Director Edgar Wright Updates His Final Top 20 Movies of 2013 List

January 1, 2014
Source: Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright / Gravity

What a year. 2013 was one of the most memorable and exciting years in cinema in a while, and it shows in the way everyone has their own unique end of the year Best Of lists. A few weeks ago we featured the Top 10 list of director Edgar Wright (whose latest movie The World's End also topped Ethan's Most Hilarious Comedies of 2013) but it was an early list, unfinished, as the filmmaker had yet to see a handful of highly acclaimed movies from the end of the year. He's now revealed his final Top 20 Movies of 2013 list, adding selections like Her, Wolf of Wall Street, Inside Llewyn Davis, Short Term 12 and a few more. Full list below.

"My expanded Top 20 movies of the year [via]. I thoroughly enjoyed, was moved or completely dazzled by:"

Gravity (dir. Alfonso Cuaron)
Her (dir. Spike Jonze)
Spring Breakers (dir. Harmony Korine)
The Wolf Of Wall Street (dir. Martin Scorsese)
Blue Jasmine (dir. Woody Allen)
Behind The Candelabra (dir. Steven Soderbergh)
Inside Llewyn Davis (dirs. Joel & Ethan Coen)
Before Midnight (dir. Richard Linklater)
Short Term 12 (dir. Destin Cretton)
Rush (dir. Ron Howard)
The Spectacular Now (dir. James Ponsoldt)
Prisoners (dir. Denis Villeneuve)
12 Years A Slave (dir. Steve McQueen)
Iron Man 3 (dir. Shane Black)
The Bling Ring (dir. Sofia Coppola)
Captain Phillips (dir. Paul Greengrass)
Enough Said (dir. Nicole Holofcener)
Nebraska (dir. Alexander Payne)
Pacific Rim (dir. Guillermo del Toro)
Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (dir. David Lowery)

So there you go, that is Edgar Wright's full list for 2013 (though he says it could still change). "The truth is that more than 400 films were released last year and so I, like you, will still be watching 2013 movies in 2023," he writes on his blog. That said, he pretty much mentions every film that I felt deserved accolades or special mention, even if it wasn't one of my favorites (like Pacific Rim, Behind the Candelabra, Ain't Them Bodies Saints, Prisoners, even Iron Man 3). Edgar also highlights three docs: The Stone Roses: Made Of Stone, 20 Feet From Stardom and Sound City. If you still need to catch up on any films from 2013, start with this batch right here. Every one of these movies listed is worth seeing. Thoughts on his final list?

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no problem with it because it's personal but I have big doubts with prisoners! Jake Gyllenhaal is absolutely fabulous but I feel something is wrong with it. Or it disappointed me because it get so great reviews... To much expectations...

Avi on Jan 1, 2014


I loved Prisoners, so many twists!

Guy who comments on things on Jan 1, 2014


and so many performances either

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 1, 2014


I too really liked Prisoners.

Chris Groves on Jan 1, 2014


At last somebody mention to Ain’t Them Bodies Saints Spring Breakers was good but not as third place. I think he didnt see american hustle yet too. Director of one of greatest horror didnt like any horror. Bad year for horrors or he forgot about them?

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 1, 2014


What horror film did Edgar Wright direct? Cause Shaun of the Dead ain't horror bub.

Crooked Mile on Jan 1, 2014


You say when zombies rip a stomach and eat the guts that's not scary? or that scene not was in shaun? (Also most terrifying thing of shaun for me was DARK COMIC & DRAMATIC PARTS like when he walk through street and didn't notice to the WHOLE WORLD CHANGE)

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 2, 2014


Scary doesn't mean horror. 12 Years A Slave is scary, but it's not a horror film. See where I'm going with this?

Crooked Mile on Jan 9, 2014


Certainly wasn't a bad year for horror in my opinion...there were a lot of big horror hits...The Conjuring being the highlight. Critical love(which is very hard for horror films) and a very impressive box office run.

Chris Groves on Jan 1, 2014


Yes dude , i think we have acceptable horrors this year (at least better that last year)

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 2, 2014


Iron Man 3 over Elysium? Ha...ok

Micheal Kinane on Jan 1, 2014


Elysium over...anything? Ha...ok

Pop Ninjas on Jan 1, 2014


You think it's the worst movie of the year?'re officially a moron

Micheal Kinane on Jan 1, 2014


Not the worst, but one of the worst.

cobrazombie on Jan 1, 2014



Micheal Kinane on Jan 1, 2014


Look dude, if you like it, great. Flicks are subjective. What I got out of Elysium was another political harangue about the evil rich white people that have no regard for the sick and poor disguised as a sci-fi film. Glaring plot holes and the worst performance in Jodie Foster's career didn't help. This was no District 9. It was a major disappointment for me, but I guess that makes me a moron, so be it.

Pop Ninjas on Jan 2, 2014


I love first half but second was cliché .Anyway it was totally fun & watchable and acceptable Scifi. Definitely District 9 was better than Elysium.

