Charlie Hunnam is Guy Ritchie's 'King Arthur,' Elizabeth Olsen in Talks

August 27, 2014

Charlie Hunnam

Warner Bros. Pictures' attempt to revive the medieval tale of King Arthur is already set for July 22nd, 2016, but so far the only cast member revealed for the film has been Idris Elba in a supporting role as a Merlin-eseque character who trains and mentors Arthur. Now there will be a bit of a reunion in store as Deadline reports Elba's Pacific Rim co-star Charlie Hunnam has landed the title role in the film that will kick-off a six-film franchise plotted by Joby Harold, who is also writing the first script. With Pacific Rim (plus a forthcoming sequel) and this franchise in store, Hunnam doesn't need Fifty Shades of Grey after all.

In addition, Variety has word that Godzilla and The Avengers: Age of Ultron star Elizabeth Olsen is the frontrunner to take the lead female role, though it's not clarified as to what character she would play. Hunnam's status as a leading actor was solidified with his role in Pacific Rim (though he wasn't exactly the best), but you can't deny his screen presence in the FX series "Sons of Anarchy." We're still not sure that this is the kind of project that needs to span six films, but maybe with Ritchie on board, who helped make Sherlock Holmes popular again, we're looking at something we haven't seen before.

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OMG! SIX PICTURE DEAL?! Damn. Even if they aren't all great, the audacity of it is BRILLIANT!

DAVIDPD on Aug 27, 2014


Ritchie has a golden opportunity here to make a series that could be remembered in the way LOTR is. I hope he's successful.

Quanah on Aug 27, 2014


Definitely. But where the hell is the Real Rock n Rolla!?

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


God watching paint dry is more fun than this guys acting. Even Aaron Taylor is better.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 27, 2014


Jon-boy! You ever watch SONS OF ANARCHY? He tears it up on that show.

DAVIDPD on Aug 28, 2014


No I haven't PAC rim is my only taste of him

Jon Odishaw on Aug 28, 2014


Ah I see. If you ever give it a chance. It is very, very good.

DAVIDPD on Aug 28, 2014


Thanks Bo.

DAVIDPD on Aug 28, 2014


Lots of people can character act, that doesnt necessarily make them good actors.

Brian Sleider on Aug 28, 2014


That is true Brian. So I suppose Hunnam is a good actor, but for now, he a good actor who can play Jackson Teller.

DAVIDPD on Aug 28, 2014


God watching paint dry... interesting concept.

avconsumer2 on Aug 28, 2014


I see now that, in my haste, my punctuation skills were lost.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 28, 2014


It happens - but really, that would make a pretty neat painting. (with the accompanying title) 😉

avconsumer2 on Aug 28, 2014


I would totally paint that if i could paint that...although the horseshit that passes for art these days is insane

Jon Odishaw on Aug 28, 2014

15 it will have an obligatory ab shot? I didn't hate him in pac rim, but that doesnt mean he acted well. I am not sure he can carry a role like this at all.

Brian Sleider on Aug 27, 2014


Good luck to them, really...I'd really enjoy seeing a six film franchise for King Arthur...but I have a feeling, like Chronicles of Narnia, it won't get to six. Maybe three. Or we'll get to three then have to wait four+ years to get the continuation films.

JBrotsis on Aug 28, 2014


I think there's a reason Charlie didn't get success with film the first time around and instead chose to go down the Sons route. His acting suited the character (80% of the time) but he's no Tom Hardy. The guy just looks like he's playing at acting. Pacific Rim was hard going, he was so wooden.

Mr Chatterbox on Aug 28, 2014


His accent could use some work as well. In Pacific Rim is kept slipping like Sam Worthington in Avatar.

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


Antoine Fuqua's King Arthur will NOT be easy to top.

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 28, 2014


Lancelot ain't got shit on me!

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014



Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


But...but the Real Rock n Rolla...

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


Guy Ritchie is not known for using the same actors over and over, unless of course hes making a trilogy like Sherlock Holmes.

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 28, 2014


But I want it! Jason Stathman and Jason Fleming are used more than once.

Xerxexx on Aug 28, 2014


Vinnie Jones!

grimjob on Aug 28, 2014


Agreed! How ya been!?

Xerxexx on Aug 30, 2014


Just fine my man, just fine. Yourself?

grimjob on Aug 30, 2014


Ah yes, Lock, stock, and two smoking barrels. Good call.

Rock n Rollllll on Aug 29, 2014


Thank you sir.

Xerxexx on Aug 30, 2014


every movie from guy ritchie are good movies, especially snatch but 6 movies about King Arthur?? They must have a great story arc to tell otherwise it wont work. And still I can't believe why Hyperion saga of dan Simmons isn't picked up by Studios! Man if I had 300 Million to make it I will earns 2 billion of the succes of it....

Avi on Aug 28, 2014


Good to see Ralllleigh as the boy King!

Randall Miller on Aug 28, 2014


Where's the third Sherlock Holmes movie? The first two were very good.

cobrazombie on Aug 28, 2014


Here I am, again, pining for something I know will never happen. I just want Johnny Quid, Archy, and the Gang to return, as promised!

grimjob on Aug 28, 2014

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