Chadwick Boseman Confirmed for Marvel's 'Black Panther' for 2017

October 28, 2014
Source: Marvel Event

Chadwick Boseman / Black Panther

It's official! After years of speculation, Marvel Studios has officially announced and confirmed that actor Chadwick Boseman (seen in 42 as Jackie Robinson as well as Get on Up and Draft Day) will play Black Panther in an upcoming movie now set for late 2017. The announcement was featured as part of Marvel's Phase 3 and revealed during the "Marvel Event" on Tuesday at Disney's El Capitan in Los Angeles. Boseman will be introduced as Black Panther in the third Captain America movie, announced as Captain America: Civil War (oooh sounds fun), and he made an appearance with Robert Downey Jr. (also appearing in Cap 3) and Chris Evans, Cap himself, at the event to help promote the news - see photos + concept art below.

This isn't actually the first time we've heard of Boseman in the running, as rumors have been swirling since 2013 when Boseman was apparently leading the shortlist for the role. Marvel's Black Panther is one of those movies that we've been hearing about for years and years, with other names like Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (from G.I. Joe, Thor: The Dark World) and Djimon Hounsou once linked to the role before, though they have each ended up in other Marvel Studios movies between Thor and Guardians. But with a whole new era, or "Phase" as they call it, of movies to follow Guardians this is one of the few that I'm actually really looking forward to seeing. More for the solo film than his intro in Cap 3, but I'm curious to see how it ties together.

Here's a look at some concept art from the Marvel Event showing Black Panther's costume in the movie:

During the Marvel Event at the El Capitan, Boseman came to the stage and was joined by Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans. To get more people into the character, it sounds like Black Panther will have a "big" part in Captain America 3, set for release at the start of the summer on May 6th, 2016. After appearing on stage, RDJ tweeted out an introduction and included a few candid shots of everyone on stage and backstage:

Aside from his appearance in Captain America 3, details on the actual solo Black Panther movie are just now coming together. The only thing confirmed: the release date - November 3rd, 2017, over three years to go. So, we've got a long ways to wait, but at least we'll get some Black Panther in 2016. During the press event Q&A, when asked about a director for this movie, Feige reportedly stated (via @colliderfrosty): "they are meeting with Reggie Hudlin soon for BLACK PANTHER but they [are] meeting with a lot of people so don't assume he is doing it." Reggie Hudlin is a filmmaker who made House Party back in the 90s and directed some episodes of "The Bernie Mac Show", mostly doing random TV work nowadays. We'll have to wait for the actual confirmation on a director, but in the meantime the date, casting and title are confirmed.

Stay tuned for more from Marvel as they head into Phase 3. See the full line-up from the Marvel Event.

Update! Here's another interesting tidbit. Commenting on the casting, Deadline adds: "I hear he's signed a lucrative five-film deal that begins with 2016's Captain America: Civil War [and] continues through Marvel's just-unveiled Phase 3 lineup." Wow, so that's a lot more than just Cap 3 and Black Panther solo, perhaps the next two back-to-back Avengers: Infinity War movies. He's definitely set. Feige: "We're looking for the best directors possible," they quote him saying, adding another bit about Hudlin: "Reggie I've known for many years and is a great guy — I think I’m meeting him again shortly." That's the latest from the trades.

Black Panther is a superhero who first appeared in Marvel's "Fantastic Four" comics in 1966. He was the first prominent black superhero in comic history and the first to get his own comic book. The title of "Black Panther" is a rank of chieftain of the Wakandan Panther Clan. As chieftain, the Panther has superhumanly acute senses (especially eyesight, night vision, and sense of smell) and an increase in strength, speed, and stamina. Hollywood has been trying to make a Black Panther movie for many years, with early versions in development involving Wesley Snipes that never actually went into production. We may finally, after all this time, actually get to see a Black Panther movie. Only three more years to go. Satisfied with this casting?

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Djimon Honsou was in Guardians, NOT Thor 2

davidshaw on Oct 28, 2014


that's what they said.

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014


This is great casting!

SkylerB619 on Oct 28, 2014


I am excited about this film. As a non-comic book reader can I ask the internets, does this character have lots of good stories that they can base a script off of and does he have lots of good supporting characters and enemies? Thanks in advance.

sassy_gal on Oct 28, 2014


The Black Panther's Story is one of Tragedy, Honor and Duty. Due to his father's untimely demise trying to protect the small kingdom of Wakanda from outsiders, he becomes their king and protector at a young age. There is a mountain within Wakanda that is the only known source of vibranium (the material Cap's shield is made of), whihc brings war to Wakanda. BP's enemies vary from the corporations and warlords trying to take control of Wakanda to the Avengers themselves initially.

matthew south on Oct 28, 2014


Likely iy will involve Ulysses Klaw ( Andy Serkis's character seen in Age of ultron trailer), Wakanda and Vibranium. BP's country is the largest source of Virabium on earth. Klaw goes to wakanda tosteal Vibranium and kills the current King T'Chaka T'Challa ( Black Panther ) and Tony Stark have a history from attending university together. In the comics BP designs and gives the Avengers their Quinjets and ID cards/communicators. Captain America's shield is a blend of virbranium and adamanatium in th ecomics. In teh MCU it's just Vibranium ( fox owns right to adamantium in the movies). Later on he marries Storm, substitutes for daredevil, and joins a group called the Illuminati. aslo is a scientific genius on par with Stark and Reed rRchards. I'm no screen writer and just this alone is plenty to create a movie around.

