Comic-Con 2014 Live: Marvel Studios - 'Ant-Man' + 'Age of Ultron'

July 26, 2014

Marvel Studios

It's time for Marvel to show the rest of the world how to bring down the house, once again, at Comic-Con 2014. Wrapping up three days of movie presentations in Hall H, Marvel Studios is ready to continue the MCU and take us into the next phase with James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Scott Derrickson's Dr. Strange. Four years ago they brought the entire cast of The Avengers on stage, will they do that again? We're about to find out what big surprises and announcements they have in store in 2014, and I'm very excited to see how Marvel is going to make everyone go wild again this time.

Updates LIVE directly from Marvel Studios Comic-Con panel on Saturday, from 5:30PM - 6:30PM PDT:

6:44PM - We're wrapped up and that's it - nothing announced or mentioned related to Doctor Strange or Captain Marvel or anything else. Oh well.

6:42PM - Right now we get Chris Pratt and James Gunn who recorded a video from London, and they're talking about announcing Guardians 2. Confirming a July 2017 release date for the sequel. Final push for Guardians.

6:40PM - And oddly, that is it! Panel is over. Wait… No it's not! Kevin Feige says "there's one little more thing."

6:40PM - Josh Brolin walks out on stage holding Thanos Infinity Gauntlet up! Yes! "We've got Thanos."

6:39PM - We just saw the first teaser! "You want to protect the world… but you don't want it to change. There is only one path to peace - your destruction." Wowwwwwww footage for Avengers 2 looks incredible. Hulk vs Iron Man, Hulkbuster, lots of dead bodies, broken shield. Holy shit! Boom.

6:34PM - Johansson can't be here, but she did send a message for Hall H. She comes on says "Hey Kev, want to be a doll and roll that video footage?" We're getting first look thanks to Joss Whedon, who can't be here either, but is here in spirit.

6:33PM - Olsen discussing how she's a small name to follow such a big cast. Lots of joking banter between all of the cast, including Olsen almost saying "mutant", the audience goes "oooh", there's a slight discussion about mutant being a "bad word".

6:29PM - Spader: "This place may be the weirdest, craziest place…" "It's because of all of you guys - I thank you for that. It's really, fantastically, crazy here." "It was just unimaginably exciting" to be in Avengers.

6:27PM - Bettany: "Everybody has been incredibly welcoming… It's been exciting for me, but it's the most exciting thing to ever happen to my children. They simply had no interest in what I did until this moment." Paul Bettany says his family had to keep this a big secret for a year & half. "I used to turn up in a dark room for 45 minutes and get a bag of cash. Now I have to work!"

6:26PM - Taylor-Johnson: "Don't hesitate" on taking the job. "The characters have such a dynamic between the group," explaining what drew him to this. "What's beautiful is you get these characters in the same room and they bounce off of each other."

6:24PM - Evans on Cap: "We're passed [the technology gap], we're up to speed, but he's looking for a place to belong." On comparing muscles with Hemsworth: "He is Thor. It's difficult to keep up."

6:24PM - Jackson: "Seems like every year I come here it validates that I belong, I get all this love and energy from everybody, and it makes me feel like going out and making movies the rest of the year." "We make movies because we want to entertain you guys, I make movies… because I want to be in them!"

6:23PM - "It sounds like the AVENGERS 2 cast is going to stall with charm for a bit," as tweeted by Da7e.

6:22PM - Smulders: Talks about how grateful she is to be a part of this as well. Now onto Sam Jackson, who is certainly a regular.

6:20PM - Hemsworth: "One of the best experiences I've had on set, off set. To be part of this madness, it is an honor." Is there anything he hasn't done yet as Thor that he wants to do? "Turning him into a woman. I don't want to jinx it, but I think it could be my Oscar. I'm willing to take it on."

6:19PM - Crowd broke out in Hulk chant when they moved onto Mark Ruffalo. He says people only know him as Hulk know and they shout out to him on the street "Hulk!" and that's it.

6:17PM - Renner: "It's always an exciting, amazing thing. Glad to be here - honored." Talks about how RDJ was the one who convinced him to play Hawkeye by washing his car wearing almost nothing. Whoa, wait - what?

6:16PM - RDJ on returning: "It just keeps getting better… I'm so excited to be here. We've got a real nice movie coming up for you guys next year." He jokes "I become a little less significant every single film" as they add more cast.

6:15PM - Now that we've got everyone on stage, it is a very full panel. Every last seat is taken. "Welcome… Avengers!"

