Chris Hemsworth in Ron Howard's 'In the Heart of the Sea' Trailer

October 16, 2014
Source: YouTube

Heart of the Sea Trailer

"We were headed for the edge of sanity, like we were apparitions, phantoms…" Warner Bros has debuted the first teaser trailer for Ron Howard's new movie In the Heart of the Sea, adapting a book by Nathaniel Philbrick about the real-life story that inspired Moby Dick. Chris Hemsworth stars as Owen Chase, the veteran first mate of the Essex, a whaling ship that sets off with a crew to hunt down the gigantic demon of a whale haunting them. The cast includes Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson, Ben Whishaw, Charlotte Riley, Tom Holland and many others. This first teaser is a rather poetic and beautiful look at the story, presenting us with a larger-than-life tale of ambition and adventure. As a first glance, this looks really good.

Here's the first teaser trailer for Ron Howard's In the Heart of the Sea, direct from WB's YouTube:

Based on the 1820 event, a whaling ship is preyed upon by a sperm whale, stranding its crew at sea for 90 days, thousands of miles from home. In the Heart of the Sea is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Ron Howard, of many great films including Cocoon, Willow, Backdraft, Apollo 13, Rnasom, A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, The Da Vinci Code, Frost/Nixon, Angels & Demons, Rush throughout his career. Based on the book of the same name by Nathaniel Philbrick, with a screenplay by Charles Leavitt (and many others), the film was shot last year mostly around the Canary Islands and the UK. Warner Bros will release Howard's Heart of the Sea in theaters everywhere starting March 13th, 2015 early next year. Here's the first poster:

Ron Howard's Heart of the Sea

In the film, Owen Chase sails New England whaling ship Essex to hunt and capture the elusive giant whale.

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Whoa.... Cillian Murphy is a great actor. I'd like to see more of him.

TheOct8pus on Oct 16, 2014


agreed, been a huge fan of him since 28 days later but his career never bloomed as much as it should have.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 16, 2014


Totally. Sunshine was great because of him too... and let's not forget Batman Begins.

TheOct8pus on Oct 16, 2014


Oh sunshine. loved that flick

cg on Oct 16, 2014


Have you saw Disco Pigs? He's pretty mental in that. It's a great film too.

Carpola on Oct 16, 2014


No. But I will now.

TheOct8pus on Oct 16, 2014


Ron Howard is hit or miss these days but I was quite impressed by this trailer and this cast.

Jon Odishaw on Oct 16, 2014


He and Hemsworth did a solid job with "Rush"

JBrotsis on Oct 16, 2014


bruhl was outstanding as nikki lauda

dan on Oct 16, 2014


I don't know what filter he's using, but it's amazing.

qweqwu on Oct 16, 2014


Think it's a plugin for After effects.

Carpola on Oct 16, 2014


why reviving this story? Epic? Good? True? Dramatic? No, not really, it could be found in historical records and as such it would be probably much more revealing... It looks like making movies still doesn't mean to have its own ideas for something worth saying about today... This is fairy tale and makers of this flick know that 'kids' gonna like it... That's all what's worth about it...

shiboleth on Oct 16, 2014


because Ron Howard hates you

Jon Odishaw on Oct 16, 2014


However, he has a very nice daughter,..

shiboleth on Oct 16, 2014


Full agreement

Jon Odishaw on Oct 16, 2014


i'm not a 'kid', but i think this looks fantastic. when was the last time you saw a moby dick movie? Why you such a party pooper Jennifer??

bat0u on Oct 16, 2014


To be honest, I really don't wanna spoil the party, but let's make something which reminds us of human efforts today. And that can also be put in some historical or fictional framework, I don't care, But, come on, if this is fun for you, if that's good enough for you, hey bro, enjoy it; but, as for me, it's lazy attempt to earn a few dollars more based on one very known and, in fact, very exploited story, Which I happened to be against and which I consider very uncool ...

shiboleth on Oct 16, 2014


Human efforts today? What does that mean? I wonder, because there are many, many films made this year, last year, and the year before, concerning "human efforts today." And because the film isn't your forte doesn't mean it's a bad film. There's plenty of films that don't interest me but I see the value in them and know they are well-made. Lastly, you make an assumption that's obvious: that this film showcases whaling as an OK thing to do. Don't assume. It's just a trailer.

Quanah on Oct 19, 2014


Ron Howard is 'beautiful mind' of Hollywood mediocre cinema. Nothing personal about him, just bad experience with his movies. Oh yeah, his movies are well made but still I don't consider them good. I watched them since 1980s and came to the conclusion that there's no much difference between movies acted by Vin Diesel or directed by Ron Howard. And I totally approve disagreement on that... This trailer looks like it's made in 19th century, expressing aesthetic standards that could be achieved, with today's technology, in that same century. And technology is all that's new about this trailer. So, I do assume. About trailers that only sell movies and mostly are better than movies themselves... Deconstructing old aesthetic and narrative standards, that's what I would expect. I agree with you that many different movies do that and that makes them valuable. This one obviously isn't. You don't have to agree with me... Thanks for your comment...

shiboleth on Oct 20, 2014


You need to clarify "bad experience with his movies." I don't think you've watched enough to make that judgement. And I certainly think there are worse directors who produce mediocre after mediocre film. Frost/Nixon is brilliant. Apollo 13 tells the story and it's captivating. Far and Away is fun. Splash is weird, but an Okay type of weird, and Night Shift is damn hilarious. Granted, those are my opinions, but you made a general statement concerning films today about "human efforts" and then applied them to one director. Not a good argument and not consistent with your theme.

Quanah on Oct 20, 2014


I can agree with you that I need more clarification with all this. But here? I/we need much more space for such kind of discussion. Which I, btw, welcome. As for Frost/Nixon, I almost agree, but it could be much better. Others, I don't know, nothing worth mentioning. And yes, I was clear, my remark against Howard's movies are those that you point at me: it's too general to see anything more than using standard narrative and aesthetic. Nothing special about ... Good financing, though...

shiboleth on Oct 21, 2014


Dear idiot, this is about the real story that inspired Moby Dick. Look it up after you change your tampon and the nice people at the home for the retarded give you your juice.

Pugiron on Oct 17, 2014


That Howard/Hemsworth combo.

Nielsen700 on Oct 16, 2014


There was a tv version of this last year in the UK, it's pretty depressing.

Carpola on Oct 16, 2014


Compelling. Cinematography looks stunning.

Quanah on Oct 16, 2014


Looks great but reveals too much.

Nash on Oct 16, 2014


I'm rooting for the whale

ff on Oct 16, 2014


One can't help it! Me to even tho it looks like they made it into "the monster".

Jamie Holmes on Oct 17, 2014


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danielhutchins on Oct 17, 2014


To be fair, that's how the men describe it...doesn't necessarily mean it is the monster.

Quanah on Oct 17, 2014



DAVIDPD on Oct 16, 2014


Reminds me of Mel Gibson's direction. Odd... The movie looks good but that poster is awesome!

Jonathan on Oct 16, 2014


Finally, I been wanting a great Moby Dick movie for years! This definitely looks like it could be just that!

Gator McKlusky on Oct 17, 2014


Really digging the poster plus I'll watch almost anything with Cillian Murphy in it.

IamSlave on Oct 17, 2014


It's great that so many whalers died and the rest suffered horribly.

Pugiron on Oct 17, 2014


What the hell is wrong with you?

tommyturner on Oct 19, 2014


True, because a human life is worth far less than anything else on the planet. /endsarcasm

Quanah on Oct 19, 2014


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PeterDonovan2014 on Oct 19, 2014

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