Dallas Drafthouse Showing 'Team America' in Place of 'The Interview'

December 17, 2014
Source: Facebook

Team America

Putting The "F" Back In Freedom. It is a sad day for movie fans in the United States, as Sony has officially cancelled the release of Seth Rogen & James Franco's new comedy The Interview thanks to hacker terrorist threats. Everyone has been following the Sony Pictures Hack story for weeks, as the studio was hacked and files have been leaking non-stop. Today, after movie theaters backed out due to an actual threat of harm to anyone attending screenings of the movie, the studio has decided to pull the release entirely. In response, James Wallace of the Alamo Drafthouse theater in Dallas / Fort Worth will be showing Matt Stone and Trey Parker's 2004 puppet comedy, Team America: World Police, instead. Take that, North Korea!

Many cinephiles are bringing up Team America: World Police in response to this situation because it makes fun of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, and yet it wasn't attacked or pulled. It's also a cult comedy that makes fun of many people, and is being used to epitomize the expression of artistic freedom that filmmakers do have. Except for The Interview being pulled. So why not show the next best thing - Team America. Hell yes. Click the image for more info on the actual Dallas/FW event coming up December 27th (via SlashFilm):

Team America - Dallas Drafthouse

The post explains the basics: "For the record, our plan was to still show The Interview…unfortunately these decisions aren't always ours to make. But in light of these recent events, we only have one thing to say: 'AMERICA F*** YEAH!'" They add that the "show is FREE, because you can't spell 'FREEDOM' without 'FREE.'" Indeed. To get tickets before they run out, click here. If only Drafthouse could all of a sudden offer Team America at all of their theaters nationwide in place of The Interview, that would be perfect. That kind of request may not be financially viable, but it would be a great response to the fact that The Interview had to be pulled from theaters because North Korean hackers were upset. Read more on the release cancellation.

We just want to point out how awesome it is that Drafthouse is showing Team America instead. Good move.

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Fuck Yeah.

DAVIDPD on Dec 17, 2014


This is awesome. Maybe we should threaten to torture Dennis Rodman. That will get the North Koreans attention in return too.

Derek Scontrino on Dec 17, 2014


I think Seth Rogen and James Franco should go to Texas and attend the showing of this movie as a protest to Sony.

Dan McNew on Dec 17, 2014


Have they released their own statements? I figured they'd agree with Sony's decision.

OfficialJab on Dec 18, 2014


Those 2 strike me as pussys, Im sure they are actually scared right now.

Brian Sleider on Dec 18, 2014


Kim Yung Il had a better sense of humour concerning Team America than his son concerning The Interview

HarryFiddleSticks on Dec 18, 2014


Seriously King Jong Il was much less psychotic than his kid....

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2014


i swear people are missing a lesson in this, it's like people done abandonded the responsibility thats accompanied with freedom, just imagine the backlash if someone made a flick about obama getting assassinated for humor sake..never heard queen elizabeth's crown taken that far but because its hostal country with seperate views and policies somone really wrote off on approving this film from the jump...action has a reaction!

Liam Knurtsis on Dec 18, 2014


bro I really wanna disagree with you, but u are absolutely correct. I know snl has their skits and what not but this just comes off as fully offensive to North Korea

me on Dec 18, 2014


seriously, just look at the distrabution of where all our films go, and people build their perception on alot of that..especially comedy cause above any other genre its binds people closer cause we can joke about a mutual sentimet but with great power come responsability and when you FLEX that power across an already tense and subtle situation with out conscience, you make yourself and everything you represent that much crueler than the butt of your joke! NORTH KOREA...really tho

Liam Knurtsis on Dec 18, 2014


You know what's the beauty of Team America is tho, it makes jokes at everyone, so it's not like you can point fingers at anyone.

me on Dec 19, 2014


It's actually kind of weird what's happened here. Across the pond UK, Australia so on etc. some reports are saying that this seems to be the work of random hackers. North Korea has never sanctioned these kind of actions before considering a lot of TV shows and movies before have made fun of their leader among a great deal of other things. His main concerns so far only appear to be within North Korea. He shows off every now and then. Also why did every other movie leak apart from the one in Question. Seems to me like someone has a vendetta against Sony. This entire saga is really interesting and is very concerning with regards to the threats. Are you sure Marvel/Disney aren't upset about the Spidey? haha

TK on Dec 18, 2014


WOW! We are getting ballsy.

Rock n Rollllll on Dec 18, 2014


Well done. I'm sure it's a better movie anyway.

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2014


lol - how very Texas. I have now coined a new tourism slogan... "Texas... America's balls." You go Tejas.

avconsumer2 on Dec 18, 2014


I love it.

Angry Lester Jackson on Dec 18, 2014


Pro, well played Drafthouse.

Brian Sleider on Dec 18, 2014

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