Chloe Moretz Says Piracy Means 'Kick-Ass 3' Probably Won't Happen

August 27, 2014
Source: Digital Spy

Chloe Moretz

Gifted young actress Chloe Grace Moretz has been making the publicity rounds for her latest tearjerking drama If I Stay, and that means she's been fielding questions about projects other than the current one she's promoting. And considering most of the general population knows he as the foul-mouthed, ass-kicking Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass and last year's underwhelming sequel, she was inevitably asked about Kick-Ass 3. However, rather than being hopeful about the possibility of another film in the R-rated comic book franchise, she pretty much shot down any hopes fans might have of seeing her suit up again. More below!

Speaking with Digital Spy, Moretz lamented that Kick-Ass 3 probably won't happen:

"Sadly, I think I'm done with the character. Hit-Girl was a very cool character, but I don't think there will be any more movies. You make these movies for the fanboys, but nowadays everyone seems to pirate them rather than watch them in the movie theater.

'Kick-Ass 2' was one of the number-one pirated movies of the year, but that doesn’t help us because we need box office figures. We need to prove to the distributors that we can make money from a third and a fourth movie—but because it didn’t do so well, we can’t make another one. If you want more than one movie, everyone has to go and see movies at the cinema. It’s all about the numbers in the theater."

While she's certainly right about the piracy in general (despite the fanboy moniker being vaguely insulting), the film wasn't really one of the most pirated films online, because it didn't even crack the Top 10 Most Pirated Films of 2013. Sadly, what more likely killed this franchise is that Kick-Ass 2 was barely mediocre, with a weak script, lame action, and a style that felt like more of the same, much like Sin City: A Dame to Kill for this year. Jim Carrey added some fun to the proceedings, but it wasn't much help to a film that didn't have the goods on the page. But unless a miracle happens, don't expect Universal to make Kick-Ass 3.

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Oh just shut up Moretz. We are in the digital golden age of technology films (any film) can get pirated faster and easier than you can count to three it happens now don't go off using it as an excuse just because your film wasn't successful. Look at the box office numbers for a film like Guardians of The Galaxy this year in August and try to make that excuse. Jee I guess everyone decided to pirate that movie right empty movie theater seats worldwide? Oh wait. On top of that Guardians of The Galaxy was relatively an unknown property, it wasn't following up on a sequel. it just had a great studio like Marvel to back it up. Kick-Ass 2 failed because it was underwhelming, it was crap. But you don't want to admit it was crap right so lets blame the fanboys for it's failure. I honestly hate when people come out and make statements like that.

Stephen Ritchie on Aug 27, 2014


How are you comparing GOTG to KA2? lol

ragethorn on Aug 27, 2014


I am not directly comparing GOTG to KA2, I am comparing the success of both films as I have made that really obvious. On one hand you have GOTG an unknown property which could go either way and on the other you have KA2 a sequel to a film that did really well. Which film is expected to do much better? It's really embarrassing also considering the first KA film had a much higher box office. Sequels are supposed to fare better.

Stephen Ritchie on Aug 27, 2014


To be fair, you were not "really obvious," and the first part of your post was a bit of a mess to get through. Some people might not be able to comprehend what you're getting at by just reading your unedited thoughts on the internet.

Mike P. on Aug 27, 2014


I get it. GOTG was way better than Kick-Ass 2. But GOTG is a movie you see on the big screen, with big sound and 3D glasses maybe? GOTG had a budget of $170 mill. Kick-Ass 2 had $28 Mill. Which would you rather see on the big screen?

ragethorn on Aug 27, 2014


I think hes saying if a movie is good enough it can make enough damn money despite piracy

Jon Odishaw on Aug 27, 2014


She didn't say the movie wasn't crap, she cleverly danced around it and talked about her character. But your opinion of the movie, whether it's aligned with the critics consensus or not, is not what she's getting at. Because certain movies are "crap" to others, it often does lead to the mindset of "I'll just pirate it," because they don't want to waste their money. After all, a film isn't like a product you buy from the store, your satisfaction of it doesn't decide your money back. In the bigger picture, it will lead to the above: less people going to theater due to word of mouth, and more people pirating the film because they might want to see it but heard it was shitty so they don't want to waste their money. You contradict yourself saying "it's so easy to pirate films today" to "don't use that as an excuse" as if you assume everyone can pirate films but decide not to for one reason or another. Both you and her miss the mark on the topic. In the end, piracy, whether you want to believe it or not, is a problem in the film industry, to varying degree, regardless of the films quality. Who knows where a third film would have went and what quality it would have had. Her ultimate point was that it won't happen. She isn't going to come right out and say the film was garbage and ruin her reputation, but she also shouldn't fully shift blame to one factor, disregarding the others.

