Bryan Singer May Have Gambit & Nightcrawler in 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

March 21, 2014
Source: Cine Premiere

Gambit & Nightcrawler

The release of X-Men: Days of Future Past is still two months away, but director Bryan Singer and writers Simon Kingberg, Mike Dougherty and Dan Harris are already busy working on the 2016 sequel X-Men: Apocalypse. Just recently, Singer was quoted as saying the follow-up would take place in the 80s and have massive destruction on a scale we've yet to see in the X-Men franchise. Now he's gone on the record talking about a couple possible mutant additions to the cast. Speaking with Cine Premiere (via Comic Book Movie), Singer said they're thinking about bringing Gambit and Nightcrawler into the mix next.

Singer didn't say much, but just briefly mentioned:

"I'm considering Gambit and potentially a young Nightcrawler for 'Apocalypse,' I was going to have Nightcrawler [in 'Days of Future Past'] and even wrote a scene, but I felt that we were forcing too many mutants into the story."

The above quote was translated from Spanish to English, but there's not really anything to misconstrue with names like Gambit and Nightcrawler mentioned. The inclusions of the former is the more interesting addition, especially since producer Lauren Shuler Donner said earlier this year that she was dying to make a Gambit movie with Channing Tatum playing the explosive card wielding Cajun mutant. Tatum even said that he would love to play Gambit on a separate occasion. Could they bring him in the mix for X-Men: Apocalypse? It's certainly a possibility, but let's wait for X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23rd first.

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Rock n Rollllll on Mar 21, 2014


He should! Not 'consider', he 'should'!

Fidel Reyes on Mar 21, 2014


Exactly. Two of the coolest characters who have barely seen any air time and are way overdue.

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 21, 2014


No nightcrawler in DOFP but he puts Toad a character who no one cares about, great just great.

Fidel Reyes on Mar 21, 2014


I guess it's because Toad is in the first X-men film and it needs to show a younger version linking with Magneto, but I feel your pain.

Steven on Mar 21, 2014


Hecks no!!! Tatum playing Gambit? His acting is so one dimensional, how is he suppose to pull off Gambit's accent when every movie that he's been in, he always sounds the same. Might I add, one of the worst casting choices ever was when he got the role of Duke in GI Joe. But again this is Fox so I'm not surprised.

nate on Mar 21, 2014


If your saying Tatum can't act you clearly don't know what your talking about. Also I don't think mentioning G.I.Joe even counts as credibility considering the whole entire movie was bullocks along with the rest of the casting. Look at Tatum in films such as 21 Jump Street, he can clearly handle a comedic element as Gambit has. I think it would truly be an inspired casting choice. He's dying to play the character so Tatum must know the elements of Gambit in order to make it work. That is the role of actors, they transform themselves for a specific role. Would you rather have Kitsch back as Gambit again? Didn't think so....

Ryan Thomas Hardy on Mar 21, 2014


Give me a break, you're gonna argue with me that Tatum can transform himself for a role? LOL... I give you that he was actually funny in 21 Jump street, but what did he have to transform to play that role? Magic Mike, he was OK in it too, but again he plays the same character and talks the same in every other movie that he's in. Tatum as Duke was his Step Up character with guns.... If you think that he's a good actor then good for you, but I just don't hold him as high as you do.

nate on Mar 21, 2014


I don't hold Tatum in the same aspects as your thinking. But it seems he is really dedicated to the character of Gambit. And how many times have fans all been wrong about a casting choice? A few you can argue and despute and a few you can't. I was also never argueing with you specifically on the fact of Tatum alone transforming himself for a role, there you are on your mighty fanboy horse. I was talking about actors in general. If he really has a passion for Gambit as he says he says he does, then I would be willing to accept him and I would be curious to see where it goes.

Ryan Thomas Hardy on Mar 21, 2014


Sorry, but just because he sounds dedicated to the role doesn't mean he's the right fit for the job. Of course i'm prejudging but aren't we all allow to do that? I'm not even speaking from a fanboy view, i'm strictly speaking from my view of him as an actor, and as I stated before... he's so one dimensional. It'll even be cool if he did get the role and prove me wrong... i hope so.

nate on Mar 21, 2014


Not an actor but movie star

311 on Mar 21, 2014


Its obvious Tatum can act, otherwise he wouldnt be handed movie deal after movie deal; however it doesnt mean he can act good or "good enough" to embody a role such as Gambit. You base your consideration from an actors charisma and how versatlile they can be, such as Michael Fassbender or Christian Bale or Benicio Del Torro, or Denzel are just a few examples of actors who have the acting ability to perform in a variety of dimensions and make them believable. Gambit is a very charismatic smooth-talking badass, and Channing, because of his resume' and how he's performed thus far, makes it obvious that he is just not able to do justice to the character. Im sorry buddy but this character takes more than just good looks.

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 21, 2014


C Tates as Gambit! I would rather have the other kid! And I hated him! CTates couldn't act his way out of a paper bag! And don't give me that "he was funny in 21 jump street!" Everyone gets lucky once!

Jimmy Love on Mar 21, 2014


If they do include Gambit they should do away away with the silly Cajun bullshit accent. Although it would be kind of amazing, it makes the character seem like a doofus. Nightcrawler would be fucking sex. But I would want them to follow the cannon. We already have seen his mama and papa in Vaughn's chapter.

DAVIDPD on Mar 21, 2014


That's how gambit is though, he is from New Orleans. Without the accent they wouldn't be doing the character justice.

Akwasi Asabere on Mar 21, 2014


I am all for Gambit and young Nightcrawler showing up. I don't mind Tatum but I don't think he is right for the role. I wouldn't mind seeing Richard Madden (Robb Stark) take a run at Gambit. And Jamie Bell as a young Nightcrawler.

Maxx on Mar 21, 2014


Kitsch was Great!

Guest on Mar 23, 2014


And Kitsch would help Singer stay in Continuity

Guest on Mar 23, 2014

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