Hfxhooligan on Oct 30, 2014


This is the least exciting movie out of all the DC and Marvel movies to me.

Snowmanfloza on Oct 28, 2014


Of all DC and Marvel? Really?! Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman don't compare to Black Panther even if they have a longer comic book duration. But that's just you, as you said.

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014


Im least excited for Black Panther and Wonder Women. I will still see them though. Flash and Green Lantern could be awesome if done right, but horrible if done wrong.

Snowmanfloza on Oct 28, 2014


Well Green Lantern as already been done wrong (by the same company doing the reboot). And just looking at track record for the companies, Marvel has a better chance executing a character than DC. Plus if BvS or JL flops, then my argument will be all the more stronger.

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014


Damn, I love this. So great to see a younger actor get a shot at the crown! Hounsou would have been great, but maybe they will nab him for the father role.

DAVIDPD on Oct 28, 2014


Totally agree! It's nice they're still giving these roles to less known's even though they're now trying to give roles to bigger actors. Boseman is a solid choice too! A buddy and I were trying to think of solid, black actors to play BP and it's hard to really think of some, outside of those having been already used.

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014


Idris Alba would have been perfect for the father role if he hadn't already been Heimdall.

matthew south on Oct 28, 2014


Exactly, and so would've Anthony Mackie and of strong African descent and still having that accent, Adewale and Djimon, but again, both already in other Marvel movies. Djimon would've been my top vote!

JBrotsis on Oct 28, 2014


Agreed. Hounsou would have been absolutely perfect as the King of Wakanda. Dream casting. Good idea about the father role, would love to see him involved somehow. (plus, maybe we could get a little flashback action...)

si1ver on Oct 28, 2014


Never thought this would happen. Epic for me.

mooreworthy on Oct 28, 2014


Awesome. But Djimon Honsou>>>>>>>

si1ver on Oct 28, 2014


Djimon got the raw end of the deal with a small-ish role in Guardians of the Galaxy. Lets hope he has a bigger part to play in GotG 2. But I can understand Marvel's decision to go with Boseman. He is cheaper, younger and has done good work in the movies released so far, so he is perfect for a multi-movie deal as a lead actor.

lezboyd on Oct 30, 2014


Pretty sure his character is dead. Korath had his head implants ripped out by drax.

Hfxhooligan on Oct 30, 2014


I am glad this is happening, but it still has me a bit worried. With a cast that would mostly be made of black actors will this be successful (I know mainly not in all regions of the world including parts of America). Granted this is a Marvel film and that is what is going to generate it's revenue including the fans like myself but what would a general audience who hasn't been introduced to this character think of this? I really hope Marvel has a way to efficiently communicate who the Black Panther is and his story. Oh and Chadwick Boseman is a great pick. Now just hoping the Andy Serkis Klaw rumors are true, and maybe they can still get Wesley Snipes on board as T'Chaka.

Jordan Odinson on Oct 28, 2014


At this point, the Marvel Studios brand will pretty much sell anything. Look at Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, it was an amazing film...but word of mouth gives you legs, not a $95 million opening. The entire Marvel Studios machines is extremely potent. People trust the brand, that builds early buzz and a lot of faith in the film, then the excellent marketing does the rest, and the quality of the film itself ends up paying off big time. Anything Marvel Studios does at this point pretty much has hit written all over it.

Chris Groves on Oct 28, 2014


Chitwel Ejofer for T'Chaka. Snipes time has passed, he's no longer a bankable star. I doubt they will centre the film 100% in Wakanda, the larger community may not come out to see that. Funny they flock to see a movie set in outer space with aliens, but a film set in a fictional african country is a hard sell in America!

Hfxhooligan on Oct 30, 2014


ohhhh shyts bout to get real outta control in marvel!, registations, fantastic 4, x-men and spiderman eventually making that crossover, gotta stay healthy! i actually cut meat from my diet to make it through these trying times....

Liam Knurtsis on Oct 28, 2014


Morris Chestnut is my pick for this part.

Derrick Perkins on Oct 29, 2014


I would have really liked Mahershalalhashbaz Ali. But, I've also been hoping for Anson Mount as Dr. Strange. So clearly I've set myself up for disappointment when it comes to casting.

Astroboy3000 on Oct 29, 2014

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