Mike P. on Aug 27, 2014


First person in the thread who's talked sense about both sides of the argument, thanks.

Christopher Woods on Aug 28, 2014


I personally never watch pirated movies when the movie comes out. They usually contain low quality recorded material. I go to the cinema to watch the movies I really want to see. Afterwards I usually find my way to a pirated BluRay copy.

Oriyan J. Ovadia on Aug 27, 2014


Good man.

Xerxexx on Aug 27, 2014


I'm inclined to agree. Kickass 2 was the most pirated movie of the year, that says a lot. Considering that there were many other movies out this year, that did much better theater wise, but Kickass 2 still beat them webwide in terms of piracy. Maybe it says something about its fans.

deebeetee on Aug 27, 2014


Its cause they can.

Xerxexx on Aug 27, 2014


GAME OF THRONES can survive being the most downloaded tv series by far, that is not really an excuse. KICKASS 2 just was not a great film and fans did not like it.

DAVIDPD on Aug 27, 2014


Can you read? Kick ass two wasn't nearly the most pirated movie of 2013. She tried to blame pirates and not the weak ass script

Uri Charles on Aug 27, 2014


Atta girl Chloe. P.S. Kick-Ass 2 was boring though.

ragethorn on Aug 27, 2014


LOL! It was though.

DAVIDPD on Aug 27, 2014


It was the Pirates of the Caribbean....

TheOct8pus on Aug 27, 2014


I like it.

Xerxexx on Aug 27, 2014


She makes a great point. Kickass 2 wasn't that great.

Xerxexx on Aug 27, 2014


She is such a pro.

DAVIDPD on Aug 27, 2014


Oh but the Pirates(thiefs) say they never hurt the industry. Not that I care here, I thought the 2nd was lame.

Brian Sleider on Aug 27, 2014


Well it only took 60m at the box office for 28m production cost, not including any DVD, satellite etc returns. How do they survive on a 100% base return?

thmonster on Aug 27, 2014


Good I'm glad part 3 won't happen. Totally makes my night hearing that! 🙂 The second was pure shit. Felt like I was watching a straight to video movie.

SkyNet300 on Aug 27, 2014


Victory guys? Can I get an amen?!

SkyNet300 on Aug 27, 2014


Passing the buck... the sequel (to a very niche movie) sucked and it's someone else's fault.

cobrazombie on Aug 27, 2014


Wow, the ignorance! If it were heavily pirated (which it wasn't, really), that would mean there is demand for it - the distribution/marketing was just wrong. If they were pirating it, that means the "fanboys" actually liked it. But really, it was just a bad movie. Why is she such a shill for the studios? Oh wait, they make her rich.

Swanland on Aug 28, 2014


Though I don't pirate, waited to see this on HBO, then kicked myself for wasting those 103 minutes. If anyone in the world gets busted pirating this particular film... go ahead and reply to this & I will fed-ex you a t-shirt saturated with dried tears from my uncontrollable laughter. (copy of indictment documents, or foreign equivalent, required)

avconsumer2 on Aug 28, 2014


Basically to sum up this article - Movie sucked, blamed by Actress on Movie Pirates... Har matey!

backwardsprogress on Aug 28, 2014


I think Aaron Taylor-Johnson already confirmed there was no Kick-Ass 3, or at least he wasn't in it. In an interview for Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron the interview (apparently) showed him and Elizabeth Olsen a picture of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch from one of their first appearances because Olsen said she wasn't wearing that head band and Taylor-Johnson said his days of wearing green were over.