6:12PM - Bringing out the Avengers cast one-by-one: RDJ, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Cobie Smulders. As each one comes on stage, RDJ runs and gives them each a white rose. Next: Samuel L Jackson, Chris Evans, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Paul Bettany, James Spader as Ultron. Lastly: Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch.

6:11PM - Moving right into The Avengers - Robert Downey Jr takes the stage, dancing to some Michael Jackson.

6:11PM - We don't have Joss Whedon because he's in the hospital and can't fly, but plenty of others are here.

6:10PM - Early footage from Ant-Man showed him trying to escape on a big flying ant, with the instruction of Pym in his helmet to control the ant and tell her where to go/control his powers. Looks fantastic, I'm still in. "Superheroes. What a goddamned joke," says Michael Douglas at one point in the footage.

6:07PM - They don't have any Ant-Man footage because they don't start filming for two weeks, so they don't… Wait, they DO have a little something to show us. They shot something early, and put it together for a quick look.

6:05PM - Corey Stoll is asked to comment on Yellowjacket, and how he was working for Hank Pym, and now he has taken over the company and some "judgmental people may think that's an evil direction, but I'm just taking it into the future."

6:03PM - Evangeline Lilly chats about how she was here earlier for The Hobbit and was like "I know you guys…" She's been here for 2 days already receiving questions about Ant-Man even though she hasn't officially been announced, but now she can confirm it. But she can't tell us anything, because she doesn't have a script yet. But she still loves to be here: "I love my people."

6:02PM - "To have the joy and the love of all these fantastic tools [like filmmaking technology to tell the Ant-Man story]. I'm just looking forward to a real trip."

6:01PM - Joking with Michael Douglas (and Rudd) about popping their "Comic-Con cherries" and Douglas responds "Don't think I haven't popped a lot of cherries…"

6:00PM - What does it feel like? "It's a mind bender, it's so exciting." "It's tough to wrap my brain around… I've been doing this as a job for a while, but this is a whole other thing."

5:59PM - Hardwick says congratulations to Paul Rudd, audience cheers. "This is my first time here," Rudd admits.

5:58PM - Peyton Reed says this is his 20th time to Comic-Con, he has been coming since the 90s. And was in a punk band when he was younger.

5:57PM - Evangeline Lilly comes up, she's playing the daughter of Hank Pym - Hope van Dyne. Actor Corey Stoll will also playing Yellowjacket, it's confirmed.

5:56PM - "You want to meet some people involved in Ant-Man?" Director Peyton Reed takes the stage. Next up - they bring on Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, the two Ant-Men.

5:54PM - He brings up Kevin Feige to the stage so that we can get into all of this. "How are you feeling?" Feige: "It still blows my mind that Guardians of the Galaxy…" It is their 10th movie that takes place in their universe. "Because it always starts with you guys in this room, from Jon Favreau walking out in 2007."

5:53PM - Lights come up and Chris Hardwick is on stage to moderate this panel.

5:53PM - Recap video done. Final shot: Thanos sitting in a floating chair.

5:52PM - "I don't think you understand what you've started…" Moving right into Guardians footage, and fans go nuts cheering for Rocket Raccoon.

5:50PM - The video is essentially a recap of Phase One and all that we've seen so far.

5:48PM - Fans cheer every single character who appears as they go over the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. Very exciting to hear this kind of buzz in person.

5:48PM - Lights go dark, screens bright up. Watching a small history of Marvel so far.

5:47PM - And it's time! Finally. Ready to begin, lights go down. Let's get into it!

5:40PM - Still waiting…

5:38PM - Now the audience has started a "WE WANT MARVEL" chant. We're also doing the wave back and forth waiting.

5:36PM - Lights go down… I think it's finally time to start? Nope, still waiting. Audience is trying to clap the panel into starting. Don't think it's going to work, but they're trying.

5:33PM - Still waiting patiently. Marvel always starts late! They have a lot of celebs to round up.

5:32PM - Overhearing security guards talking about watching the aisles. Sounds like something big is about to go down for the opening. Bring on the madness, Kevin Feige!

5:30PM - We're waiting for this thing to kick off… The buzz is building in Hall H.

This live blog is being updated by's Alex and Ethan directly from from Hall H at Comic-Con in San Diego. As always, any/all of our continuing coverage from Comic-Con 2014 can be found in this category.

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What does it smell like in there?

DAVIDPD on Jul 26, 2014



Michael P. Shipley on Jul 26, 2014


No Doctor Strange news really bums me out.

Drew Douglas on Jul 26, 2014


I think there's no doctor strange news because he will be in post credits. That's my gut feeling anyway.

Big R on Jul 26, 2014

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