Bruce Willis is a Bad Guy in Action Thriller 'The Prince' First Trailer

June 25, 2014
Source: Yahoo

The Prince

The last time Bruce Willis teamed up with Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson for a movie, it was the abysmal action thriller Set Up, and now it appears neither of them have learned their lesson, because they can be seen back together in The Prince. However, Bruce Willis isn't the good guy, and 50 Cent isn't one of the leads. Instead, it's Jason Patric who takes the role of a father who finds his daughter in danger when a rival assassin (Willis) kidnaps her in order to get back at him for some wrong done in the past. John Cusack is here for some reason too, and this just looks like it's destined for the bargain bin all over again.

Here's the first trailer for Brian A. Miller's The Prince, originally from Yahoo:

The Prince is directed by Brian A. Miller (The Outsider, Officer Down and Caught in the Crossfire) written by Jeremy Passmore (Red Dawn) and Andre Fabrizio (The Cleaner). A retired assassin (Jason Patric of The Losers) is drawn back into the life he gave up when his daughter is kidnapped by his former rival (Bruce Willis), forcing a violent confrontation in order to rescue her. John Cusack and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson also star in the film which hits VOD and theaters simultaneously this summer on August 22nd. Anyone?

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well, I have to say this is the single most original storyline I've ever come across! I imagine we'll see a lot of movies rip this idea off.

Astroboy3000 on Jun 25, 2014


Your comment is probably the best thing about this trailer;-)

Nash on Jun 25, 2014


I never knew you could put every single cliche line ever used, in a single trailer

Danimal on Jun 25, 2014


bruce willis has always been open to doing smaller parts w in movies that would other wise not get a big name, he got into some trouble for taking a pay cut in pulpfiction witch at the time seemed like a bad move cause he was a big star at the time he also took a big risk on six sence witch he got a sweat backend deal on, he is a risk taker its so hard to know what a director will do with the material just from a script read, i like that trys!

angel figueroa on Jun 25, 2014


This wasn't that bad, Bruce Willis takes always risk and he needs the money to pay for his life style...

Avi on Jun 25, 2014


Looks stupid. And I haven't even clicked on the trailer yet. Here goes... Nope. Ain't even doin it.

The Walking Cuban on Jun 25, 2014


Patric rises above even in schlock material. Wish someone would give this guy a break. As good as anyone out there. NARC anyone? YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS?

Presley on Jun 25, 2014


NARC was awesome.

grimjob on Jun 25, 2014


Busta Rhymes underrated in NARC as well.

Fatal Error on Jul 2, 2014


Well based on the last 5 seconds of the trailer, we know how it ends. Same old story... bad guy holds hostage and good guy shoots and misses hostage and kills bad guy. Why bad guy doesn't just shoot good guy and call it a day...I have no idea.

backwardsprogress on Jun 25, 2014


WTF? What does Willis need the paycheck for? IRS? Demi? He's getting too old for this shit.

DAVIDPD on Jun 26, 2014


Wrong franchise, I think yippie ki yay would have been more apropos...

Fatal Error on Jul 2, 2014


With every new film, Willis' performance is getting more and more shallow and, I don't know, devoid of anything that could be related to acting...

shiboleth on Jun 27, 2014


Good to see RAIN coming back to the big screen!!! Ninja Assassin was amazing!!!

Amara on Jul 6, 2014

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