman and Robin. None of Marvel Studio movie reaches the level of mediocrity as some of the numerous duds WB has produced with DC properties.

Kin Biz on Aug 10, 2014


Well, we can't really judge the quality of any movies based on the box office, metacritic is a better check, however, god knows who's the majority there, could be kids, could be us(the good guys 😀 )...obviously, even the master critic might like a movie which the majority of us can hate(i.e. IM3 heh). And still, you can find some movies there that have pretty surprising ratings... IMho, Avengers, Cap 2 and Guardians rule, Thor 2, IM2-3 suck, the rest is mediocre (yet fun). P.S. Not a DC nor Marvel fan, I just want to see the best possible comic book movies they can do 🙂

dawko on Aug 6, 2014


Super curious to see which 3 you think are good and which 3 are bad.

prantsdagger on Aug 6, 2014


Good: Avengers, Iron Man, GoTG Bad: Iron Man 2, 3 and first Thor

Julio on Aug 6, 2014


So that leaves The Winter Soldier being mixed? Have you even seen the movie?

prantsdagger on Aug 6, 2014


DC are owning Marvel right now. (Proven). Marvel has had... Hmmm... Two good films, one decent film, six shoddy films. (Thor 1 Good, The Incredible Hulk good(You can try to say it isn't in the MCU, but it is(Hint, Avengers spoiler at the end)), Thor 2 Decent, the rest are shoddy. (Excluding GoTG because I am yet to see it.)

Dennis on Aug 8, 2014


the above marvel fanboy post is brought to you courtesy of ethan anderton.............seriously - "batman v superman" is coming SOONER than expected - that's good news to me. ethan, a movie DELAY is bad for us......a movie moved up a few months is GOOD news.

dan on Aug 6, 2014


No one said it was bad for us. I used the word "punishment" with regard to the film being punished in some way by being relegated to the spring instead of the summer.

Ethan Anderton on Aug 6, 2014


Would you make that argument had WB moved it to November or December? Certain seasons shouldn't determine what movies come out. I'd like it if we get more comic-book sequels released in the spring and fall, a la this pic, "Captain America 2" and "Thor 2." WB wants to make BVS the first event movie of 2016, not the first big summer movie of 2016. There's precedence for blockbusters to perform in March and April, and we need to stop thinking "such and such should be in the summer." Aside from kids being in school during the week (and suppressed weekday earnings), what's going to keep BVS from performing like a summer blockbuster on Easter weekend?

Matt Clayton on Oct 11, 2014


This is lame. Batman v Superman would have demonlished Cap 3. BvS was the most talked about movie at comic con and all they showed was a 20 second clip. Clearly BvS is going to move again. Watch BvS is coming out 2015. Watch

razorstar90 on Aug 6, 2014


DC totally blinked first...but I'm happy that I wont have to dodge through hundreds of people standing in long lines to see both of these movies which would have been in May. I'm glad it was moved to an earlier for both studios.

Rage72 on Aug 6, 2014


Well now there's no DC guys sabotaging Cap 3:s success.

Tuomas Lassila on Aug 6, 2014


Better financial decision to keep things away from Marvel properties.

DAVIDPD on Aug 6, 2014


At least shows us the comic con footage!

Xerxexx on Aug 6, 2014


Cap 3 and BvS were NEVER going to open on the same weekend. Plenty of us wee saying that from the start. Cap 3 was already on a quick turnaround from Cap 2, so it couldn't open sooner(later perhaps)....but since BvS was initially dated for July 2015, before being pushed back 10 being pulled up a bit was always possible. So it moving up to either the first weekend of April or the last weekend of March was quite a realistic result. It now has over a month to dominate before Cap 3 rolls in.

Chris Groves on Aug 6, 2014


Hundreds of Warner Bros. post production workers just had an 'oh crap' moment bumping the movie up 7 weeks.

97point6 on Aug 6, 2014


I'd say it's good news, considering a lot of the offices are in trouble, some are being shut down, we can expect some new ones to be opened based on this. However, there is chance the post production will move to China/India which offers much lover prices 🙁

dawko on Aug 6, 2014


Sorry, took a stab at what I thought would be a most likely inside dept. scenario, not outsourced domestically, or possibly, international.

