'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' Sequel Hits Netflix + IMAX in 2015

September 29, 2014
Source: NY Times

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sequel

A faithful heart makes wishes come true. This might end up being a groundbreaking deal, but only time will tell. NY Times / Variety are reporting on a deal made between The Weinstein Company and Netflix wherein the sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon due out next year will be released in both IMAX and on Netflix the same day. The sequel is titled Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Destiny and includes Michelle Yeoh returning as Shu Lien, along with newcomer Donnie Yen in a lead role as well as "Glee" star Harry Shum Jr. A few first look shots were included, confirming an August 2015 release date.

The original Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was a breakout sensation for Sony Pictures Classics back in 2000. Directed by Ang Lee, the film went on to win four Academy Awards and was a huge hit with audiences in the US. It's actually one of my favorites, I love the film. This new sequel is being distributed by The Weinstein Company from China Film Group and includes legendary filmmaker/stuntman Yuen Woo-ping as director, without any of Ang Lee's involvement. Filming started early last year and it's being readied for release in late summer 2015, likely after it hits theaters in China first. Yea, I'm actually kind of excited for it.

Here's two first look photos showing Yeoh and Yen in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sequel

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Sequel

Commenting on the "first deal of its kind" between IMAX and Netflix for day-and-date openings, Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos stated: "What I am hoping is that it will be a proof point that the sky doesn't fall. These are two different experiences, like going to a football game and watching a football game on TV." In regards to how this will work, it's fairly simple: The film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend, will be available on August 28th "at no additional fee to Netflix subscribers and is the first of several films that Netflix is backing that will follow this new model for release. Only IMAX is involved; other theater chains will not screen the film." So mark August 28th on your calendar, even if it's to stay in.

The sequel, titled officially Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend, is directed by legendary martial arts filmmaker/stuntman Yuen Woo-ping, who has directed films like Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, Drunken Master, Tiger Cage, Iron Monkey, and True Legend most recently. With a budget that's "a multiple of that for the 2000 film", this sequel is set 20 years after the events of the first movie, and follows four martial arts heroes trying to protect the Green Destiny sword. I miss Li Mu Bai already. Harvey Weinstein: "The moviegoing experience is evolving quickly and profoundly, and Netflix is unquestionably at the forefront of that movement." Catch The Green Legend in August next year; stay tuned for the trailer.

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Because it really needed a sequel right after all those years past from the first film? Am sure if the film was just called "The Green Legend" people would still have seen it but oh time to cash in on a popular film people know and love so quickly change the script to make it connected to "Crouching Tiger" and add Crouching Tiger in the title oh screw originality! This is as pointless as Jarhead 2, what a shame.

Stephen Ritchie on Sep 30, 2014


I wasn't that impressed by it because I found it ridiculous the special effects and the abilities of the characters. I like hero with jet li way more! But indeed it's the future sharing content at the same time! It's also a fact that normal TV will disappear because every 10 minits a commercial break is just super irritating. Paychannels like hbo, Netflix will be the abc's and nbc's of the future... And it's a good thing!

Avi on Sep 30, 2014


What you mean? I think your not getting that entire Martial Arts genre, buddy. You mean the 'flying' etc?

Sascha Dikiciyan on Sep 30, 2014


Yea and if that is what you mean there was plenty of that in Hero

Jon Odishaw on Sep 30, 2014


and you think I don't get martial arts movies when people act like there isn't gravity? And you believe that is martial arts? hahahahaha funny!!

Avi on Sep 30, 2014


I've been collecting MA movies for a long time. I have old old movies that have also insane jumps and what not. Some are more grounded (Like Bruce Lee's movies) and some are just outrages. So yes, you dont get it because its always been a part of that genre of film.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Sep 30, 2014


than I don't like that part of a genre where people act if there is no gravity!

Avi on Sep 30, 2014


As you do almost everything else. Jesus, why do you even watch movies?!?!

Rock n Rollllll on Sep 30, 2014


??? so if I give a opinion what doesn't reflect the general opinion I shouldn't watch movies? Strange argument indeed...

Avi on Sep 30, 2014


9 times out of 10 alls I ever read from you is just belittlement and condescension for upcoming movies. So yeah your closed mindedness of movies and your opinions suck

Rock n Rollllll on Oct 1, 2014


whoeaaaaaaaaaaa I am closed minded? Or you are so ignorant that you think everything is great because you don't have the intelligence to understand it otherwise! And from now on you are a blablabla blablabla blablabla guy!

Avi on Oct 2, 2014


tho , what u must understand about the SFX for the movie , is that it wasn't done in a vacuum ; other martial-arts movies in that period , used this " we can make ourselves lighter than air " ability . Ang was just staying "current" ... .prob learned at Wutan Mountain , cause how else you gonna get down it ;?)) Take hate of that effect away , and OhMyGod it's Such a Great Movie ! : Two couples with problems , partly caused by the Young Girl / Older Mentor dynamic ; ego ; greed , the court manners and finery of noblemen balanced with the scratch-out-a-living-on-a-mountain poor people ; deception and betrayal ; the fight scenes are all great , maybe the best between Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh ...; the fact THAT Ziyi and Yeoh are both great in it - def my fave Chinese actors .. they both kick ass all film ... not just a fave for me , Alex ; its my Fave Movie , Period ! ever since it came out

Dominic on Jun 16, 2015


Wow! Cool! It's Happening! It's really happening!

DAVIDPD on Sep 30, 2014



Nielsen700 on Sep 30, 2014


Green Destiny (like the sword) or Green Legend?

Joker's hideout on Sep 30, 2014


Well Donnie Yen is the tits but i would really like Chow to come back too.

Rock n Rollllll on Sep 30, 2014


No trailer for this?? Not cool, not cool.

Vietprincess80 on Jun 17, 2015

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