Did Robert Downey Jr. Really Confirm Development of 'Iron Man 4'?

October 7, 2014
Source: Ellen

Iron Man

Just last month, Robert Downey Jr. confirmed that there were no plans for Iron Man 4. He was asked directly about whether or not another sequel was in development, and he flatly said, "There isn’t one in the pipe. No, there’s no plan for a fourth Iron Man." However, if we're to believe a casual chat that Ellen DeGeneres had on her own talk show with Downey today, then that might not be the case anymore. The charming Ellen flat out asked Downey whether or not there would be an Iron Man 4, and he said, "I know there's going to be a bunch more Marvel movies. And they have big ideas of how to do it best, and we're in the middle of negotiation, blah, blah, blah…" And then she just went for the gold. Watch what happened!

Here's the very brief interview segment with Robert Downey Jr. from "Ellen" today:

Now Downey's reaction could easily be just an easy-going joke, but this is the first time he's mentioned that there's negotiations with Marvel for it to happen. After all, the last we heard, Downey was only contracted for The Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Avengers 3, so there would need to be a whole new deal for Downey to return as Tony Stark for a fourth standalone Iron Man movie. In a Reddit AMA, Downey also said, "Sooner than later the Marvel Roster will be made public and all questions will be answered." I liked the way Iron Man 3 ended and just assumed they could wrap up anything involving Tony Stark in The Avengers films, especially if he ends up leaving the team.

Of course, Marvel knows that Iron Man is a valuable commodity, so I'm sure they're going to do everything they can to get at least one more Iron Man film out of Robert Downey Jr. Recently he jested that he would only do Iron Man 4 if Marvel hired Mel Gibson to direct. And while that likely won't be his stipulation for returning, he is good friends with Mel Gibson and would like to see him get a chance at a comeback. Anyway, here's hoping we get some kind of official word on what else is in store for the Marvel cinematic universe, specifically Tony Stark, sometime soon. Do you want Iron Man 4?

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Hell yea! I would love to see an IM4. Sure, the last 2 can be debatable but the first one was golden and as long as they give us a formidable'll be great!

Big R on Oct 7, 2014


I liked 2 and 3 a lot.

OfficialJab on Oct 7, 2014


2 is better than people remember (although by no means amazing) and 3 got so much undeserved hate for not being as good as people were expecting.

DAVIDPD on Oct 7, 2014


I wouldn't say not as good, just different, though it was pretty much what I was expecting... and as good as I was expecting.

OfficialJab on Oct 7, 2014


I want IM4. If Mel Directs and Black writes it could be epic!

Xerxexx on Oct 7, 2014


yes true!

Avi on Oct 8, 2014


3 is always going to be a "what could have been" for me. just watch the first trailer for it - it's nothing like what we were lead to believe it was unfortunately. here's to hoping they nail #4

ColtNoir on Oct 7, 2014


I never understood that opinion, but it's everywhere so I feel like I'm surrounded by body-snatchers or something. It looked like a terrorist would show up, kick his ass and destroy all his stuff, and presumably he'd have to start over. That's what happened. Is it because the fire wasn't in the ads (to my recollection)?

OfficialJab on Oct 7, 2014


I mean really, watch it now and then watch IM3. it's really not that story. I feel like we were led to believe he was really going to go through the old arc of him being an alcoholic and truly dealing with some crap and we were actually sold on a badass Mandarin, who's supposed to be the epitome of evil and IM's main villain - instead we got a joke and another rich powerful business man as the "villain". It's just really disappointing to me. In a round about way that stuff happened - vaguely. I'll still hold the opinion of: had the story been what was hinted at in IM3, we'd have the greatest IM movie, and maybe the best comic book movie made so far.

ColtNoir on Oct 7, 2014


Oh well... it made me happy. My only complaint would have been the fire people, which is very unusual for that world I thought (though not at all for Marvel in general). Otherwise I liked the Mandarin twist, and I liked that they wrote in that he was so troubled by what happened in NY. They didn't have to do that, but it improved his character a lot for me.

OfficialJab on Oct 7, 2014


Marvel please make it good Or even better than the 1st one

redskulllives on Oct 7, 2014


It would be cool to see Jon Favreau come back to the franchise and close it out. As long as Marvel does not stick their thumb in pie, it should be kick ass!

DAVIDPD on Oct 7, 2014


SOMEBODY got told that If he played nice in the next two Avengers , they'd overlook the fact that they hate his guts , and pay him off for IM4 ... Really he's almost made it an iconic role for HiMSELF ; who else is going to be as good with the campy one-liners , or at being an ADD-type inventor/playboy , as he is in the role ? you know we'll be comparing anybody else , and prob saying Robert would have delivered the line better .. They( prob mostly Robert ) had a small ego spat ; things calmed down a little - now they can negotiate like adults

Dominic on Oct 8, 2014


please let mel Gibson do it!

Avi on Oct 8, 2014


Yes. Do it.

avconsumer2 on Oct 8, 2014

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