97point6 on Aug 7, 2014


Not really. THIS far out that won't require some massive, crazy adjusting of schedule. It isn't like they decided this in December of 2015 and said 'Hey, you have to finish these shots over a month sooner!' The movie is over a year and a half away, post-production is FAR from being into full-swing.

Chris Groves on Aug 8, 2014


What DC film is coming out five months after Batman vs. Superman? I realize that they are filming Justice League back-to-back with it, but it'd be insane for them to release both films in the same year.

Wes Draven on Aug 6, 2014


It might be the Shazam film that is rumored. Maybe a Flash movie or a Green Lantern reboot, depending. No way is it Justice League, that, at the earliest, is probably the June 2017 movie(One day before my Birthday!)

Chris Groves on Aug 6, 2014


Right. I don't think it will be Flash or Green Lantern, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did a Shazam film. Or that Sandman film that was apparently in the works.

Wes Draven on Aug 7, 2014


I'm not sure if Sandman is meant to be part of this shared DC universe. I pretty much know nothing, but I thought someone mentioned that it wouldn't really be a good fit. I mean, in general, I would like to imagine that WB/DC will be going after movies based on the most recognizable characters they have. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman. I don't think Flash and GL being introduced as a team is the best idea. I don't see why DC/WB seem opposed to a sort of traditional 'solo film then teamup' approach. A Batman reboot so soon after the TDK trilogy is 'too risky' so they introduce him against Superman. A Wonder Woman movie is too risky so they put her in their. An Aquaman movie is too risky, so he gets a cameo. A Flash movie or a Green Lantern reboot is seemingly too risky, so the rumor is that they will be paired up. But Shazam and Sandman are evidently viable enough to get their own movies, despite being virtually unknown to the masses. Kind of weird.

Chris Groves on Aug 7, 2014


I feel like they won't let Green Lantern or Wonder Woman have their own film until after Justice League. Notice how after Avengers, all of the films made damn-near twice their predecessors. I assume they want a bump on-par with that since Green Lantern was a failure. Wonder Woman probably COULD have enough of a backing to make a successful film, but female heroes have a bad track record. I was assuming that it'd be Sandman because they probably wouldn't have to spend very much to make it. Whether it's connected or not, I assume they would still like to have an 'expansive' universe.

Wes Draven on Aug 8, 2014


Well, I don't know about anyone else but im getting a little tired of the predictable humour and cute appeal in the Marvel movies. It seems that ever since Iron Man 1, other than Avengers and Wolverine, they are afraid to take a chance on making a Superhero movie without relying on 'cute' humour. It's becoming old and dated. I really hope Warner an DC recognizes this long term weakness in Marvels strategy and keep their Superhero movies darker along the lines Nolan's Batman and Snyder's Superman. Say what you want about Snyder's take, but no one can say they saw Superman killing Zod coming. Took guts to chance that and I loved it. Stay the course Warner and DC and give us more serious Superhero movies.

Jason on Aug 7, 2014


I've always been confused about what comic book fans want out of a comic book movie. I was never a comic book fan, never owned a single comic. So obviously I'm not the "target audience". Having said that, it seems that my likes and dislikes tend to differ from traditional comic fans. For instance, I liked the Wolverine movies, but didn't really care too much for the X-Men movies. I liked the Iron Man series, but thought the Fantastic 4 movies were dumb. Avengers was ok, but mostly because of Iron Man/Tony Stark....I really didn't care for the Thor movies. As far as Batman goes, I've seen every one of them since the first Tim Burton Batman in the theater, and the only ones I liked was the Nolan trilogy. It seems that the more "comic book-y" the movie, the less I like it. The more "real world" it is, the more I like it. If that makes sense. So, as a comic and movie fan....would you agree with my assessment that true comic fans tend to like the more comic book type movies?

Michael Field on Aug 7, 2014


Actually...No I disagree. (Total Comic Nerd Here) I find Marvel fans like the comic-booky movies but DC fans are the exact opposite. DC heroes are Iconic. Serious and rarely cheeky like Marvel heroes. That's why DC comic fans were so pissed about Superman Returns, and all the Batman movies before the Dark Knight trilogy (except the Tim Burton 1989...I actually liked that one) we WANT them more adult...just like the comic books.