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 2, 2014


Sad but true. 🙁

Carpola on Jan 1, 2014


Your concept of what makes a movie good or bad is clearly bizarre

Micheal Kinane on Jan 1, 2014


I suppose, maybe it is. It wasn't the worst movie, but it was quite bad. I loved District 9 and after watching it believed the tech they used would revolutionise cinema, but I was wrong. Elysium was a bit too big in scale and was a let down. There were good parts in it, but the plot was a bit silly.

Carpola on Jan 2, 2014


I thought it was alright. Sharlto Copley was cool.

grimjob on Jan 1, 2014


Seems about right.

DAVIDPD on Jan 1, 2014


So glad Pacific Rim and iron Man 3 were included. IM3 got too much undeserved hate from die-hard fans who were so against the "twist", and Pacific Rim was just downright under-appreciated.

Chris Groves on Jan 1, 2014


I liked IM3 a lot, but I was definitely disappointed in the twist aspect. I'm by no means a die-hard fan, but I really liked what he was doing with that character, and I just felt let down. I learned to laugh with it a little later in the film, but I wish it hadn't gone that direction.

grimjob on Jan 1, 2014


I can totally understand the perspective of wanting to get a version of the Mandarin that was more true to the comic. I mean, I could imagine what it would have been like if The Joker was some kind of ploy/diversion/false face for some string-pulling villain. But judging it purely as a film....I couldn't help but love it. I'm rarely completely fooled and caught off guard by a big summer be honest they are all inherently somewhat predictable, good guy, bad guy, etc etc(not that this makes them bad by any means) for Iron Man 3 to catch me off guard in such a big took me back to being a kid where big twists were genuinely unexpected. So many things about that movie subverted expectations and genre norms(Ex. You get "typical" heroic moments cut flat by humorous left turns) which I just loved.

Chris Groves on Jan 1, 2014


A fair point. Definitely didn't see it coming.

grimjob on Jan 1, 2014


I just thought that IM3 was a bad movie regardless of the twist. I think that this whole Marvel things is way overrated. Yes, it's cool how they connect all the movies and everything, but there have been eight movies, and only two of them (IM and Avengers) have been good. The rest, have all been pretty blah.

Rick on Jan 2, 2014


I love First Hulk , Also Spiderman 2 (Rimi) and Of Course MY BELOVED "BLADE"

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 2, 2014


By "Marvel Movies" I mean the actual Marvel ones, the ones that are part of the Avengers. That would be the three Iron man movies, the two Thor movies, Captain America, Hulk, and The Avengers.

Rick on Jan 2, 2014


Aha , misunderstanding

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 2, 2014


Well if they aren't for you, there isn't really anything to do about that. I personally think that even the worst Marvel Studios movies(Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk) are still certainly a cut above the average blockbuster and a very very good in their own right. They can't all be like The Avengers and be the new best superhero movie of all time.

Chris Groves on Jan 2, 2014


I agree with Pacific , Battle in Asia was Beyond my Expectations but Iron Man was Just Fun & Watchable

Ehsan Davodi on Jan 2, 2014


They weren't as pissed about the twist as they were about the lack of Iron Man in and Iron Man movie and the lack luster final fight against generic fire people.

Dan Hibiki on Jan 2, 2014


The 'lack of Iron Man' in all honesty made it interesting. And the finale certainly more than made up for any lack of Iron Man suits in the rest of the film. Black made an entertainingly subversive entry in the superhero genre. I also found the "Fire people" to be a nice change as the main villains in the first two Iron Man films were 'Other guys in bigger suits'.

Chris Groves on Jan 2, 2014


what is it with all these movie reviews leaving out the place beyond the pines. One of the most underrated movies of this year and will probably go on to be one of the most underrated movies the decade. unless of course he just didn't see it, that explains it

james c on Jan 2, 2014


IM3; Rush; Capt Phillips I agree. Other movies I yet have not seen, but the Bling Ring.. Really???... I guess I don't enjoy the same movies as him because Sophia Coppola dishes out bad movie after another. As I am the only one who enjoyed Gravity's incredible visuals, but was completely *Bleh* about the whole story.. It has no great story behind it. Suspense is created by throwing debris at the character who jumps from one spot to another.. Also can't figure out why would the interior of the last station (chinese if I remember) would be so damaged? Did the Chinese go nuts when they left it and ripped apart the interior yet not damaged it enough to cover any confidential engineering? And why would it catch fire right now when she goes into it.. Maybe I missed something when I was scratching my eyes from going to sleep.. I would give it a max of 6/10 just based on the incredible effects.. Story wise.. Meh..

DoigtDuPeuple on Jan 3, 2014


PACIFIC RIM!!! YES,I agree 100%. Awesome,epic and a someday-soon-to-be certified science fiction classic.

Byron Harris on Jan 4, 2014

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