Channing Tatum Attached to 'Gambit' Spin-Off from 'RoboCop' Writer

October 31, 2014
Source: Deadline

Channing Tatum / Gambit

Earlier this year, X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner was talking about landing Channing Tatum to play the Cajun, kinetically charged mutant Gambit in his own spin-off film. Then the actor was confirmed to take the role in May, and we've just been waiting to see how it all plays out. Well, Deadline has more details with official word that Tatum is officially attached to the film at 20th Century Fox and the script will be written by RoboCop remake scribe Josh Zetumer, based on a treatment from Marvel Comics writer Chris Claremont, the man who created the cool character with Jim Lee back in 1990. More below!

No matter how excited we are that Tatum is leading this film, we can't help but groan at the thought of the writer of the RoboCop remake writing this film. Hopefully the treatment from Chris Claremont helps guide it to a good place. Plus, there's always the chance that Zetumer's script was just ruined by the studio and that's why the new RoboCop was so awful, but we're not sure. Previously we heard that Gambit would be introduced in the X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016 and the solo Gambit film would come after that, but it's not clear if that timeline and plan is still accurate. Stay tuned to find out more.

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Nice, there can be potential with Tatum as Gambit, but I'm still waiting for Nightcrawler to join the team, or at least more then what he did back in X-2.

Justin R on Oct 31, 2014


Can Sony just simply not attract better directors and writers? or are they comfortable being third best in the comic book movie world?

Jon Odishaw on Oct 31, 2014



Wes Draven on Nov 1, 2014


Sony is Spiderman if I'm not mistaken. The X-men property is in a much better place compared to what Sony has done.

bumboclot on Nov 1, 2014


right my bad

Jon Odishaw on Nov 3, 2014


"script will be written by RoboCop remake scribe Josh Zetumer" That's where I stopped reading.

qweqwu on Oct 31, 2014


That movie had a writer? Didn't some exec just throw a bunch of rejected screenplays in a blender? Maybe I'm mixing it up with Total Recall.

bumboclot on Nov 1, 2014


Total Recall was helmed by Len Wiseman and that doesnt sound like something he'd be apart of. Maybe thats why Robocop was a total bust.

Rock n Rollllll on Nov 3, 2014


Haha i put that exact same quote before reading yours. Looks like you and i are on the same plainfield here.

Rock n Rollllll on Nov 3, 2014



Luke Hanna on Oct 31, 2014


I don't think Tatum has the right build for Gambit.

redtie on Oct 31, 2014


STAR TREK...Chris Hemsworth was twig.

DAVIDPD on Nov 1, 2014


maybe Channing should think about pulling out of this one...

ColtNoir on Oct 31, 2014


The Claremont thing is the most promising part...

Bl00dwerK on Nov 1, 2014


Can't wait to hear his Cajun accent. Will make or break the film.

DAVIDPD on Nov 1, 2014


Grew up in bayous near the Mississippi. Hopefully pretty accurate.

avconsumer2 on Nov 2, 2014


"I'm Jeff".

lewinston on Nov 2, 2014


I like Channing Tatum, and I like most of the X-Men films...but the whole franchise feels a bit sloppy to me. I thought that Days of Future Past would make things neater, and it actually just made things a little more convoluted. So I can't really say I'm interested in/excited for these upcoming films, not Deadpool, not Apocalypse, not this. I'm sure they'll be good enough, but I'm just not interested any more. They 'X-Men Universe' has not been built in a way that even comes close to matching the MCU.

Chris Groves on Nov 1, 2014


Ah who really cares if they are convoluted? They already have a Marvel Universe, a Justice League Universe, a Star Wars Universe (next year), a Potter-verse, surely more Tolkien Universe stuff. Does everything have to be a pre-planned universe? If the X-men people just make one off movies, I may actually be relieved a bit, as long as the movies are great.

bumboclot on Nov 1, 2014


It doesn't have to be pre-planned, but in terms of having a general regard for continuity and consistency, after X-Men Origins: Wolverine(Which TRIED to be as seamless of a prequel to the trilogy as possible, despite not being a good movie) they've kind of just said 'Yeah, well, whatever' I mean, when Bryan Singer comes out and says 'I hope people just don't really pay attention or get hung up on the clear contradictions between the movies' it is hard to stay invested. The guy at the helm of the series doesn't give a crap about keeping things uniform and consistent, that's a shame. I'm not saying it makes the movies bad. I'm giving a personal opinion here, it is simply something that contributes to a growing lack of interest in the franchise for me. I'm not trying to put the films down. But on the Marvel Studios side of things, they pride themselves in having strong continuity and connectivity across their films, and across TV shows. That kind of effort and devotion to the product pays off. I mean, The Avengers didn't gross over twice as much as DOFP for no reason. Sometimes, the attention and care given to the little details makes a world of difference.

Chris Groves on Nov 1, 2014


I actually think DOFP redeemed Bryan from 1 and 2.

Rock n Rollllll on Nov 3, 2014


It was good, but I'm kind of a stickler for strong continuity and consistency. I also don't like the whole 'they don't like that we killed these characters, so lets erase those deaths' aspect, it just feels so much like overt "fan-service"

Chris Groves on Nov 3, 2014


I liked Kitsch, he just didn't get to be gambit...

OfficialJab on Nov 2, 2014


"the script will be written by RoboCop remake scribe Josh Zetumer" This line gives me little hope for this movie. Too bad too cause Gambit was one of my favorite characters.

Rock n Rollllll on Nov 3, 2014

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