Jeb El on Aug 11, 2014


Gotcha, I guess I come at it from such a different perspective, not ever having been into comic books. Like star trek vs star wars. I was always a star wars guy, so I enjoyed the new star trek movies where it seems that many older trek fans didn't.

Michael Field on Aug 11, 2014


Wolverine isn't Marvel property. Although he is property of Marvel Comics, he isn't their property when it comes to movies. Which is why Marvel is a fail. They sell half their property and try to do a decent film.

Dennis on Aug 8, 2014


I get to see it earlier and then Cap 3. Nice.

mooreworthy on Aug 7, 2014


I read that Gal Gadot has a 3 solo film + 3 mash up film contract. So that's gonna be a big part of the dates. Ben Afflek is the same. There's a MoS sequel, a Flash + GL team up, no doubt an Aquaman film, there's going to be a Shazam! film.

Dennis on Aug 8, 2014


I cant help but vent on how dumb this whole Superman vs Batman is. It is based on the idea that Superman can't plan a strategies and is an idiot to Batman's brilliance. Could Batman ever defeat Zod? Zod is trained warrior, a military commander who knows all about strategy and attack. Add the fact that he has super powers then it would be no contest. Yes kryptonite is lethal, as if superman couldn't fry his ass alive from miles away or freeze his ass from a safe distance, or move at the speed of the flash and simply slap that kryptonite into orbit along with the better part of batmans arm. I don't care what dumb ass thing was written in a comic, this doesn't pass the smell test. Non fanboys will think this is stupid if it is done all Frank Miller in the movie. Jerking off to dark knight is sad enough, thinking that this is at all a fair fight is why so few fanboys know the touch of a woman.

Overlysensored on Aug 8, 2014


No one said it was a fair fight. I still find it interesting to hear these "superman will fry him with lasers, or smack his arm off" theories when everyone was like "oh no, superman finally killed a dude" (albeit he didn't have time to think of anything else.) Batman could have never intervened in the battle of metropolis anyway through lack of info. Learning the existence of Godzilla gives you a better chance to figure out how to beat it. Here is my opinion. Batman is outmatched and outgunned. But he's BATMAN. Batman is preparation itself, he's not stupid enough to challenge superman without some aspect of a psychological profile and an edge. I've read comics where batman has used fear toxins, mech suits, and even magic to develop an edge over specific opponents. Kryptonite hasn't been introduced yet, neither has the redlight weakness. Clark has poor social skills from being an outcast- but in man of steel you can see him reading SOCRATES so he's no slouch in intelligence, but he's way less tactically experienced. Man of Steel being the precedent- Superman may be more reluctant to outright kill someone but still being the precedent, Clark has a bad temper. I believe Batman is in the movie to teach him self control and the responsibility of being what he is. Considering that no matter what he does he is still an alien and has to earn their trust.

Pangea Blockhead on Aug 8, 2014


you're a moron. 1st, there is no kryptonite in this universe. 2nd, in the dark night returns, supes was weakened already by the bomb blast he took. and to top it off, he knew batman had a plan to fight him, but went in thinking he could handle what batman would throw at him. it's impossible to calculate batman bringing in green arrow. 3rd, supes can't move at the same speed as flash. the flash is a lot faster. and lastly, supes doesn't kill or maim so easily. and that;s always the stupid counter argument, superman can melt him, freeze him, throw him in the sun, obliterate him, blah blah blah. look at the backlash that he received, as pangea blockhead stated previously. stop whining about what you THINK is gonna happen.

BecauseImBatman! on Aug 9, 2014


wow, have you ever seen a woman other than your mom naked? You never answered the questions. go back to jerking off to the dark knight but this time pick heath ledger and imagine him as a cowboy

Overlysensored on Aug 17, 2014


I'm very excited for this, but my biggest concern when I see stuff like this (regarding scheduling and a bunch of nameless slots dated one after another) is that I can't picture passionate people writing a project they care about...instead I picture a room full of executives frantically crapping out scripts on a platter asking each other "will they pay for this?"

Danimal on Aug 9, 2014


No chance audiences are going to get sick and tired of these sorts of movies by then? I guess not...

cobrazombie on Aug 11, 2014


we need to find out what pensacola scott cagle, scooter, aka diamond jim has to say on this. though he has a hardon for spiderman he knows all about this too. Where are you scott?

Overlysensored on Aug 17, 2014

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