CBS Films Picks Up Pathé's 'Pride' for Release in US This September

July 10, 2014


Briefly: Recently we featured the trailer for the British drama Pride following the true story of gay and lesbian activists who threw their support behind the families of striking miners in the United Kingdom in 1984. At the time, the film hadn't been slated for a release in the United States, but CBS FIlms has just announced acquisition of the Pathé, and they'll release the film on September 19th this fall. The film features Bill Nighy (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), Imelda Staunton (Maleficent), Dominic West (The Hour), Paddy Considine (Submarine) and more. It certainly looks like a timely and charming tale.

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Of course they would. The establishment is doing its damndest to cram this agenda down our throats, all day and everyday. "As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends to compensatingly increase. And the dictator will do well to encourage that freedom." -Aldous Huxley That pretty much sums up America today.

Alex on Jul 10, 2014


"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" Isaiah nailed it with that verse. Everything in this world is turning upside down. Good is now considered old-fashioned, or to use one of the progressive left's favorite words, "bigoted" and therefore "evil." This country is headed down a path of self-destruction that will be very, very hard to recover from, if not impossible. It's like watching a teenager self-destruct through poor decision after poor decision even though his/her parents have warned him/her of the consequences of their actions. The "if it feels good, then do it" mentality that this society has adopted will be the ultimate source of its destruction and that saddens me. I believe that there are still plenty of good people still left in this country, but when you have corrupt and evil men in control of the government who insist on turning everything into a right protected by the misused and abused equal protection clause of the 14th amendment (it was originally created to ensure that freed slaves were treated the same as whites, as they should have been, but its scope has since grown to a much broader and all-inclusive scope and is now used by the courts without restraint. It has very much become the PC police clause), then we're going to get what we deserve because we NEVER vote them out of office. Actually, I've changed my mind, it isn't the "if it feels good" mentality that will be the cause of our downfall, it will be our apathy. We're preparing a bitter pill that no spoonful of sugar will help to go down.

Ryan Weiss on Jul 11, 2014


do you piss n moan as much about all the pre marital sex and sex before marriage and teen relationships and pregnancies as much as you do about gays , or is it just them you have bible issues with ..I mean the straight world is involved in more sin sexually than any gays are .. being that there are more of you than there are of us . SO mathematically heterosexuals are involved in a lot more evil than we are .. i mean it was your generation that started the sexual revolution , am i right ?

Will on Jul 11, 2014


Apparently you need a lesson on reading comprehension because I didn't single out a particular group of people in my post. Reread it, do you see the words "gay" or "homosexuals" anywhere in my post? No, that's because my post was nothing more than an opinion on the state of society today. What exactly about my post pisses you off so much? Whatever the reason, maybe you should consider why it pisses you off so much and then maybe you should see a therapist to resolve whatever is behind your vitriol. Just so you know, I do think premarital sex is just as bad as gay sex. In fact I don't think that being gay is in and of itself a sin, but when you act upon it then it becomes a sin. It's not the thought that's the sin, it's the action, it's always the action. Do I think that gays should be allowed to get married? Yes, because the government provides certain legal rights and privileges to married people and is therefore technically protected by the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment, which is why gay marriage bans are being overturned left and right. The whole gay marriage thing wouldn't even be an issue if the government never got into the business of marriage in the first place. I respect your free agency to do whatever you want with your life and with whomever you choose do to it with. In the end we'll all be accountable for how we live our lives, but I'm going to leave that judgment up to God because I am an imperfect sinner and therefore am incapable of passing a perfect judgment.

Ryan Weiss on Jul 12, 2014


I enjoy the futile gnashing of your teeth. Maybe you just shouldn't care what adults do in the bedroom.

borninatrailer on Jul 11, 2014


I really don't care what they do in the bedroom, actually. I do care though, when they constantly do it on TV, on city streets, and on public, performing sex acts even in the view of children. And I care when unelected judges are encouraging clerks to flagrantly disobey laws that are on the books and have not been overturned yet. And I care when bakers, photographers, and inn owners are forced to pay legal fees and fines because they simply do not want to take part in these peoples' idea of marriage, thus rendering them as indentured servants to the politically correct establishment. So yeah, if it was just "in the bedroom", it wouldn't be a problem. The problem is, it isn't. And that's a big problem.

Alex on Jul 11, 2014


"..on city streets, and on public, performing sex acts even in the view of children." Gays screwing in the streets in front of children.. what are you even talking about? Whatever. This is all BS in any event. You don't like that gays exist and do not want anything done that legitimizes their relationships or destigmatizes their very lives. It is ugly hatred and I have no sympathy for you in the slightest. Enjoy your gradual marginalization.

borninatrailer on Jul 11, 2014


oh you mean kinda like the civil rights movement of the 1960's ?? You sound just like all them racist red neck white folks who were so against black and white marriage laws and equality for blacks back in the day ... You would of been one of those hicks who were like .. " I hate how these blacks are shoving all this equal rights for blacks down are throats and all these black characters on TV now " .. ahaha . lol .. .Im curious ,, do you have issues with all the adultery and sex outside of marrage , affairs and teen sexual relationships they show on TV today ? I mean , all that is as much wrong as gay sex is , am i right ? or is it just the homosexual relationships and characters that they show that you have issues with ?

Will on Jul 11, 2014


Please, what you do with your sexual preference isn't the same as being born black or white. I can choose to have sex with whomever I want, but I can't change the color of my skin. Gay rights are NOT the same as civil rights so stop comparing the two. The social consequences of redefining the definition of marriage are far more profound than the progressive left wants us to realize. I know it's a cliché phrase, but be careful what you wish for.

Ryan Weiss on Jul 12, 2014


Lets also not forget that it was the heterosexuals that started the sexual revolution that lead gays out of the closet as well when the straights wanted to practice open sin in public with everyone and anyone ... so you have your own kind to thank for Aids as well , If not for you all , we would have never thought to come out and live it up as you all were back then ...

Will on Jul 11, 2014

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