Paige Brownlie on Sep 4, 2014


Yeah 29% on rotten tomatoes, it was totally the piracy that killed this movie... not the movie itself... or the fact one of the big named stars in the movie went on a rampage of telling people NOT to go see it. But go ahead and blame piracy, pumpkin. And then keep telling that you're doing this for the "fanboys" and not for a huge paycheck for yourself.

Mike on Sep 4, 2014


Yeah, completely agree...a little self righteous isn't she?

ResurrectRider on Sep 4, 2014


haha reading this article made my day...what a joke....theres been a lot of talk lately about piracy of movies killing the 'big blockbusters'...i think they have ran out of things to blame so they focus on the piracy nonsense...overlooking the fact that the movie was absolutely terrible, the acting sucked, why even cast Jim Carrey, horrible plot, action, script etc etc etc...the movie was a complete joke..and pirated or not, the few million dollars they 'may' have lost is nothing in the long run..if the movie is good even the pirates would spread good word of mouth (which is how they prob make the most money)...anyways, blame something plausable and stop w/ the excuses...sorry you only made 5 million versus 6 million from it..poor babies

InvisiGhost on Sep 4, 2014


Or maybe Kick-Ass 2 was just in a shitty sequel that no one wanted to pay good money to see. Michael Bay is the only warlock powerful enough to trick people into dumping cash on such things. Get over yourself little girl. Not every movie you make is going to be gold just because you got lucky with a couple of roles in the past. Then again, Avatar was pirated 21 million times and we won't be getting to revisit Pandora again any time soon. Wait, wait. Nope, I was wrong. They are making 3 more of those for some reason despite the first one making almost no money because of all the pirates. What the fuck is Cameron thinking? He's just throwing money away!!! Someone call up Cameron now and stop him before all of the evil pirates ruin his career!!!

Guest on Sep 5, 2014


Or maybe Kick-Ass 2 was just a shitty sequel that no one wanted to pay good money to see. Michael Bay is the only warlock powerful enough to trick people into dumping cash on such things. Get over yourself little girl. Not every movie you make is going to be gold just because you got lucky with a couple of roles in the past. Then again, Avatar was pirated 21 million times and we won't be getting to revisit Pandora again any time soon. Wait, wait. Nope, I was wrong. They are making 3 more of those for some reason despite the first one making almost no money because of all the pirates. What the fuck is Cameron thinking? He's just throwing money away!!! Someone call up Cameron now and stop him before all of the evil pirates ruin his career!!!

Dave McHugh on Sep 5, 2014


When you make a movie that nobody wants to pay for because it's as bad as Kick Ass 2 you shouldn't be blaming piracy. Kick Ass 2 sucked not because of her of course, just saying.

Manuel Granados on Sep 5, 2014


Or maybe it has to do with the fact that Holloywood hasn't come out with an original idea for almost 30 years. Yes occassionally something new hits like AVATAR and Star Wars, etc but in general all romantic comedies are based that the man is a moron and couldn't possibly survive without the woman when in fact the exact opposite is true. Take Jennifer Aniston, she has the acting range of a grape, every movie is the exact same character, one has to assume her behind the curtain performances is the only reason she still gets work. People are sick and tired of paying $20 for nasty popcorn, $5 for a $1 soda, $5 for a $1 candy bar, then we have to sit through crying babies, people who will not shut up, cell phones ringing through the whole thing. So for a couple going to the movies expect to pay $40-50 for that experience on top of seeing a bad remake of a good movie. And you wonder why most folks watch it online for free, duh? I wait till it comes on Cable, I have a much more interesting life than living vicariously through people like Angelina Jolie or Sean Penn. The other aspect is, do you want to support and be talked down to by a bunch of people who have the collective IQ of a High School Drop Out, most of them barely graduated High School, the large percentage of them have no college degree, virtually none have a Masters and I can't think of one with a PHD, yet these mental midgets seem to know how foreign affairs should work better than people who have spent their who lives in that field of study with the credentials to back it up. It truly is a pathetic country we live in when we take advice from people who's job it is to pretend to be someone more interesting than themselves.

Patriot on Sep 17, 2014

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