Comic-Con 2014: 'Godzilla' Sequel Reveals Roster of New Monsters

July 26, 2014


Two years ago was when all the hype for a remake of Godzilla started with a teaser trailer that played for Comic-Con attendees in Hall H only. And when Legendary Pictures returned this year, head honco Thomas Tull and director Gareth Edwards (busy with a small indie sci-fi project) thanked everyone with an amusing video. But then they showed a viral video from Project Monarch revealing that there is still one more secret that hasn't been revealed. There are more monsters. And with a long history of various creatures who have faced off against the King of Monsters before, just which ones will appear in the sequel?

The video revealed that Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah will all be in Godzilla 2. For those of you who don't know about these monsters, we'll explain briefly. Rodan is a mutated pterosaur, designed after a type of prehistoric reptile, Mothra is basically a giant radioactive moth, and Ghidorah is a three-headed dragon with large wings and two tails. So it sounds like Godzilla might have his hands full. However, we don't know when the sequel will arrive, because Edwards is definitely making the first Star Wars spin-off before heading back to Legendary for more monster action. Excited?

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Damn, wish he could get right on the next godzilla, it wont be 5 yrs until its written, shoot, rendered and distributed AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Sky on Jul 26, 2014


It's okay I still have an erection for the recent godzilla. I'll watch it twelve more times. But I cannot wait for this, it sounds epic.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 26, 2014


5 years? Seems a bit much. I imagine he'll be able to actively transition into pre-production on Godzilla 2 while he is wrapping post-production on Star Wars in the 2nd half of 2016. They'll shoot in 2017, and the film should come out in 2018, possibly in April or even March. We'll have Pacific Rim 2 to tide us over.

Chris Groves on Jul 27, 2014


As long as they bring in an idris Elba a calibre actor and get rid of that Charlie hunnem guy I'll look forward to it. He can't act for shit.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 27, 2014


Did better than Kick Ass in Godzilla.

Brian Sleider on Jul 27, 2014


No he did quite a bit worse. And kickass wasn't that great

Jon Odishaw on Jul 27, 2014


Opinions, I thought Hunamam fit the tone of his movie better than KickAss did in Godzilla. Done here, spent more time than needed talking about the huge let down that was Ford:featuing Godzilla.

Brian Sleider on Jul 27, 2014


I thought both were good. They were no Robert Downey Jr. but they weren't bad by any means. Their characters were clearly meant to have that reserved, distant, quiet aspect to them. Makes sense, as Hunnam's character felt his brother die right next to him, and ATJ's character lost his mother at a young age and seems to have a very tough relationship with his father.

Chris Groves on Jul 28, 2014


I really wanted to like Hunnam but I couldn't do it. Very stoic. Aaron Johnson on the other hand I didnt expect to very well so I was pleasantly surprised that he did an okay/decent job.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 28, 2014


It was updated that Legendary pictures said the monsters would appear in sequels and not all in one film

Bitmap'd Gamer Tees on Jul 26, 2014


This may all appeal to the Chinese and Japanese movie goers but I would consider it a farce. I never liked any of those old cheezie or modern day Godzilla movies. Will there be a movie about Godzilla meets Bambi?

Mike Zarquon on Jul 26, 2014


I agree with you in that it would be hard to create a giant moth that's believable. But the other two would be easy to modernize and make bad ass as hell.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 26, 2014


what the hell does Chinese have to do with anything?

Oliver Hassani on Jul 29, 2014


It's great they were able to work together with Toho to get the name rights. I am excited for this.

DAVIDPD on Jul 26, 2014


Toho already completely backed the first one. They have it listed in their chronology of godzilla movies.

Oliver Hassani on Jul 29, 2014


Yeah, but the whole reason they weren't able to use name monsters because Toho withheld them. I guess its success prompted Toho to give Legendary their full consent.

DAVIDPD on Jul 29, 2014


I'll be Excited if the monsters get more screen time. and not just 10 mins in a movie that's 2 hrs or longer.

Amir Kameron Laz on Jul 26, 2014


The trailers for Godzilla were awesome. I was so excited for Godzilla, but when I finally got to see it, I realized about an hour into it that it was a steaming pile of reptile poo. The movie wasn't really about Godzilla. He was only in it for 20 minutes. Such a disappointment. Hoping this sequel is better. Much better.

Trey Wilson on Jul 26, 2014


Waaaaaahhh godzilla wasn't in the movie enough waaaaaah

Jon Odishaw on Jul 26, 2014


Well thought out retort to a valid complaint.

Brian Sleider on Jul 27, 2014


It's the biggest issue everyone seemed to have with the movie personally I thought that's what made it so good. Not because the soldier story was that great but because weren't CGI desensitized by excessive monster battles. He teased it perfectly and the payoff was worth the wait.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 27, 2014


The movie was bad for a lot of people, The fact you like it does not diminish REAL complaints. You even acknowledge the over played human parts "not that great". So all you have is a tease feeling, well me and a whole lot of movie goers walked out with blue balls.

Brian Sleider on Jul 27, 2014


I'm curious as to if you have even seen the first godzilla movie. Well, I believe that is what Gareth was going for with this one. Godzilla must be built up, then shown. That way he can inspire a bit more awe

Oliver Hassani on Jul 29, 2014


Again, as many have said, slow burn is fine if there is payoff. If you liked constantly being cut away from the fighting to see kick ass act poorly thats fine but LOTS of people did not. I have seen EVERY Godzilla, most are slow burn but have long, satisfying final scenes, this movie did not. I honestly think Gareth does not know how to direct big action.

Brian Sleider on Jul 29, 2014


I think the blue fire decapitation was a fulfilling end to me.

Josh on Sep 3, 2014


That was an epic scene to be sure, and had it come at the end of a well shot action sequence I would have loved it. AS is, for me, it was a reminder that the movie could have been truly epic yet fell incredibly short.

Brian Sleider on Sep 4, 2014


It was very bad and to much overhyped. One big pile of cgi and loud noise...

Avi on Jul 27, 2014


You know Avi, I'm genuinely curious to hear what movies you actually LIKE. Because I've read most of your comments on FS, negatively commenting to practically everyone's excited comments, for just about every movie on this site. I'm beginning to think you dislike all the movies everyone else likes but enjoys the movies we all dislike ex. Green Lantern, After Earth, & 47 Ronin

JBrotsis on Jul 28, 2014


I didn't know I was so negative because I realy enjoy blockbusters and cgi effects but always with a good story! My favorite movies :the avengers, the dark Knight, heat, king Kong from Peter Jackson, Amos perros, the raid (both of them), monsters, saving private ryan, close encounters of the third kind, fight club, hero, space balls, everything from laurel and hardy(the best ever) star wars, safety not guaranteed, it, the thing (original), aliens , terminator franchise, there will be blood, Fargo, tron (the original), MI 4,the goonies, die hard 1 and 2,jagten, cloud atlas, warriors, tree of life, a thin red line, the hangover, monsters, 300,toy story, Rambo..

Avi on Jul 28, 2014


Can't imagine how you felt when you saw Jaws, Alien, or Predator...those creatures are ultimately all just teased until the 3rd act rolls around. Hmm...reminds me of Godzilla.

Chris Groves on Jul 27, 2014


Turning Godzilla into a slowburn "find my family" drama could have worked if any of the human action/drama was any good.

Brian Sleider on Jul 27, 2014


Mothra isn't a radioactive moth. More often than not she's an actual goddess.

Asura on Jul 26, 2014


In her first movie she was.

Skooter Boy on Sep 7, 2014


Fair enough, but even in that movie she was treated as a goddess and in all her subsequent appearances has had something supernatural going on.

Asura on Sep 7, 2014


I cannot wait for this movie. As a lifelong Godzilla fan, these are definitely 3 of the biggest 'names' they could be throwing in for the sequel.

Chris Groves on Jul 27, 2014


Bring back Cranston. I don't care how. Just make it happen.

Django9000 on Jul 28, 2014


This comment is for everyone who is complaining about Godzilla being in the movie for only 20 minutes. First, have you guys seen the first Godzilla movie " Godzilla, King of Monsters, " Well, in that movie Godzilla also appears in the movie for 20 to 25 minutes. That is what makes the movie so exciting and interesting. The director and writer's of the film stuck to the original Godzilla roots. In all of the original Godzilla films, he only appears for 20,25,30, or 35 minutes.

Israel on Jul 29, 2014


Exactly. It annoys me when people say that. Also I believe it was 15 minutes of total screen time in the first Godzilla movie in 1954. All Godzilla movies in fact employ that method we like to call, the buildup.

Sadie Legrande on Aug 6, 2014


Godzilla2 + godzilla3 +the 1st one = about an hrs worth of godzilla fottage. 😀 Cant wait to. See that happen 😀

redskulllives on Aug 1, 2014


I really can't wait! 🙂

Sadie Legrande on Aug 6, 2014


Hopefully Godzilla will be the star of the movie this time around and not a cameo appearance.

John Doe on Aug 18, 2014


Are you another one complaining about the screen time of Godzilla too? Do you realize that every single Godzilla movie even Zilla had an average screen time of about 15 minutes? Thats about the same as the entire screen time of the original 1954 Godzilla. Wasting the movie entirely on Godzilla would make the movie pretty uneven in quality. The entire method of it is called the build up.

Sadie Legrande on Aug 20, 2014


No, not complaining about the screen time per se, but more so the plot seeming to focus more on the MUTOs than on Godzilla.

John Doe on Aug 29, 2014


But thats how ALL Godzilla movies are. There isn't a single Godzilla movie that isn't focused more on the humans or the monsters than Godzilla.

Sadie Legrande on Aug 29, 2014


No that's not how all Godzilla movie are. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this.

John Doe on Sep 3, 2014


Actually it is how ALL GODZILLA movies are! Obviously you don't understand the formula for how a Godzilla movie is made.

Sadie Legrande on Sep 5, 2014


Whatever you say guy.

John Doe on Oct 11, 2014


I'm NOT a guy!

Sadie Legrande on Oct 16, 2014

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